16 Things That Eventually Disappeared Without Anyone Realizing (According to the Internet)

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Some things tend to fade away without a whisper. Suddenly, one day, you notice, and boom! They’re gone. Join us as we explore the internet’s discoveries of these 17 things that have completely (and quietly) disappeared from our lives:

17. Postcards

Route 66 Pontiac Illinois
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“And not just in the usual places, like museum gift shops and tourist traps. There was once a time when you could buy at any truck stop or roadside motel a postcard of the small town you were driving through. But not anymore. No point when you can just text your friends a photo.”

“I still collect postcards whenever I find them even if I’m not going to send them, but I only find them in museum gift shops and big cities. I miss small towns having postcards. Those were worth collecting.”

16. Longevity in Careers

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“Longevity in careers has largely gone away. People used to get a job and after being there for decades reap the benefits of being seasoned employees (higher salaries and better perks).”

“The sad reality is that, in the current conditions (crazy inflation, absolutely insane real estate market, etc.), people now have to climb the ladder just to MAINTAIN their quality of life, while it used to be for improving it…”

“The only way to get a raise these days is to switch jobs or to threaten to switch jobs. The companies do this to themselves.”

15. Family Photos in Homes

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“Not completely gone, but homes used to be plastered in them. The only times I really notice them is in the homes of older people.”

“LOL can confirm. My parents have a million photos up, and I only have a few framed photos.”

14. Plasma TV’s and TV Repairmen

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“Plasma TVs. I had one and it died after we all watched an Intervention marathon during COVID. TV repair shops, now that you mention it. It used to be a guy behind a counter with electronic guts all over the place. He’d give you a ticket and you had to listen to the radio for a week or two.”

“My dad was a TV repairman back in the day. It was a gradual fade. Used to be that not every store sold TVs. Walmart didn’t until the mid to late ’80s. So your repair shops used to be able to order sets for you, and make some of their money off of that. This was more the small town guys, not the big city repair shops who already had Best Buys or Circuit Cities.”

13. Software products without a “monthly” subscription

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“I just sailed the seas with Adobe because they increased my monthly subscription priced from $20 to $60.”

“Every company is going ham trying to squeeze as much profit out of everything as possible while inflation hits, probably because they know everything will go to s**** eventually and they want to bring it out as quickly as possible but with them at the top.”

12. Games Consoles at McDonalds

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“As someone who grew up in the 1980s, Original Pac-Man machines in the lobby at McDonald’s. Arcade games used to just randomly be everywhere at stores.”

“Or in big markets. In the 90s…[big stores] had Playstations and Nintendo 64s out for you to try out. I remember seeing Mario 64 for the first time there, and after some other kids got bored with it, I got to try it out as well. It was MAGIC. I think the last store console I saw was PS3, and the last one I tried was probably GBA.”

11. Someone Answering the Phone At Businesses

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“I hate having to go through all that mess when I call somewhere. It takes 15 minutes to even attempt to get to talk to someone. And it always seems like their menu items are nothing related to what you are calling about.”

“My pet peeve is having to listen to “Did you know you can manage your account online?” messages when the entire reason I ever call any business ever is that the online account management feature isn’t working for what I need it to do.”

10. Foil Wrappers On Chocolate Bars

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“You could slide a Hershey bar out of the wrapper, eat it, then carefully insert the foil wrapper back into the sleeve to fool your brother.”

“This is 100% why Crunch Bars were my favorite chocolate bars growing up.”

9. Common Pop Culture

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“Until at least the 80s, most people watched the same TV show, saw the save movies, listened to the same music, could recite the same commercial slogans or jingles, bought into the same fads. I don’t know when it happened, but now we are all siloed into highly specific subcultures.”

“It was definitely the rise of the internet that really started to divide not just us in the US but all over into subcultures. Or at the very least when it became very noticable that it happened/started happening.”

8. The 9 to 5

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“Somewhere along the way 9-5 turned into 8-5.”

“Yeah when I hear the song I’m like “Wait, did they get paid for lunch? Or just eat at their desks? Or did they actually not work 8 straight hours?””

7. Swarms of Monarch Butterflies

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“It’s a combination of a rise in pesticides combined with a absolute dearth of the plants that the Butterflies eat on their journey.”

“Plant milkweed! It is the only plant that monarch caterpillars can eat. It’s a great, inexpensive gardening hobby and very easy to do.”

6. Reddit Live Streams

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“Remember that guy with a guitar in your feed? He disappeared a long time ago but you didn’t even notice it.”

“Now this one is really unnoticed. There was a time I wound get irritated constantly seeing all these live streams in my feed. And now that you mentioned it, they’re all gone.”

5. Fireflies AKA Lightning Bugs

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“I live rural and I used to see hundreds on a warm summer night. Now I get excited if I see just one. I mentioned it to other people who live in the same area as I do and they were just like “Huh. Yeah. You’re right!””

“Insect numbers worldwide are down 70 percent. We are in big trouble.”

4. Shame In Politics

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“Politicians use to resign in disgrace if caught taking bribes.”

“They ended presidential races when mistakenly becoming over-enthusiastic.”

“The secret was that they learned that the only reason they were leaving was because they chose to.”

3. Toys In Cereal Boxes

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“Or glow in the dark lightsaber spoons for each Star Wars movie that came out.”

“More importantly toys in Cracker Jack. Hell they don’t even come in a box anymore, they come in a bag.”

2. 3D Television

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“Just gives you a headache.”

“I wouldn’t say it went away silently. They kinda never took off in the first place.”

1. Ronald McDonald

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“Kinda surprised I haven’t seen this one yet, but Ronald McDonald. You remember the old clown everywhere in and around McDonald’s commercials and stores? Gone. Phased out when that “clown scare” prank trend was going around.”

“He’s still chilling on a bench at our local McDonald’s.”


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