19 Serious Problems People Don’t Seem to Care About (According to the Internet)

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In a world filled with headline-grabbing crises, some serious problems are quietly brewing, unnoticed by many. Here’s a list of 19 overlooked issues that Reddit users believe deserve immediate attention:

19. “Mining Companies in Canada”

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“Mining companies from Canada are invading/destroying the biodiversity in central America. Quantum mining for example in Panama, you can check the pics on Google, it’s very sad as the rainforest is quite diverse in that country. All because of gold and other metals but mostly gold. Funny how nature is protected in Canada yet these companies exploit 3rd world countries.

“My experience in the oilfield and mining industries are that the companies do the bare minimum in terms of safety and environmental protection. A lot of workers do not believe in climate change, so they are more than happy to pour oil down a well-hole or use a tunnel in a mine as a trash bin (sealing it off when finished). That is just my limited experience. I doubt my experience is unique. This is in Canada.”

18. “Insect numbers are absolutely plummeting”

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“There is about a 2.5% loss in terms of mass per year. Without insects the food chain will collapse – the effects of this are already starting to be seen.”

“As a child I remember chasing butterflies all over my grandparents’ yard. Now I get excited if I see one a week.”

17. “Water companies dumping sewage into river systems.”

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“Here in the UK, water companies have been dumping tonnes and tonnes of sewage into our river systems and into the sea, making some beaches close. It is truly disgusting, and the whole water industry is in about £60bn of debt and could collapse.”

“This situation has been going on in Florida for years now. Tampa Bay is now, both literally and metaphorically, a cesspool.”

16. “The birds are disappearing.”

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“I’m from latin America, this is something we can see for a long time! When I was a kid, in the parrots migration time, the noise those birds did was amazing, you could hear them everywhere in our country for days! When I was a teen it became rare to hear them and when I was a young adult we could rarely hear them! I’m in my 40s now and I live in another continent, but my family and friends have told me that they haven’t see them in for some years!”

“Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson. Published on September 27, 1962, the book documented the environmental harm caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides. No insects means no birds means that spring is silent.”

15. “Seals dying of Avian flu in Chile.”

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“Cats dying of bird flu in Poland, mammal to mammal transmission confirmed…”

“What’s scary is what it could do to bird populations (domestic and wild) etc. I think egg stocks were down massively over last Christmas in the USA, due to thousands of chickens having to be destroyed due to bird flu.”

“This right here is the one that scares me most. In addition there was a similar variant doing the same thing in New England last year.”

14. “Countries are burning.”

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“My country is on fire. It was also on fire a month ago but then it stopped for a few weeks.”

“I live on the shores of Lake Michigan. The air is horrible. Visibility is minimal, and I’m not even in the thick of the fires. I’ve been so worried about our Canadian friends for what seems like WAY too long now.”

“Californian here sending love. The summers are hotter, our droughts make everything a tinder box, parts of my county burnt to the ground a few years ago. It’s horrendous.”

13. “Ocean currents slowing.”

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“If the overturning ocean currents continue to change at this rate, the current pattern is probably going to collapse soon and global weather patterns will be f*****.”

“Don’t forget the jet streams destabilizing! We keep getting polar vortices here in New England with arctic temperatures because of this.”

12. “Deadly heatwaves in India.”

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“It’s not in the media anywhere and is probably also going on in other countries such as Mexico and southern US.”

“India is staring down the barrel of what is known as a ‘wet-bulb event’ in the very near future.

What is a wet-bulb event? It is a situation where, due to a combination of days of high heat and extreme humidity, it creates a crisis scenario where a perfectly healthy young person can be outside, resting in the shade, with a fan blowing on them and ample access to lukewarm water, and they will still quickly overheat and die.”

11. “Depression has become an epidemic disease.”

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“The WHO (World Health Organization) declared depression as a global health emergency.”

“Anxiety and depression have been epidemic for some time now and part of the problem is lack of knowledge, diagnosis and pretty much how the world runs lately.”

