17 Phrases People Say That Are Instant Red Flags

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Communication can be a game-changer, but there are phrases that set off instant alarms. Reddit users have unveiled a list of 17 phrases that act as instant red flags in any conversation. So, let’s dive in:

17. “You have to earn my respect.”

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“Great, so your default is just to be mean to people?”

Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes to mean “treating someone like an authority.” For some, “if you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you” means “if you don’t treat me like an authority, I won’t treat you like a person.”

“Respect as an authority is earned. Respect as a person is the default.”

16. “I’m always right.”

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“I Interviewed someone for a job recently who said they have never made a mistake and don’t have any negative qualities/areas for improvement. Nope, Red flag. That person will not be open to feedback.”

“Huge red flag, people who also surround themselves with people that are an echo chamber that also reinforces their beliefs. People who can’t take any criticism at all, whether positive or negative, come off as super immature.”

15. “Trust me, I am not like the others.”

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“They’re always the ones that set the standard for being worse than ‘the others.'”

“You could stop at “trust me”…or ‘believe me.'”

14. “I’m saying what we’re all thinking.”

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“[This] is the most annoying one because it’s pure projection. We’re not all thinking of the most [vitriolic] thing to say all the time but simply are too afraid to say it. Believe it or not, everyone isn’t negative all the time.”

““I’m just saying what we’re all thinking” reminds me, a hallmark of racist people is the assumption that everyone like them is also racist.”

13. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

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“Translation: I will be a d*** to people because I’m entitled.”

“Never date anyone who idolizes that quote.”

“It translates to ‘I have no self-control, and I have mood swings that make Donald Trump appear stable.'”

12. “We are like a family here.”

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“Translation: I like to underpay my employees and meddle in their personal lives.”

“And expect them to go WAY beyond normal expectations, while I ignore every request from them.”

11. “I’m an empath.”

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“Every single time someone says that they later turn out to be anything but. Real empaths don’t go around advertising.”

“I absolutely hate people who claim this. Every time I’ve come across one they’ve taken other people’s trauma and made it about them.”

10. “I just don’t like political correctness.”

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“Yeah no, you just like saying **** to people. These people put wayyy too much effort and passion into their negativity for this to just be a simple preference for straight speaking. If they were confronted with a fractional amount of the mind negativity that they spew, they’d be crushed forever.”

“This goes hand in hand with the “I enjoy dark humor” people who actually only laugh at the misfortunes of others (like only laughing at victims of mass shootings, for example).”

9. “It’s because I’m a Scorpio/Pisces/Etc.”

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“My standard reply when someone asks my sign (which admittedly doesn’t happen very often) is, “Oh, I’m a Capricorn, but Capricorns don’t believe in astrology.””

“Once I had a random woman come up to me and ask me what my sign was. I said it was Scorpio and she just went “Ew, that’s not good” and just walked away.”

8. “I’m not racist, but…”

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“I’m not racist. I hate EVERYONE. Equally.”

“I’m a white middle class middle aged male in the south. The amount of other white males that have said that statement to me and then proceeded into a racist rant, thinking I’d be ok with it, is staggering.”

“Nothing before the “but” ever counts in any comment like this.”

7. “I never fart.”

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“I swear to god my ex never did fart. I have never heard her. I didn’t smell anything strange. EVER. We were together for 13 years.”

“I have a friend who has never farted in front of his girlfriend. It has been decades.”

6. “Makes fun of something you like.

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“Making fun of people’s interests or the food they like just screams insecurity and immaturity to me.”

“Don’t yuck people’s yum!”

5. “All my exes are crazy!”

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“While I’m sure there are some people who are very unlucky in romance, most of the time it just means the person takes no accountability for the failings of their relationships.”

“If someone says this, chances are they’re the common denominator among those relationships breaking down.”

4. “I have no filter.”

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“Nope, you’re just rude.”

“A lesson I learned early in life was to think about what I say before I say it. It’s hard and I still find myself wrapped up in conversations and then thinking, “Why the f*** did I just say that?” But to live with “no filter” and just say whatever hops into your brain is pretty lazy, and kinda dumb.”

3. “I’m an alpha.”

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“Any man who must say “I am an alpha” is no true alpha.”

“The whole alpha-beta thing is just astrology for incels.”

“I’m not a programmer but I know anything alpha needs a lot of revision.”

2. “Do you know who I am?”

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“My mom is a teacher and gets this from parents a lot. She has started responding one of two ways. 1-assuming you didn’t lie when enrolling your child, yes I do. Or 2-do you know how little I care? When she got the same question from a student she said “yes, hence why I called you by name when telling you to sit down and be quiet””

“I volunteered at a PGA event a while back, and someone tried to bustle their way into one of the hospitality areas with exactly this line. The old lady I was with, didn’t skip a beat, stepped into his way and radioed the medical cart ‘we’ve got a guy here with concussion, doesn’t know who he is, need a medical cart to take him please’ Never seen a guy deflate and run away so quickly.”

1. “I’m brutally honest, that’s just who I am”

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“I’m just being honest/I’m brutally honest” is a way rude people sugar-coat their rudeness. If they were really honest they’d just admit they are obnoxious people.”

“People who are “brutally honest” tend to enjoy the brutality just as much, if not more than, the honesty.”



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