15 of the Most Corrupt Companies Around Today (According to the Internet)

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Ever stumbled upon a company that made you question its integrity? Reddit users certainly have! Get ready for a list of 15 companies that people online believe deserve to be shut down for their questionable practices:

15. Ticketmaster

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“I bought an overpriced $300 ticket for my dream show because even though I hate these companies I wanted to see SOAD once in my lifetime. Then covid happened. Endless postponements which I understand, but then I just wanted my money back…and apparently that’s not how it works with certain companies. Had to resell my own ticket and hope someone buys it. Like a year later finally a show was announced and someone bought my ticket for half price because obviously demand was way down. Never again.”

“Ticketmaster is a PR company disguising as a ticket selling company, musicians want to sell their tickets “cheap” way below market prices to not p*** off their fans, so Ticketmaster act as the “greedy” middleman, allow the outrage to be directed at them instead of the musicians, who gets a fat cut from the arrangement without damaging their reputations.”

14. Scientology

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“The beginning of the end for them was South Park’s brilliant scientology episode.”

“That was my first thought. The slave labor, abuse of psychology techniques to get blackmail material to threaten members later, the likely abuse of Michele Miscavige, preventing members from getting medical or psychiatric treatment, etc. is all public knowledge at this point. It’s destroying lives.”

13. FIFA

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“Oh man, FIFA doesn’t even pretend anymore.”

“They are a highly corrupt organisation following money and not the interests of the sport. The last world cup was hosted in Qatar…in Qatar! A nation with zero football tradition or infrastructure…Horrible human rights violations right there. But they pay well, so that’s why all of this was no problem.”

12. International Olympic Committee (IOC)

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“IOC members taking “gifts” from Salt Lake City Olympic organisers during the bidding process…Olympians get paid zero for the appearances at the Games. Any attempts to gain payment for athletes have been vigorously fought by the IOC in the name of “preserving the spirit of the Games.”…Of course Bach and the chief executives at the IOC collectively take home over $13mil a year, and regularly hold their meetings in five star hotels across the world. Someone make sure the athletes don’t get paid though!”

11. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Corporations Like Amway

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“I’ve seen MLM organizations ruin lives. Baffles me how they can continue to operate.”

“MLMs are f****** evil and their distributors are the end customer. Not the people the distributors sell to. They don’t give a f*** if their people can’t move product but they constantly encourage them to have ridiculous amounts of inventory. And the “deal” the distributors get? It’s WAY marked up. I could purchase products as a corporate employee for pennies on the dollar compared to what the distributors could.”

10. Nestlé

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“Nestle was my first thought! Their abuse of water is tragic.”

“Nestle is just the most public symptom of a much larger problem.”

9. Turbo Tax, H&R Block, Etc

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“Turbo tax, h&r block, etc, lobbying the government and making sure us citizens need to keep using them instead of letting the government do our taxes themselves.”

“Not only do they keep the tax code unnecessarily complex, those companies intentionally prey on a subset of people who have low to moderate incomes who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)…It really is an industry that specifically preys on the poor.”

8. Susan G. Komen Foundation

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“Most break throughs would of happened years earlier…I hope this brings “awareness” to their scam and how more than a $1 billion has been scammed out of research to actually find a cure.”

“My dad used to run a lot of 5Ks. Every charity that hosted one would provide free food, water, coffee, etc. to all of the participants. Except Susan G. Komen. They gave everyone a small cup of water and charged them for anything else. Like, way too much money.”

7. Purdue Pharma

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“Over 500,000 people have died since the late 90s to 2020 due to their criminality. Five. Hundred. Thousand. And untold other lives ruined.”

“Watch “Dope Sick” on Hulu. Unbelievable that they’re still in business.”

6. The NRA

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“I became a life member in the 80s. I can’t believe what they are now.”

“In many states, they don’t help at all. Looking south at MA, the NRA may as well not exist. They do have some state-based orgs that do good and reasonable work. Like GOAL.

The NRA succeeds only in living large and misusing finds while drawing stupid lines in the sand that make every single gun owner come across as a lunatic.”

5. Big Pharma

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“Whoever keeps the cost of life-saving medicines like insulin so exorbitantly high. People shouldn’t be driven to poverty just for surviving.”

“US citizen here. I got diagnosed with diabetes recently. The first discussion my doctor had with me after the diagnosis wasn’t about my health or medication or plans going forward to help lower my blood sugar. It was about my finances because the medication is so expensive and she wants to make sure I can afford it.”

4. The CIA

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“The wild stuff they have done, even to American people, just stop n reset the whole thing.”

“Every single war since the 60’s was a CIA concoction…Eisenhower warned us about them…”

“Can we make this a blanket statement instead? All the 3 letter agencies? DEA, CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, ETC…”

3. Autism Speaks

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“My autistic son was telling me about how horrible they are just yesterday, and I can’t believe they’re allowed to operate.”

“The fact that Autism Speaks claims to advocate for us while simultaneously encouraging parents to mourn us and treat us like we just died, or flat out develop prenatal testing for the sole purpose of encouraging abortions in cases of detection, or actively attack legislation that is actually trying to help us have a voice in decisions made about us, means they are not our ally.”

2. “The Entire Foster Care System”

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“I knew a mother who had her own kids taken away by Child Protective Services who was then approved as a foster parent a few years later. Like she couldn’t properly care for her own kids but now the state will pay her to care for kids who were in bad enough situations to require they be removed from their home/family.”

“More good people need to become foster parents too. Even now it’s too easy and we don’t have enough.”

“My fiancé was adopted from a foreign country in the 90’s. Learning about his situation and the entire adoption system…was dark so say the least.”

1. Home Owners Association

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“No reason to have a group policing private property owners to “protect property value” when the housing market is so artificially20 inflated. Over the life time of a mortgage EVERY home will provide positive returns (unless it’s a single job town that gets shut down).”

“We switched to HOA a few years back & couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. I think they tried to increase their fees off fines to residents (we have no fine structure, just legal action).”



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