15 Harmless Ways to Mess With People Who Deserve Much Worse

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A recent Reddit post prompted users to share their ideas for harmless ways to mess with people. The response was swift and filled with a plethora of top-tier mischievous recommendations. Today, we’re revealing 15 of the best suggestions on the thread.

15. Volume Game

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“It works best if you are standing, but use your judgment; gradually lower the volume of your voice. Others will match your volume and they tend to move closer. Wait for your moment and just start speaking in a normal or slightly louder than normal voice.”

14. Conversational Baggage

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A number of people enjoy causing mischief in the middle of conversations. One person wrote: “When you’re talking to someone, just keep handing them random items. They’ll just keep taking them without realizing it.” While another said, “I do a “Hey can you hold this for a sec” and hand them something then walk away. Normally its just garbage.”

13. Fake High Fives

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One person called this particular suggestion “just evil.” The idea is simple. Reddit user ilovestrawberrieslol suggests you could, “Say “High five” to someone, but don’t put your hand up.” Someone else then added, “Then when they put theirs up, say nah I’m good.”

12. Greet Drivers Like Old Friends

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Want to have some fun while driving while simultaneously causing confusion in other cars? One Redditor wrote: “When driving, I like to wave at random people as if I knew them. Hilarious to see instant confusion on their faces.”

11. Confusing Compliments

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Here’s a simple but hilarious idea from Reddit user 22demerathd, who said:

“After giving a compliment, say “no offense” and watch them struggle to find the non-existent insult.” Responding to the idea, someone couldn’t help themselves, saying, “I love this idea, no offense.”

10. Play Pretend Obstacles

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The #1 most upvoted idea for how to mess with people was to “carefully step over a non-existing obstacle.” People imagined this going down in different ways. One said you could “Do this at a cross walk when the cars stopped too close.” And another game a real-life example: “My friend used to do it with a car at red lights. He would carefully steer out of the way of literally nothing and the rest of the cars behind him would do the same.”

9. No Pun Intended

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Want to leave people feeling bewildered? Baffled? Nonplussed? Follow boceya5254’s suggestion and “Say “no pun intended” after a sentence where there was clearly no pun.” One Reddit user instantly stepped in with an example, “This meatloaf is amazing, Sharon, no pun intended.”

8. Circular Handshakes

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Love goofing around? This suggestion from Spinozasrobot could work a treat:

“When you shake someone’s hand, move yours left to right. As they do the traditional up and down, a hilarious circle ensues.” This idea went down a treat with scsibusfault, who wrote “I can’t believe I never thought of this. Totally left/right handshaking from now on.”

7. Computer Mouse Trick

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If you’re ever short on an April Fool’s idea, follow in the footsteps of the Redditor who “put a tiny piece of masking tape over [his] co-worker’s mouse laser on April fool’s day one year.” Apparently his colleague troubleshot every possible problem apart from looking at his actual mouse. Only when he called the IT guy to help did he realize what had happened…

6. Computer Mouse Trick #2

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Hopping aboard the last Redditor’s bandwagon, another person chimed in with an alternative computer mouse prank to try. They suggest you:

“Plug in a second mouse, leave it under their desk but so you can reach it with your foot. Kick it occasionally.”

5. Awkward Lift Ideas

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If you ever want to mess with people in a totally harmless way, a lift could be the perfect place to do it. For example, one of the most upvoted comments was:

“Don’t turn around when you walk into a lift.”

This was followed up by someone else, who wrote “Conversely, turn around too much. Just stand in the corner and rotate 90 degrees every 4-5s or so.” Then another suggested you then “ask them if they are ready to take this to the next level.”

4. Frustrating Mealtime Conversations

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This idea was one of our favorites. Humble_Rufus wrote, “When having a conversation during a meal, specifically only ask questions to people that are chewing.” They got plenty of support from fellow Redditors. One said, “Love this one. It’s on the verge of being rude but it’s so subtle people will assume you just lack awareness.”

3. Plant Random Remotes

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One evil genius loves pranking their extended family who live across the country. “When I visit…I bring a bag full of random remotes that I don’t use anymore. Just random remotes that go to old dvrs or anything really. Just hide them around their house, they only recently caught on.” This prompted a reminder from another Redditor. “OP said harmless. That’s the devil’s work.”

2. Widen the Gap

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Ever find yourself walking down the street with someone close behind? If you fancy messing with them, Shea_J has an idea:

“If I know someone is walking a little ways behind me and I turn a corner with nobody else around I like to run 10-20 steps to widen the gap and then laugh to myself thinking that the person behind me will be confused. I doubt anyone ever notices but I get a kick out of it every time.”

1. Leverage Random Items

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Last but not least, visitjacklake knows “someone who always takes an item to a party & leaves it somewhere in the house.” This idea instantly prompted others to offer similar ideas/stories. One said, “My aunt fills her medicine cabinet with ping pong balls whenever she has a party.” While another – this one made us laugh – wrote, “Friend of mind once did this with an insanely overgrown turnip from her garden. Like this thing was literally the size of a child. She left it in the passenger seat of their truck with a seatbelt on it.”

Can You Think of Any Others?

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As you can tell, there’s no shortage of ways to mess with people without causing any actual harm – aside from a few confused looks. Do you play pranks of any kind or know of any others? Drop a comment to let us know!


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