13 Failed Products They Said Would Be Massive

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Not every product is a success – some fail spectacularly. Join us as Reddit users unveil 14 products that had all the potential to be huge hits but, instead, experienced unexpected failures:

14. “Movie Pass.”

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“I’ve never seen a company take a great product and make it **** faster than movie pass! Of course, I heard their whole business model was just to sell all our data anyway, they didn’t care how bad their service got. I was so happy to see them fail, but I heard they are back trying again.”

“I wouldn’t say the idea failed at all. They’re the reason AMC, Regal, etc. have monthly subscriptions now. And if you want to go to the movies more than once a month, those subscriptions are usually great values compared to buying tickets individually. That company was shady as f*** and absolutely failed, but the idea actually did great things for the consumer wanting to see movies.”

13. “Xbox Kinect.”

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“Kinect as a technology is fantastic and an incredibly cheap/effective way to track motion and depth. Too bad use cases in the consumer world are limited. People just don’t want to do hand gestures for anything.”

“It always seemed like such a gimmick to sell products rather than something that actually made the experience better. I remember Dead Space having some feature where you could say, “reload!” and your character would reload. The problem with this and cellular phone gestures and such is that pressing a button is simply easier lol. It’s implementing a feature for the novelty of it, not efficiency.”

12. “Zipdisk.”

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“They were quite useful for a short period. They just got superseded rather quickly. The technology moved on at a rapid pace.”

“Yeah I remember when I got my first Zipdisk and it had what felt like colossal amounts of storage. But within 2-3 years I was no longer seeing PCs with Zip drives”

11. “Dippin Dots.”

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“Are Dippin Dots still the ice cream of the future?”

“Well, they’re definitely not the ice cream of the present.”

“They can’t be sold through normal channels because of the cryo freezing and the fact they need to be held at -40.”

10. “Zune.”

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“I remember everyone who had one telling me it was gonna replace iPod.”

“I had two Zunes and I absolutely loved them. I still get made fun of for having a Zune instead of an iPod. But I really do believe they were better quality and easier to use than iPods”

9. “Ostrich meat.”

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“About 25 years ago, they thought ostrich meat would be as popular as chicken.”

“Australian coworker said they go through the same thing every 20 years or so where Kangaroo meat is going to replace beef. It fails for the same reason: cows and chickens are relatively docile compared to ostriches and kangaroos. If you put a roo in a crate to transport it, it will literally beat itself to death trying to escape.”

8. “Windows Phone.”

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“Microsoft held a literal funeral procession for the iPhone when they introduced the Windows Phone.”

“That aged hilariously badly.”

“I always thought that the tile design for windows phones was actually pretty intuitive. The apple horse had most definitely bolted though.”

7. “Metaverse.”

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“Corporate MMO. It was never going to work.”

“Zuck renaming his company and wasting billions to “invent” a worse a version of a product that already existed is still one of my favorite things to happen in recent memory.”

6. “Quibi.”

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“It’s like they forgot that we already all had YouTube…”

“I did not even know it existed.”

“Quibi was meant to supplant YouTube by adding fully produced short serials, with minimal ads. Turns out nobody wanted to get invested in a show with 7 minute episodes, capped by 3 minutes of advertisements.”

5. “Google Glass.”

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“You could probably fill the thread with just google projects.”

“Google Glass was a few decades too early. A similar product will take off but it will still be awhile until the tech is good enough.”

“Glass was more of a prototype. But the technology has been improving since then. Eventually it will get to a place where it provides enough value to users and cost a reasonable amount of money.”

4. “Universal Picture’s ‘Dark Universe’”

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“The Mummy with Tom Cruise was supposed to start a whole line of movies, but when that one died it took the rest with it.”

“Evil guy at the end: “Let the games begin…” Narrator: The games did not begin.”

3. Segway

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“They said that the Segway would change the way we designed our cities. Yeah.”

“First thing that came to mind. There was so much hype about it and it became nothing more than an oddball kinda scooter bike that gets used by tour trips groups and weirdos.”

2. 3D TVs

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“3D failed for 5 or 6 times in the last 50 years. Every time it is presented as [a] “next big thing”, every time it fails…”

“It didn’t really die. The tech is there, and very available. What happened was the pleading calls of theatres scraping by on their [bad] business model.”

1. Google+

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“…Was supposed to topple Facebook.”

“This was one of the worst product launches of all time. They had like one week where everyone was super excited about it and wanted to try it and they limited it to invite-only. Very few people could get in. By the time they opened it up to everyone, nobody cared anymore.”


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