15 Ridiculous Urban Myths That Still Exist But Really Shouldn’t

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The internet’s full of stories and claims that seem too strange to be true. Reddit users recently identified a long list of urban myths that people continue to believe, even in modern times. Here are 15 they say need to disappear ASAP…

15. The One About Gum Taking 7 Years To Digest

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“It comes out just like any other food. Though my doc said if you do swallow too much it can cause blockages, aka constipation.”

“I believed this for way too long. I’m 39 and still have a mental block about having to swallow gum the few times there is no other way of disposing of it.”

14. The One About Scared Ostriches

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“Ostriches. Do not bury. Their heads. In the sand. If they’re afraid of something, they will run, kick, or bite. One of my biggest animal myth pet peeves.”

“I found out where the myth came from: ‘To make sure that the eggs are evenly heated, they occasionally stick their heads into the nest to rotate the eggs, which makes it look like they’re trying to hide – hence the myth.'”

13. The One About the Car’s Dome Light

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“That it’s super illegal to turn on your car’s inside dome light while driving at night.”

“This one should just stay in my honest opinion, if it keeps one kid from turning on lights in the car once it’s worth it.”

“Probably started by people that were tired of passengers turning them on.”

12. The One About the Evil Eye

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“In my country, there’s something called “Deochi or deochiat”, which mainly translates to “evil eye” or “getting evil eyed”. It is believed that this happens when an older person admires a younger person too much. Aaaand no, not in a disturbing way, more like, a grandma admiring her grandson for how handsome he is and such. The grandson starts feeling sick, fatigued, nauseous, etc.

This is an actual, real phenomenon that happens because of the widespread belief in it. I’ve experienced it a couple of times when I was young, and I’ve seen many others experience it. The “cure” for this “deochi”, is most of the times a prayer, or a charm that, get this, you can’t be taught, you have to “steal” it from a gypsy. It all of course is fake, just superstition, the power of belief.”

11. The One About Vaginas

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“That vaginas get “loose” from having s**. There’s really Men out here that believe this.”

“I love that it’s implied that they’re loose if they’ve had s** with a lot of different men. But if it’s the same guy over and over it doesn’t get loose?”

“There are a LOT of people who believe this and other truly bananas things about anatomy.”

10. The One About Doctors and Organ Donors

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“That doctors will let you die if you are an organ donor to steal your organs.”

“The craziest thing is that it’s the exact opposite. To donate organs your body has to be in absolutely perfect health. Every possible intervention to keep your organs healthy will be made, including things that wouldn’t normally be done for the average healthy person (such as micromanaging your blood pH).”

9. The One(s) About Detoxing Treatments

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“NO Sharon, “harmful chemicals” are not just going to ooze out of your face and feet if you use that mask…That’s not how the human body works.”

“My favorite was some celebrity pushing ‘alkaline water’. She said “My favorite way to drink it is with a drop of lemon juice!” Like, honey, that’s an acid. You’ve just neutralised any ‘alkaline’ in the water.”

8. The One About Daddy Long Legs

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“That daddy long legs are the most venomous spiders in the world, but their fangs just aren’t big enough to spread enough venom…I’m referring to cellar spiders. Daddy long legs is vague term that describes several types of arachnids, none of them are venomous though.”

“Daddy Long legs are Harvestmen. They are completely harmless to humans and aren’t even spiders. I have no idea where the myth comes from that they’re the deadliest spider.”

7. The One About Poisoned Halloween Candy

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“The idea that there are people in your neighborhood just waiting for the chance to poison your kids by giving them unwrapped Halloween candy.”

“Or that they’re giving out free drugs.”

6. The One About Missing Person Reports

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“That you need to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. You can, and SHOULD, report someone as missing as soon as they go missing. It could be the difference between finding someone who had a bad fall at home or getting lost in the forest, and finding their body.”

5. The One About Fat Targeting

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“That you can target fat on a particular place on your body, like tummy fat. Fat doesn’t know where it lives.”

“Been lifting for about 10 years now. Anytime I hear someone say something about “target fat loss” I just say “if you could target fat loss, there’d be a lot of fat guys with 6 packs.””

4. The One About Cognitive Limitations

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“That people only use 10 percent of your brain. That is only true for politicians.”

“And people chronically on Twitter.”

3. The One About Eating Spiders at Night

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“You don’t eat spiders in your sleep.”

“Do you f****** promise?”

““The average person eats seven spiders in their lifetime” could still be true if none of us eat any spiders at all but that guy over there eats like thirty thousand of them every single day.”

2. The One About Not Touching Baby Animals

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“That touching baby birds or rabbits will cause their mothers to reject them because they smell like human. They absolutely will not. Don’t go messing with babies for kicks, but if you can put a baby (that you are 100% sure belongs there) back in it’s nest, do so. If you aren’t sure, call a wildlife rehabilitator so you’re not putting fledgelings where they don’t belong.”

“Importantly most baby animals do not need to be handled at all. Mother is nearby and hiding from you. Leave the area and don’t bother the baby unless it’s injured or clearly abandoned!”

1. The One About The Bermuda Triangle

The Great Blue Hole, Barrier Reef, Belize
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“I live in Bermuda. The triangle is smack dab in the middle of hurricane territory so ships and planes back in the day (that didn’t have weather mapping) would get spanked by them frequently. It’s so irritating when you’re trying to introduce yourself, saying “I’m from Bermuda” and the response is “LiKe ThE tRiAnGle oMg hOw diD YoU sUraViVe.””

“Bermuda triangle was right there with quicksand as top 5 scariest ways to die when we were young.”



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