10 Life-Enhancing Things People Wish They Started Sooner

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Someone just turned to Reddit with the following question: “What improved your life so much, you wished you did [it] sooner?” It didn’t take long for a host of life-affirming suggestions to pop into the comments section. Here are the 10 most popular responses:

1. Not Sweating the Small Stuff

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“Just being chill with whatever happens. If people spend time with me, I enjoy their company. If people won’t make time for me, I don’t have to hear any problems or bragging. I enjoy the quiet.”

“This is a great one. I also went from a panic/worry person to a go-with-the-flow person and man it’s been a hell of a change. Just keep quiet, be chill, take the turns as they come. There’s a peacefulness with it that’s wonderful.”

2. Getting Blackout Shades

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“It’s like a sheet you stick directly to your window to block out light. Got it after years of working night shift and now all of a sudden, no sleep issues, I can just lie down and it’s off to snooze town. For any other night shifters reading this, get some blackout shades, they’re 100% worth it.”

“As someone from Alaska, this is solid advice and works when the sun isn’t in tune with your sleep cycle. However, if you live somewhere cold I’d recommend heavy drapes. It gives you the blackout effect while also providing extra insulation at your windows.”

3. Going to Sleep Earlier

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“I don’t stay awake late at night. I go to sleep quite early and do whatever i wanted to do early in the morning but well rested.”

“Getting a good night’s sleep is the closest I’ll ever get to having superpowers. It’s crazy the difference it makes.”

4. Working Out

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“Lifting weights. The person I was before and who I am now are two completely different people.”

“Same here. I assumed I’d get in better shape, but was surprised at the confidence boost and mental health benefits.”

“Starting to lift weights and sticking with it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself for all of the other reasons mentioned here.”

5. Eating Better Food

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“It was hard defeating the sugar addiction but so worth it. I remember trying all the fast methods like fasting and stuff like that but what worked in the end was exactly what the legit people trying to tell you were always saying. Consistency consistency consistency consistency.”

“Got serious about my health. I’ve lost 215 lbs. I’m off of all my diabetes meds, and while I’m still not at a healthy weight, I’m a lot closer.”

6. Avoiding Negative Relationships

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“Relationships should improve your life. If the person is only being negative, talking you down and talking behind your back there is no reason to continue with the relationship. Even if that person is a parent.”

“I cut out people who were fair weather friends or just taking advantage of me at the beginning of the year. My mental health has not been this amazing in years.”

7. Running

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“Started running again. It did wonders for my mental and physical health. It also helped me build a new circle of friends who are not toxic crab mentality people. Having friends who lift you up makes a huge difference in your life after years of people who want to hold you at their level.”

“Any physical activity that comes with a community is beyond life changing.”

8. Quitting Drinking

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“Here here. I was the craft beer guy, the party animal, and I was so scared of leaving it behind, yet 6 months later quite literally every aspect of my life has improved. I feel mentally sharper than I have since I was a teenager, but now with all the life skills of a 36 year old man.”

“I was surprised this was this far down the comments. Life is still not easy but damn is it 1000x easier than it was.”

9. Slow Cooking Meals

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“Getting a slow cooker and making a huge meal on Sundays, and then portioning it out through the week. Saves me sooooo much money and time. I recommend stuff like chili or tikka masala. Anybody who is reading this and on the fence about it, I literally avoid ordering take-out now because it takes more time and effort than just throwing a bunch of stuff into a slow cooker once a week.”

10. Getting a Bidet

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“Bidet. There is no going back.”

“Yup, massive step up in hygiene.”

“It has been one of the best purchases.”

Is There Anything You Wish You’d Done Sooner?

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Life can be tumultuous, tragic, and full of challenges. Thankfully, most of us have the ability to make changes – some small, others more significant – that can have a huge impact on how we walk through it. With any luck, the 10 suggestions in this article will have given you some ideas on where to start.

Have you done anything else that’s had a disproportionately positive impact on your life? Drop a comment to let other people know what worked.



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