19 Unfair Advantages of Being Attractive (According to the Internet)

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Ever wondered what life’s like for the ones with “pretty privilege?” Reddit users have got you covered! They’ve gathered a list of 19 advantages supposedly reserved for the more attractive folks. Ready to dive in?

19. “Get Hired.”

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“Get hired is a HUGE one no one talks about.”

“As a female, if I was interviewed by a man, I got the job…interviewed by a woman? I wouldn’t. During my ‘not sure what I’m doing with my life phase’ I went through a lot of jobs and really did test out this theory.”

“I lost my job and immediately thought, “crap, now I gotta lose weight so I can get a job.” I’ve been thin and I’ve been fat and I’ll tell you which body shape gets better treatment.”

18. “Play The Male Role in a Romantic Movie.”

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“If the guy from 50 shades of Gray was overweight and balding it would be a horror flick.”

“I thought that about the movie Passengers. If Chris Pratt was replaced by me it would be a creepy stalker movie.”

17. “Be Into Weird Stuff, But It’s Still Cool, Like Anime.”

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“If you’re ugly and into anime you’re a “weirdo freak”. But if you’re hot and into Anime “OMG you like anime? That’s so cool, you’re so artsy and edgy” lmfao.”

“It has but he’s right still. Imagine how many people would be considered high cringe for walking around with cat ears on but if you’re hot it’s fun and cute!”

16. Expect No Shortage of Dating Options

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“A girl just drove 3 hours to **** my roommate. They never really spoke or met before this. Blew my mind.”

“I once had a colleague who was Ronaldo/Robbie Williams type good-looking. A girl showed up at our house for him, but he was already in his room with another girl. We told her expecting her to be upset but she said, ‘I know, I’ll wait with you until they’re done.'”

15. Enjoy Easier Sales in the Corporate World

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“I have a good-looking business partner. We are constantly delegating tasks based on whether we need Sasquatch or Captain America.”

” I worked for a corporation that would hire attracted sales people that weren’t qualified for anything but looking good, being friendly/flirty, and asking clients to sign contracts.”

14. Get The Benefit Of The Doubt

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“Make a mistake, oh everyone makes a mistake sometimes. Acting mean, they’re probably having a bad day. Something unfortunate happens to them, why do bad things happen to good people?”

“This happens to jurors too. Because of this bias, jurors are more likely to be sympathetic towards attractive people and set the accused free.”

13. Be Eccentric and Still Accepted

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“Attractive person has weird interests, mannerisms, or hobbies? “Oh they’re quirky!” Ugly person does it “Are they mentally ill?”

“Yeah. I kinda didn’t realize I was mentally ill until I got older, fatter and balder. “Oh that’s just that crazy villager being crazy again!”

12. Expect positive attention from others

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“Male here. When I was fat, I just felt completely invisible. When I lost 80 pounds: I get warm smiles back whenever I greet strangers outside, strangers randomly start convos with me (especially older folks), I have female friends now, women now actually sometimes flirt with me when I visit bars/clubs, gay men hit me up at the bar (I’m straight but I guess I’ll take it as a compliment).”

“Attractiveness is often the deciding factor on if you’re being creepy or not.”

11. Get Away With Crazy Shenanigans

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“I dated an extremely attractive charismatic man once. It was genuinely scary what he could pull off, he could definitely be a cult leader. Now when I go on dates if I see their charisma manipulating situations it’s an instant no.”

“Can confirm, my ex would drink himself stupid at bars and still get served while blackout. Very scary…He just had to smile and wink to get top ups.”

“My brother. He doesn’t abuse it, and he doesn’t try per se, but he just oozes charisma to the point where I’ve seen gals working mall kiosks just give him free s***. Like not even a one off, it happened all the time, didn’t even matter what store. Absolutely wild.”

10. Easily “talk to new people in public, particularly at bars and the like.”

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“I have been fit and I have been fat. Fit me talked to whomever, whenever without incident and generally with good results. Fat me doing the same equaled tense body language, and awkward, stunted interactions.”

“If an unattractive person is at a venue and doesn’t know anybody it can be a lonely experience. If you are attractive, people will try to make conversation with you all the time. I know plenty of attractive people who are not at all interesting but have tons of friends because everyone wants a good looking person around them.”

9. Dress badly and still look good

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“Attractive people can wear literal rags and look go. Ugly people have to dress to the 9 just to have a chance.”

“I have a friend who legit absurdly attractive. 6’3”, ripped, war vet. When we were in our 20s I remember being out at the bar with him. He was so drunk he could barely stand, was wearing dirty clothes that he mowed the lawn with that day, yet had a literal line of women waiting to talk to him.”

8. “Get out of prison for a felony, immediately get a modeling contract and start dating an heiress.”

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“Oh hey, I remember that dude!”

“That story still kills me to this day. Imagine just living as you would normally, even messing up and going to jail only to be discovered and praised for something you have no control over.”

7. “Get good tips…without REALLY trying.”

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“Definitely. My cousin is good looking and she makes like $90 an hour as a waitress at ******** smokey bones.”

“A super hot friend of mine used to only work 2-3 nights a week because she made so much in tips.”

“Can confirm, I gave an attractive waitress in Boise a $20 tip on a beer.”

6. “Flirt without cringe backlash.”

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“I was going to say this; flirting in general is just seen as charming and playful whether the person is in to it or not.”

“A lot of things that would be cringe for an ugly person do, attractive people can do.”

5. “Be a Singer or Artist.”

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“Even though looks have nothing to do with talent. Makes me wonder how many amazing voices are not being heard because the record company old fat dudes don’t think the artist is hot.”

“Reminds me of a bumper sticker that made me laugh: Music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it.”

4. “Always have dating options.”

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“I remember once speaking to a model friend of a friend at a party. Like a 10/10 beautiful girl. She was complaining cause her dating life was “a bit slow” recently and she didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. It turns out there were “only” about 5 or 6 guys actively courting her at that time. 5 or 6 dudes were literally texting, or calling her to hang out and she just wasn’t into any of them, so that meant her dating life was bad.”

“Not actively seeking out potential partners. Potential partners seek them out.

3. Enjoy random acts of kindness

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“People will go completely out of their way to do things for them. Moving? Something broke? Card declined? Someone will help them.”

“Reminds me of the Jon Hamm episodes of 30 Rock where he was unaware of the bubble he lived in because he looks ‘like a cartoon pilot.’”

“Oh, people are all so nice in this town.”

2. “Expect help from strangers.”

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“There was a question on Reddit years ago about: Ugly people, what’s it like. One woman said something which stuck with me— “waiters often lose my order”.”

“I remember an attractive newswoman, probably 20 or 30 years ago, who put on a fat suit (convincing one) and asked for help with various things. And then she did it as herself. Got a lot more help as herself. Brooke Burns had to put on ugly makeup for her role in Shallow Hal. She noticed a HUGE difference in how she was treated when she was walking around in makeup.”

1. “Go out broke and come home drunk”

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“Us uglies go out drunk and come home broke.”

“I have a couple of female friends who were super hot back in the day…It wasn’t uncommon to go out with them and we’d all get free drinks because bar managers wanted them to be hanging out in their bar – people would apparently pop their head in and decide to stay based on how many/how hot the girls in the bar were.”





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