15 Things People Think You’re Stupid For Doing (According to the Internet)

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Think you’re making smart choices? Well, society might have a different opinion. People on the internet recently shared their thoughts on common actions that others perceive as “stupid.” Hopefully, none of these sound like something you would do…

15. Go to Burning Man

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“I used to want to go to burning man till I found out that there are no showers and no food vendors allowed. To survive you basically need to camp and/or bring your own RV with all the amenities you need. And figuring out how to drive your rented RV through the narrow mountain roads to get to the camp site does NOT sound appealing to me. It also costs several thousand dollars so yeah, I think anybody who goes to burning man is kinda stupid.”

“Really takes a certain kind of person to enjoy paying 10k+ to live like they’re homeless.”

“You forgot the other part of that: keeping all the unprepared idiots away from your stuff.”

14. Work in More Than One Job to Afford Things You Don’t Need

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“My brother and his long-term fiancé have been “saving up” for their wedding for the past 14 years now (he proposed about 3 months after I got married). Every time they get close to their goal they end up spending the money on something completely irrelevant.”

“I’ll add to this, people who spend all their money on stuff they don’t need and then whine that they don’t have money for things that aren’t technically necessary, but helpful to your life. I have friends who will literally drive across the country or across the border for a weekend trip, spend a ton of money while they’re there and come back and complain that they can’t go to a local event because now they don’t have money for a babysitter. I also have family members who will struggle to pay their monthly bills even though they make more than enough to cover all the bills and have money left over for fun things, but they spend so frivolously on unnecessary trips and expensive toys/gadgets that every bill payment is a panic. I don’t get it.”

13. Owning Exotic Pets

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“Since hearing that 911 call from a woman whose pet chimp ripped her friend apart almost to death, chimps scare the absolute **** out of me. Poor woman had her arms and face ripped off, eyes gouged out and, sure she survived which is amazing but I feel so, so bad for her.

“When my seven-pound house cat looks at me when she is angry, it terrifies me. Can you imagine that look but from a tiger???”

12. Accepting Promotions For No Extra Pay

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“For the last 4 or 5 months, about 6 or 7 different times, my work supervisors/leadership have talked to me about taking a supervisor role. My wage is the same as the wage of the supervisor role they want me to take. Inconceivable.”

“At least you had a choice. I was just told one day I was a supervisor, 3 months into the place. This has happened to me more than once. I should really **** things up on purpose.”

11. Riding a Motorbike Without Leathers

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“A million things can happen so fast and there you are, sliding down the pavement leaving a meat schmear.”

“My dad was surgeon (primarily gastro-intestinal, but with a secondary specialization in trauma surgery). He used to call motorcycles “donor rockets”, because it was the easiest way to end up as an organ donor.”

10. Keeping Up With the Joneses

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“Buying that shiny newer version of a thing you already have.”

“Never buy new things until your’s is broken or the upgraded version is tangibly superior in ways that matter.”

9. Driving Under the Influence

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“Drive after consuming alcohol. All my friends hate drunk driving and talk against it. They tell their parents that we’re smarter than them cuz of uber….and yet I seem to be the only one in my friend group who refuses to drive after having drinks at a bar/concert/friends house.”

“Someone I know has gotten in 7 accidents in 3 years, 6/7 were caused by drunk drives. If you wanna be AWAY from drunk drivers just don’t drive too much at night.”

8. Forgiving the Wrong People

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“Forgiving people who are totally unapologetic unchanging abusers. Nope.”

“You know what’s more annoying? A person that tries to convince you to forgive someone just because “he’s a family/relative,” even if they totally don’t know what horrible things the offender did to you.”

7. Big Expensive Weddings

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“What a waste of money, time, and the stress! Don’t forget about the stress.”

“There’s a stat somewhere showing that the more money a couple spends on their wedding, the shorter their marriage is likely to be.”


“I fully understand wanting or needing to have a small, frugal wedding and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spending money you can afford to spend on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with everyone you love.”

6. Pursuing Social Media Likes At All Costs

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“Doing “dumb” [stuff] for tiktok likes.”

“Trying to get internet points in general I’d say.”

“SO many grown adults making complete spectacles of themselves for attention. It would be more laughable if it wasn’t so desperately pathetic.”

5. Smoking

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“You are paying to get cancer.”

“Seriously don’t understand how people do it. It reeks so bad I can’t stand to even be around it in open air.”

“Health hazards aside…You’re literally burning money. I saved thousands of dollars a year when I quit. And back then a pack was three fold cheaper than it is today.”

4. Caving

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“Exploring those small, tight *** caves. Extremely stupid.”

“But just think of the rewards! Deep down at the far reaches there are dank, nondescript rocks to see! Rocks! No other way to do this other than to visit any other type or part of any cave anywhere. Then there’s the glory of discovery. You could be the first to know there’s more rocks further down. And you could be famous like the great cave explorer…uh..hmm…”

3. Over the Top Gender reveals

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“I’m in California. My neighborhood had to evacuate in 2020 because we were directly in the path of that huge fire in San Bernardino that was caused by one. My hatred for these parties amplified immensely after that.”

“My husband and I took pictures with pink balloons. Easy and quickly over with. I don’t want to plan a huge party when I’m feeling crappy and pregnant. I don’t get it.”

“Oh my god. I hated baby showers becoming a thing in France too, but now gender reveals… Seriously? Today? When we try make things more gender neutral?”

2. Getting Face Tattoos

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“The everlasting job stopper.”

“Very risky and is more likely to make you regret it.”

“No one ever regrets NOT getting a face tattoo.”

1. Free Solo Climbing

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“I don’t care how long you’ve been climbing, climbing without ropes is incredibly stupid.”

“So many renowned free soloists have died from a fall. I’m all for doing what you love, but watching documentaries about these other-worldly free climbers and then hearing about their deaths is just sad.”


Can You Think of Any Others?

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Are there other things you see people do that make you stop and scratch your head? Any jobs you can’t understand, habits you think should be outlawed, or other life choices that make you question the way the world’s going? Drop a comment to let us know!



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