18 Popular Things That Some People Despise

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You know those things everyone’s raving about, while you feel like the only one not getting the hype? Well, you’re not alone. Get ready to uncover 18 items that most people are big fans of, but Reddit users just can’t get into:

18. Parties

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“I’m 20 and I hate parties. I like little get togethers with my friends, but large gatherings just aren’t my thing. I’m at the age where it feels like everyone is doing it, but I just don’t really like it. Doesn’t help that I also don’t like drinking or vaping.”

“I’m right there with you. Granted, I’m much older but even at your age I couldn’t stand parties. I’d say “Hey, we’re gonna have a party tonight at my apartment” and inevitably one person would show up and be like “dude. You said you were having a party. This is like … a hangout.” Give me 5 or 6 people hanging out eating pizza watching movies and that’s my kind of party.”

17. Smart Watches

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“Smart watches, particularly apple. I have a number of watches but the last thing I want is to get emails, calls and texts on my watch. Granted people use them for fitness but I do not.”

“I can appreciate this. I have an Apple Watch, and it’s great for quickly and discretely seeing messages when I’m working or in a meeting. But the notifications seem to produce a whole new level of anxiety.”

16. Chatting with AI Characters

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“Maybe the worst form of parasocial engagement. It’s bad enough people think they’re friends with streamers and content creators. Now they’re just talking to themselves.”

“Learned about it today. Some of the saddest s*** I’ve ever seen.”

15. Alcohol

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“I get addicted to stuff quickly, also losing your senses for hours on end doesn’t appeal to me. If you like drinking, that’s fine, but I just won’t.”

“That’s a good decision. Alcohol can ruin your life, health, family, job, etc. if you develop an addiction to it.”

14. Collecting Funko Pops

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“Pretty much everyone I know my age collects them and I don’t get it. I will admit I own one that was gifted to me and I like it because no other figurine exists of this person to my knowledge. My friend often sells hers over time for around £60 each which seems insane to me.”

“Those things are hideous.”

“I don’t understand why every nerd store has to have at least 1/3 of its space dedicated to these things.”

13. Mom Trends

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“I’m a new mom and there’s soooo many stupid mom trends right now. But one of them is the like “natural” looking toys with really bland colors that are more aesthetic. They’re toys.”

“#boymomlife drives me up the f****** wall. Parent. You’re a parent.”

“I have seen Instagram moms who organize their kids’ legos by color. It’s clearly just for aesthetics. So pointless and unnecessary work. Why dont they just put them in the same box so kids can play and tidy up their own legos easily

12. League of Legends

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First up, we have this popular online battle arena game. Apparently it has over 150 million registered players! However, not everybody’s into it. One person on the thread wrote : “Yeah, if you value your time and sanity, don’t. Arcane was fun to watch, though, and the best thing about it is that you don’t need to know anything about league.” And another just said, “Don’t.”

11. Smoking (Anything)

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Reddit user Nesq1k0d said they refuse to get into smoking – not matter what it is. Others piggybacked on this suggestion with a mixture of serious and silly comments. One person wrote: “Not even brisket?” While another put, “But ribs man. They’re so easy and good.” Someone else agreed, saying, “Lungs weren’t designed for combustibles.”  

10. Annoying/Pranking People for Viral Videos

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At number 10, we have this item from Reddit User Shmatty29, who hates it when people go around pranking or annoying people to get views on their videos. Others jumped in with their support. One said, “I’ve seen two videos recently where someone shouted “he’s got a gun” to inspire panic and make people stampede. How is your life so meaningless and disconnected that you think that’s funny, witty, entertaining or has any positive aspects?”

9. Sports Betting

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ProfessionalMusic679 raised a serious point when they suggested, “Sports betting, that’s it. I’ve seen friends lose a lot and go into debt behind it.” Snubda hopped on the thread to offer their own concerns: “Man my younger brother sport bets a ton and has been ultra successful but I’m nervous about what happens when his luck turns. I won’t touch that ****.”

8. Twitter

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The 8th most upvoted response came from user subbearimon, who refused to get into Twitter. Others agreed, while one helpful response offered advice on how to leverage the site without ill effects: “Twitter is an excellent source for sports news if you curate your feed and choose to only view the ones you follow. Never dive into the comments and block every obvious crazy/troll. Otherwise, stay away.”

7. Lip Injections

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The Reddit user Altruistic_Lead6799 came up with this popular answer to the question. “Lip injections” received 10.5k upvotes in no time. It created a whole conversation about the pros and cons (mostly cons) of lip injections. Warblade7 noted that “They are like the worst short-term gain for long-term downside. Even billionaire women can’t make it look good after a few years.”

6. This Person’s Stepsister

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One Redditor said the thing they refuse to get into that others find so popular is “my stepsister.” The comment received 10.5k upvotes. Swimming-Barracuda65 then chimed in to offer their agreement, saying “your stepsister.” Someone else said, “I also choose their guy’s stepsister.”

5. Heroin

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True to form, Reddit started thinking outside the box and offering some tongue-in-cheek responses. One of the most popular? Heroin, followed shortly thereafter by fentanyl.

4. Credit Card Debt

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Sticking with the tongue-in-cheek suggestions, Reddit user thebishtable suggested that credit card debt is something else popular that they refuse to partake in. Others hopped on with various responses – some bemoaning the tribulations of CC debt, others telling the world how much debt they’re in, and so on.

3. Elf on a Shelf

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Grasshopper716’s suggestion of elf on a shelf soon garnered over 21k upvoted. As for their reason, they said, “I refuse to have to come up with creative **** for 25 straight days until my kids no longer believe in Santa.” Another user noted another potential downside to the tradition: “It also accustoms kids to constant surveillance, so yeah power to you broseph.”

2. Pickleball

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27.2k people upvoted Reddit user Garlicroastedpotato’s suggestion of America’s fastest growing sport, Pickleball. Their original post said “Everyone my age is playing pickleball. So much so that they cancelled my basketball league to make more space for the pickleball league.” Someone else jumped on the thread, saying “I ******* hate pickleball with a passion. I play tennis and often times these group of pickleball players would literally hog the courts all day.”

1. TikTok

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The most upvoted response to OP’s question came from KB9103, who wrote a single word: “TikTok.”

Dozens chimed in with their agreement. One said, “Why would I need TikTok when everything is reposted to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit? Then one week later I get to relive the same posts, but with someone’s silent reaction spliced into the video.” Someone else hates how addictive it is, saying “I went onto it during lockdown to mock it, and I’ve doom scrolled hours of my life away. Urgh it’s horrible!”


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