Here’s Why People Really Wake Up at 5am

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Rising with the sun isn’t just a habit; it’s a lifestyle choice for many. Dive into the internet’s revelations about 15 genuine reasons why people wake up at 5 am. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about productivity…

15. Workout Before Work

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“Yep 530 workout class before the day starts is the only way I seem to be able to tackle exercise, work and kids successfully in one day.”

“Yup, my husband and I get up at 4:30am every weekday so we can do a 5am CrossFit class. I know if I tried to workout after work, I would have so many excuses on why I would want to skip it. First thing in the morning makes us less likely to skip.”

14. To Beat the Traffic

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“By 6:30 AM there is already gridlock on the way to work. I go in early and get off early, beating the rush hour traffic both ways.”

“Back in the 70’s in Toronto, rush hour started at 7. My dad would leave the house at 6:30, and I caught a ride with him, as my high school was downtown. It was great. Get to school at 7 am, no one else is there, go in to one of the study rooms, did all my homework, and waited for my friends to show up around 8.”

13. For a Quiet Morning Coffee

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“I’m a barista. I make other people coffee before I can have coffee.”

“The absolute best is just sipping my coffee in peace and quiet though.”

12. Insomnia

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“Raving insomniac 4 hours most nights 5 now and again.”

“The worst is feeling tired at like 10pm sou you go to lay down and nothing happens. 11pm nothing so you get back up move around can’t feel tired and eventually you lay down anyway and the time ticks by and eventually it’s 5 am and you haven’t really slept just laid there with your eyes closed frustratingly trying to sleep for hours. It’s awful.”

11. To Catch the Sunrise

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“I’ve witnessed more spectacular Sunrises than Sunsets.”

“The way I brew my coffee and make a morning smoothie takes a bit of time, and I like to watch the sunrise.”

“Had a bout of terrible mental health and couldn’t sleep. One day when I couldn’t sleep I noticed how beautiful the sunrise is on my balcony. A perfect view of it rising over the city. I started making sure I had my coffee on my balcony for sunrise every morning and that was when I started my day.”

10. Peace and Quiet

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“No chaos for the day, the day becomes peaceful…”

“Same, waking up at 5AM is the only way to guarantee I get 2 hours that day with everyone leaving me alone.”

9. Kids

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“There’s a small human that pokes me in the eye and says “mommy up” until I get up and make her toast.”

“K I D S.”

“Keeping It Deliriously Sleepy.”

“100%. Mine woke up everyday at 5 am sharp during the baby stage. Now that they are getting older they sleep til 6-630 but I’ve been conditioned to wake up at 5 with or without an alarm. Doesn’t matter if I go to sleep at 10 pm or midnight, 5 am wake up call.”

8. To Pray

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“I need to pray.”

“Muslims gotta wake up pretty early to pray.”

7. Pets

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“Dog can’t seem to understand we sleep in on the weekends!”

“I got 3 four-legged alarm clocks too.”

“My cat politely lays on my neck until I wake up…”

6. More Time

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“I have more time to f*** around.”

“I get up at 5:30. I can have most of my day done by 8 am when normal people get up, meaning I can get things done a lot quicker since nobody else is about to interrupt or distract.”

5. Stuff to Do

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“S*** needs doing.”

“Yep…if I woke up at 9:00 am, I’d be p*****, like the whole day is shot.”

4. Can’t Help It

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“Do you think I’m doing this on purpose?”

“You and me both. It’s either lay in bed angry because I can’t sleep or actually get up. I usually choose to get up.”

“I wake up between 3:45am and 5am every morning. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, either. I have no idea why I wake up so early and I can never go back to sleep once I’m awake.”

“I naturally wake up around then. I like it tbh, everyone else is mostly asleep too so it’s a peaceful way to enjoy a coffee and wake up at your pace.”

3. Commute

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“My job is an hour away and I still need about an hour to cry in the shower.”

“Yeah, our office finally forced us to come back after 2 years of fully remote. I was hired during COVID so I never went to the main office before this. Now, I spend over an hour each way to drive there.”

2. Age

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“As a teenager I could sleep all weekend. From about 30 I never needed an alarm clock as I would always wake up before I needed to. At around 40 I started waking up around 0630 and it gets earlier every year. I’m now almost 60 and am generally awake around 0430 and up and running by 0500 regardless of how late I go to bed.”

1. Work

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“Work starts at 5am for me. Days off, I still get up at 5-6am, though, so I can skate as the sun rises and the heat isn’t intolerable. It’s a great way to center myself.”

“My boss can sense when I am comfy in bed, and this bothers him greatly.”

“Yup. Not a morning guy. But these last 9 years I wake up at 5 to punch in at 6.”

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