20 Old Person Interests and Desires That Young Folks Will Never Understand (According to the Internet)

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Ever caught your grandparents raving about something, and you’re just there like, “What in the world?” Well, the internet has spilled the beans on 20 old person interests that young folks might scratch their heads at. So, get ready for a stroll down nostalgia lane as we explore a list of things that might have your grandpa saying, “Back in my day…”

20. Waking Up Early

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“If I was retired I’d probably be up early too since I have the time to rest normally. Maybe not tho. I’ll get back to you in 30 years lol.”

19. Asking What You Are Doing With Your Life

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“Often comes with outdated advice like “walk into an office, demand to speak to the boss, hand him your CV with a firm handshake and eye contact. THAT is how you get a job…” or railing at the idea of moving company mid-career something-something “loyalty.”

“I’m doing my best to avoid answering questions like that at the moment.”

“Also, asking you to ask your friends what THEY are doing with their lives… And getting p*** that you don’t talk about that s*** and don’t know the answer 😂”

18. Traveling For Scenery

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“Now that I’m old, I just like to travel to places to look at the scenery. 20-year-old me would not understand the point of that at all.”

“I used to get so [annoyed] at my dad “taking the scenic route” home rather than the quickest. Now I’m the one saying, “we’ll take the back roads through the hills, it’s a nicer drive”

17. Listening to Particular Types of Music

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“There is this weird type of traditional Vietnamese music my parents said that only old people like and they could not stand it either. A decade later and apparently they enjoy it. I await my turn in fear…For those asking, it is Cai luong.”

“This is going to draw some hate but once I reached my 50’s, Bruce Springsteen’s library suddenly became enjoyable. I’d always liked bits of his work here and there but once I got old enough, bam I get it.”

16. Sitting Doing Nothing In Front Of Their House

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“In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class, for instance my grandma and her friends gather everyday at someone’s door and just sit there until the night comes (they are retired).”

“I live in a very rural part of America, and old people do the same thing here. Old men will sit in front of their houses drinking beer and waving at cars that go by. It seems really nice actually. Guess there comes a point where you’re content to just sit back and let the world come to you.”

15. Old People Fashion

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“Oldie here… I worked for a Canadian clothing store called Marks. I used to point our new arrivals to my daughter to see if she liked them, and she would say “Ugh. Those are old people clothes!” One day she came in, looked around and said “You guys are starting to get some pretty good stuff.” I laughed because nothing had really changed, and watched the expression on her face change as it slowly dawned on her.”

“This. I recently ordered some tops, and put one of them on yesterday and realized it was the perfect “practical old lady top.” But it’s comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle, so WTH. I’m a practical old lady. Own it.”

14. Telling You About People Who Died

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“I’m a window cleaner and have a lot of elderly customers. Over the years I’ve found they LOVE to be the first one to tell me one of the neighbours has died. To the point where if I say ‘yeah, Thelma already let me know’, they look genuinely disappointed and annoyed that they weren’t the one to break the news to me.”

“They just seem to like gossip in general. Death will certainly qualify.”

13. Watching the News Non-Stop

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“My wife’s grandmother was in long-term memory care for several years before her death. Towards the end, she didn’t know what day it was, or if it was morning or evening, but she watched CNN 24 hours a day, and would lose her s*** if somebody changed the channel, because she wanted, “to know what was going on.””

“My mum has ABC News 24 on all day…that much news is just not healthy. I try to encourage her to watch TV shows or movies, but she just won’t. I really don’t get the attraction as the stories just repeat anyway – it’s s not meant to be watched all day.”

12. Telling You About Their Ailments

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“I’m 57, so I’m ancient by reddit standards. But I vowed early on that I will not become one of these over-sharing old people.”

“Oh god, my grandpa enjoys making people uncomfortable with his medical stories. He took off his shirt to show off his brand new open-heart surgery scar while explaining everything in detail.”

11. Fine China and Silverware

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“It’s pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be, it’s expensive, has very little resale value, fragile as f***, and virtually useless unless you’re trying to impress another old person.”

“My wife got a china set from an antique store that was closing down. 35piece set with all the silver ware. We have used it once and it’s fragile as hell so we never want the kids to touch it. It’s absurd. No surprise that tradition is going away.”

10. Their Lawns

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“I’ve reached the tipping point. I love my hedge and some drunk kid fell in it. Big hole. Will take four years to grow back. This ‘get off my lawn’ moment awakened the old in me.”

9. Moaning About Everyone on the Nextdoor App

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“So our town (less than 3000 people) has a Facebook page where everyone is supposed to ask for assistance or find out when the next big trash day is. Instead, 90% of it is old people and Karen’s and Ken’s b******* about kids roaming the streets and the current political climate. Like, half the people in town are banned, which I find hilarious.”

8. Spending Hours on the Slot Machines

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“All the casino ads make it look like you’ll be gambling in Monaco with a bouncy, joyful group of young people – then you go in and it’s endless rows of blank-faced olds jamming on those buttons.”

“My husband and I joke if social security is still a thing when we’re old we will be using a chunk of it hitting the slots.”

7. Working Overtime for No Pay

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“…To show that you are a good hard working person.”

“Yes, it’s the truth. We overwork thinking it’s a good thing. I did for 20 [years] and didn’t change anything. I am glad the new generation is changing that.”

“I always think of the person who said “20 years later, the only people who will remember you working all those extra hours are your children.””

6. Asking When You’re Going to Get Married

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“I’m 27 and it’s incessant from my grandparents and mother.”

“BTW: when are you gonna settle down?”

“I got married later in life and found the one answer that worked: ‘I’m going to get married as soon as I find a woman as good as you.'”

5. Refusing to Learn New Things Because They Insist They Can’t

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“It’s my kryptonite. I’m in my mid-40s, and I just can’t deal with my mom’s fear of everything, including using technology because she might “click on the wrong thing.” I’ve asked her what the worst case scenario is – maybe she gets billed for something or sent something unexpected – and reminded her I’m there to help make things right. I’ve also reminded her that she’s spent so long resisting this stuff that it gets harder to learn each day. It just doesn’t settle with her.”

“My mom still can’t use a smart phone or a computer and keeps getting scammed. She says it’s cause she isn’t a nerd and didn’t grow up with them. I told her the personal computer has now been around for about forty years. Doesn’t matter.”

4. Being Obsessed with the Weather

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“My partner’s grandmother house sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us of every day we were gone.”

“My dad, in his late 70s, keeps up with my weather 200 miles away from where he lives. He’ll call if we’re supposed to have a bad storm. I’m 40.”

3. Walking Around Naked In the Gym Locker Room

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“In a way, I admire their lack of self-consciousness.”

“Yeah, what the heck is that about? There is a big separation between getting undressed to change or hop in the shower after a workout, and just hanging out naked in there. The old guys will sit around and chat like that. One guy is always standing in front of the mirror brushing his teeth, naked. So weird.”

2. Old Lady Perms

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“Those types are about to die out, but I still see little blue-haired ladies out and about. I don’t get it. They only wash their hair once a week, and it just doesn’t look good.”

“Blue-haired old ladies are especially good at moaning about the youth of today ‘and their weird hair colours.'”

1. Signing Facebook Comments

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“Facebook – adding your own name to a comment like “great photos, love Mum and John”. I f****** know it’s you Maureen, it shows me your [name] when you comment.”

“My mom LOVES to wish people Happy Birthday on her Facebook page…..without tagging them.”



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