12 Potentially Life-Saving Tips From the Internet

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What does it mean if a tornado doesn’t seem to be moving? How should you help if you see someone unconscious in a confined space? And what’s the last thing in the world you should clean a cat litter tray with? Find out all this and more with these 10 potentially life-saving tips (courtesy of a recent Reddit thread).

1. “If you find someone unconscious in a confined space don’t go in.”

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Your first instinct might be to rush in to help the person in trouble. But ask yourself this first: why are they unconscious? If there are no obvious signs of distress, there could be toxic gases in the air. If you go in after them, you could become another casualty. It could be best to call the emergency services instead.

2. “Always wear your safety glasses and ear plugs.”

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Why? Because as the person who posted this tip says, “You damage those organs and nothing is coming back.” You don’t have to take their word for it, either. Someone else chimed in to add, “As someone with dibilating intrusive tinnitus and hearing loss, please listen to this guy! It’s not worth it kids. You deserve better. It can really f*** with your sanity/peace.”

Of course, the same applies to every kind of PPE. As someone commented later down the thread, “Wear protective glasses when trimming the yard, cutting wood, etc. yours eyes will thank you.”

3. “If you have to use a chainsaw AND a ladder don’t do it.”

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Chainsaws and ladders are dangerous enough by themselves. Combining them is a recipe for trouble! So, as this Redditor says, if you ever face a task where you need both, you should “leave it to the pros.”

4. “A jack alone is not enough.”

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The internet’s full of horror stories about people who jacked up their car and slide underneath, only for the tool to fail. If you’re ever tempted to try something similar, heed this guy’s advice:

“Your life is worth more than the $0.005 gasket holding the hydraulic pressure. Always use 3 points of contact. Jack, jackstand and a wheel under the car. Once you’ve raised and secured jt, before you get under it, shake the whole car. Try to get it to fall. If it doesn’t, as it shouldn’t, check and recheck your jack and stands. Only then get under the car. And have a spotter that can call 911 within earshot. If they need to go inside for a bathroom break, get your ass out from under the car until they get back.”

5. “Wear a helmet in case you need one.”

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Helmets might not look the coolest. But, remember, that’s not what they’re for. Whether you’re cycling, snowboarding, skating, or on your motorbike, if luck’s against you, it could prevent life-altering injuries or even save your life. As this Redditor put it, “If you ask “Should I be wearing one?” The answer is yes.” And don’t skimp on quality. Someone else added, “The best you can get. The absolute best.”

6. “Don’t Underestimate Water.”

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“Good swimmers drown all the time.” You can’t beat a refreshing dip in the sea, lake, or river on a hot day. But don’t overestimate your swimming capabilities! Strong currents can always beat strong swimmers, so be cautious. One person on Reddit gave a personal account of a situation that could have gone very badly:

“I was on the swim team and won competitions as a kid. Did rescue swimming and cold water swimming with the scouts. First time I tried to cross the Yellowstone in spring it took everything I had to make it across fighting that current. It’s not a joke.”

7. “Don’t interfere in a domestic dispute.”

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Here’s one we hadn’t ever considered before. The original Redditor who posted the tip continued, “The odds are extremely high they will both turn on you.” This was backed up by a series of other people in the comments section. One said, “Can’t stress this enough – ended up in hospital because of this b*******.” Another wrote, “I was a security guard a long time ago. My partner got whacked with a frying pan by the wife who we were trying to protect from her abusive husband. People are nuts!”

8. “Do not f*** with the electrical systems of microwaves.”

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Here’s the full tip: “Most amateur hobbyists know this already but… do NOT f*** with the electrical systems of microwaves unless you are 110% certain the capacitor has been discharged safely. Those things can hold enough energy to instantly kill the s*** out of you.”

9. “Trust your intuition.”

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While it might not be right all the time, some Redditors were adamant that listening to your gut could save your life. One person said, “Don’t f****** doubt your gut, man. Intuition is a life saver in and of itself.” Another agreed, writing, “100% this. It’s a survival instinct. Your subconscious picks up on a lot more than you realize. You may not see the danger yourself but your brain does. Trust it.”

10. “If a tornado looks like it isn’t moving, that’s because it’s moving towards you.”

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It could be moving away from you, too. But if the tornado you can see isn’t going to the left or right, then there’s a chance it’s coming in your direction. Either way, it’s probably best not to wait too long to find out.

11. “Never mix bleach with ammonia.”

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Why? Because the combination can create a toxic gas called chloramine. Exposure to it can lead to all sorts of negative effects, such as nausea and difficulty breathing. In high enough concentrations, inhaling chloramine can even kill you. That’s why cleaning your cat litter tray with bleach is never a good idea (because of the ammonia in the urine).

12. “Always assume firearms are loaded.”

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This one should go without saying, but enough tragic accidents happen each year to make it worth re-emphasizing. Never play with firearms. Assume they’re loaded at all times and, as one Redditor added, “properly clear the gun before you hand it to someone else” as well.



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