14 Things Normal for Nineties Kids That Today’s Children Wouldn’t Even Recognize

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Take a trip down memory lane with us as Reddit users reminisce about the iconic aspects of their 90s childhood. While kids today might find it hard to believe, but there was a time when these 14 things were an everyday part of life in the 90s:

14. Meeting People at the Airport Gate

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“Romance movies have been ruined because of this.”

“My parents would drop me off at the gate and I would fly by myself all the time. Of course they wouldn’t leave me alone the whole time just for short periods if work didn’t allow them the time.”

13. Waiting For a New Episode of a Favorite TV Show

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“Praying the president doesn’t have to make a special announcement or there’s a tornado.”

“I remember being very angry that round-the-clock 9/11 coverage was still happening a full week after the attack because they didn’t air Gilmore Girls that week.”

12. Blowing On Things to Make Them Work

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Technology back in the nineties was far more rudimentary. And so were the methods you employed to fix it! The typical advice? “It’ll work, just blow on it real hard and put it back in.” Somebody even suggested this was a global phenomenon. They wrote:

“Honestly what’s amazing about this is it became a thing all over the world. Like I did it in Syria in the 90s, had friends do it in Dubai at the time as well. It’s a genuine cultural phenomenon of that era that kids all around the world knew about without being in contact with each other.”

11. Not Using The Internet When Expecting a Call

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One Reddit user remembered the early days of the internet, when you couldn’t use both it and the landline at the same time. More specifically, they remembered the orders from their parents when an important call was coming in. They wrote: “Not allowed to go on to the internet because Mom or Dad was expecting a call.”

10. Doing Crazy Stuff without Being Filmed

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Remember when HD video cameras weren’t something everyone had in their pocket at all times? Those were the days. As one Redditor put it, “You could do the absolute dumbest, craziest, most embarrassing s*** you could possible imagine, and no one was recording it.”

9. Rewinding VHS Tapes

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Here’s something crazy: DVDs weren’t even a thing in the US until March 1997. Before then, we made our recordings and watched our movies on good old-fashioned VHS (short for video home system). As monkey_bugz points out, “having to rewind a VHS” is something today’s youth will never have to do.

8. Using Landlines

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MixedSyrup offered this suggestion: “Talking to someone’s parent and asking for your friend since it’s the landline and no caller ID.” This prompted all sorts of related comments. One person wrote, “That terror. “Uh… hi, Mr./Mrs. ______. Is Eric there?” And someone else put, “‘It’s for you’ is something people don’t say a lot anymore, and something I said or was told all the time as a kid in the 80s/90s.”

Oh, and remember when you could listen in on each other’s calls? Manderifffic remembers “Answering the phone in the kitchen, then running back to your room to take it there and yelling, “MOM HANG UP THE PHONE! MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM HANG UP THE PHONE!!!!”

7. Using Dial-Up Internet

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Kids today will never know what it is to go online and be greeted with that loud, high-pitched tone. As one Reddit user put it, “That tone is ingrained in my memory.”

And the noise wasn’t the only bugbear. By today’s standards, the speed and reliability was laughable, too. Cute_Panda9 wrote, “The experience of losing connection when you downloaded 99% of the file because your mom picked up the phone. Still hurts.”

6. Setting a Meeting Time/Place

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We take sending a quick text to see where someone is for granted now. But it wasn’t always an option in the 90s! This suggestion came from MixedSyrup, who wrote “Making plans beforehand and having a meeting place since no one owned cellphones.” If someone didn’t show up on time, it became a matter of deciding how long you were going to wait…

5. Enjoying Separation from the Outside World

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Own-Firefighter-2728 recalls “The feeling of coming home from school or work, and the outside world being very separate from you until the following day. You couldn’t easily find out what your friends were doing (they weren’t doing anything anyway) you couldn’t easily catch up on the news unless it happened to be on, you couldn’t catch up on new movies or celebrity gossip unless you had a magazine lying around which would come out monthly. It’s a level of relaxation that we took for granted but we were likely the last generation to experience it.”

4. Listening to the News on Snow Days

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Some things don’t change. Kids still eagerly await the news that school’s closed for the day because of bad snow. The difference is how they hear about it! One Reddit User remembers “Waiting for your school district to be announced as on time, late, or cancelled on the new when it snowed.” Another added, “And getting up at the freaking crack of dawn to see!”

3. Using Maps and Asking For Directions

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Imagine trying to navigate without Google Maps on your phone. It’s another creature comfort that people in the 90s never knew. Reddit user Actuaryba notes that young people today don’t know much about “Stopping at a gas station and asking for directions. Or driving around aimlessly looking for a place to eat.”

Continuing that train of thought, someone else chimed in with “Using an actual physical map. Then trying to fold it again.”

2. Being Unable to Pause Live TV

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Last but not least, we have this suggestion from NicGyver, who remembers “Making a dash through the house from the kitchen to the couch when someone yelled out ‘It’s back on!’” Similarly, another Reddit user notes how today’s kids don’t have to worry about “Running to the bathroom during commercial breaks. Only had like 30 seconds total.”

1. Renting Videos and DVDs

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One of the biggest changes to occur in the last 20-30 years is how we get our entertainment. Indeed, back in the 90s, Netflix was a DVD rental service. Reddit user ekimlive remembers when “Getting a video to rent and watch at home made you feel like you were going “out” to do something.”

Not only that, but there was no guarantee you’d be able to watch what you wanted! As one person put it: “Another thing the youth won’t understand is going to rent a specific video only to find out other people beat you to it. So you have to rent your second choice…that always sucked.”

Can You Think of Any Others?

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Feeling old yet? Riddled with nostalgia for simpler times? Got any other suggestions for scenarios you knew intimately in the 1990s but never experience anymore? Drop a comment to let us know!



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