10. “The rise of surveillance capitalism and AI.”

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“Privacy is essentially non-existent anymore and it feels like absolutely no one cares.”

“The golden age of privacy is dead and we’re entering a far scarier era without it.”

“Anything connected to internet is by default a gateway to your life. No matter how insignificant it may seem as functionality. Nobody cares because they like convenience and most people lack the knowledge of what technology does these days.”

9. “The massive destruction of coral reefs.”

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“There’s nothing that breaks my heart quite like what we’re doing to coral reefs…Diving underwater and observing the activity of ocean biodiversity is a true gift, and we don’t realise how lucky we are. As coral reefs die we’re denying the ocean it’s true character and culture.”

“I feel like this is one that used to be talked about years ago, but everyone just forgot about it.”

8. “Bacterial resistance due to the overuse of antibiotics.”

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“In the near future we may return to pre-antibiotic age in which simple lung or urinary infections can kill us simply because we don’t have effective antibiotics.”

“It’s scary how even doctors who should be well aware of this fact and the dire consequences are the worst offenders by prescribing antibiotics like they are handing out sweets at Halloween.”

7. “Insider trading in congress from both sides.”

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“It is wild to me how blatant the insider trading is from prominent congress people on both sides. The right likes to dig on Pelosi for it, and she’s definitely suspicious, but she might not even be top 5 in suspicious earnings.”

“Forget Congressional insider trading. Supreme Court bribery is running rampant, and if their decisions to hamper the prosecution of bribery are anything to go by, they’re taking A LOT MORE in bribes than you think.”

“I actually hate it how openly every admits and jokes that our politicians are bought and paid for.”

6. “The bees are dying out.”

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“Once they do we’re all f*****.”

“Not just Bees, all insects. Bees are just the poster boy’s for insects because of humans affinity with them for producing honey and because bumblebees are cute. If I’m honest they get too much attention to the detriment to other species.”

“Shout out to the GOAT, Morgan Freeman who donated his entire Arkansas ranch to the bees.”

5. “Social media gave stupidity so much power.”

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“…We are unable to listen or hear what scientists think about a thing. Basically: ignorance has never been so self-confident and that makes me sad for this and every generation that is coming.”

“The Dunning-Krueger effect in full flow is f****** terrifying.”

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

4. “Corporate leaders are steering humanity back to the dark ages.”

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“Conservative factions require a way to ensure their constituents will support measures against their own interests. The most effective way of doing this is to conflate social issues with economic issues; the whole concept of “make America great again” is based on the propaganda of moral decay. That is to say, if you can make a voter’s number 1 issue things like abortion, transgender folks, race, etc. then they will support any other measure that party supports.”

“Modern feudalism.”

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3. “Famine in Yemen (and elsewhere).”

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“The famine ongoing in Yemen could be the worst in human history. It’s estimated that 120 children die every day and that number is increasing. If the trend continues then we could be looking at tens of millions of deaths.”

“The famine is unfortunately more malnutrition than normal in that singular area. But there are people dying of starvation all over the world, even in developed countries.”

2. “The mass media is functionally a propaganda machine.”

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“People with money just… have power enough to buy and manipulate television and other media, the internet is good at a certain point since nobody control it easily, and hopefully good information can be spread here.”

“Boomers are used to TV and that sort of limitate their vision, for instance that quote might have popped on the news and now they take it as an absolute truth… There is a lot of misformation, you can’t say otherwise, just have some critical thinking.. its double edged sword, like everything, but for sure **** load of stuff is getting exposed due to the easy access and freedom of the internet.”

1. “The total mass of plastic in the world now.”

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“The total mass of plastic in the world now is more than the total mass of all mammals put together, and we’re continuing to make more plastic with no plans whatever to do anything about it.”

“And all the companies with packaging that used to be glass switched to plastic. Think drink companies like whoever owns Snapple.”



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