15 Things That Aren’t Rude No Matter What Some People Claim (According to the Internet)

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What one person sees as rude; another might view as entirely acceptable. According to online discussions, here’s a list of 15 behaviors that might raise some eyebrows but are, surprisingly, totally acceptable:

15. “Breastfeeding In Public.”

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“Totally evolutionary natural, and yet people absolutely lose their s*** about it. Just be cool, folks.”

“I’m pretty sure this is a U.S. puritan thing. I spent the winter on an extended trip through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and women were breast feeding publicly everywhere and no one cared.”

14. “Not Tipping.”

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“Not tipping at a place where you’re not being like served/waited on…Example, walk in order food at counter and get it to go and walk out. At brewery where all they did was pour u a drink and hand it over the counter. Unless I’m sitting, or you were exceptionally nice or something, I see no good reason to leave a 20% tip.”

“Yeah tipping culture has gotten out of control. Machines everywhere asking for a tip. I always say no unless actual service was involved.”

13. “Honesty.”

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“Mind you, you can totally be rudely honest, but most people think any form of the truth that they don’t like is rude. I won’t give you an unsolicited opinion, but if you ask me what I think, I will give you an honest answer.”

“I’ve heard the phrase “truth without kindness is cruelty”. I think what matters is why you’re saying it and how you say it. You can be honest without intentionally tearing someone down.”

12. “Discussing earnings.”

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“Management can’t legally prohibit you from doing it so they’ve convinced us all that it’s rude instead.”

“The fact that they’ve convinced us this is “rude” is a great victory for the ruling class.”

“I think it’s rude not to. We’re made to think it’s rude, so we don’t protest our wages when we find out someone is getting a slightly better deal. Employees should be solidary with one another and share such information.”

11. “Establishing physical boundaries against relatives.”

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“People will get up in arms if you don’t give Auntie Shelly a kiss or Uncle Jimbo a hug and act like it’s the rudest and most horrible thing you (as a child, typically) can do. But refusing to do so isn’t just okay, it’s essentially part of your human right to bodily autonomy.”

“Yeah, always made me feel super uncomfortable as a kid.”

“People get so weird when I don’t force my toddler to give hugs or kisses. Like how would y’all feel if I forced y’all to hug and kiss me, adult to adult?”

10. “Asking to split a check by actual cost rather than just evenly.”

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“If I order the cheapest thing on the menu and no drinks, I should pay less. I’d rather go out more often and spend a reasonable amount rather than just blow money and not be able to afford to go out as often.”

“I went to a bachelorette party and had to ask for this. I was the only one not drinking, and absolutely won’t pay for other people’s alcohol. Thankfully everyone was 100% on board.”

9. “Saying no to drinking alcohol.”

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“I’ll never understand why this upsets people, I don’t need any reason to say no sometimes I just don’t want any.”

“They subconsciously think you think you’re better than them, are judging their choices, or make them feel like they’re making a bad decision. Even when you couldn’t care less about them having a beer.”

8. “Calling a black person a black person.”

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“As a black person, pretty regularly throughout my life I have noticed non black people hesitate to refer to black people as black people. It’s totally fine. You don’t have to say African American.”

“I never understood this either. I had to put my foot down with a friend of mine and just tell them straight to call me black and stop being nervous around me when it comes to referring to my ethnicity. As long as they aren’t ignorant and aren’t being discriminatory towards me, I do not give a damn. I’m black. Just say it lol.”

7. “Asking to be left alone on a plane.”

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“Kid sitting next to me kept bugging me, asking to use my laptop to watch cartoons, asking for my phone to play angry birds, etc. Told him to leave me alone, I was working.”

“Most kids are fine, but every flight has one kid whose parents refuse to discipline them and let the little monster harass other passengers.”

6. “Not answering a text right away.”

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“My Mother-in-law sends me a [waving hand sign] if I don’t answer her fast enough…And I just make her wait longer every time.”

“I had an item posted on Facebook Marketplace a few years ago. Lady messaged me maybe around midnight inquiring if it was available. I was already asleep by then, but saw the message when I got up for work at 3am. I figured I’d be polite and wait until 8 or 9am to respond, surmising that maybe she wouldn’t want to be awakened by an alert from her phone just an hour or two after going to bed. Nope, she messaged me again around 6am, and threw in some bull**** about me not being a good businessperson because I didn’t respond right away. Sorry, I didn’t realize selling an item on Marketplace required shark-like business acumen.”

5. “Being quiet.”

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“The amount of times I have been chastised for this has made me believe I need to continuously put myself in uncomfortable situations until I learn how to ‘be normal like everyone else’. Turns out, I’m just introverted and gain so much peace by listening and not having to contribute.”

“I’ve always been “the quiet one”. The by-product of being the youngest and never being able to get a word in.”

“I’ve learned that the people who have the biggest issue with others who are quiet, are usually people who can’t just exist and sit alone with their own thoughts.”

4. “Saying no to someone who asks to pet your dog.”

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“I have a French bulldog and kids LOVE him but he HATES kids. I always have to crush little souls when I tell them they can’t pet him. More than one mother has gotten annoyed with me for it too. Like….ok lady, I’ll just let my dog bite your kid and get deemed a dangerous dog just so to protect everyone’s feelings.”

“Right? A lot of dogs don’t like strangers and don’t react well. It’s not really something humans can control 100%. If I tell you no it’s not personal!!”

3. “Telling someone “no.” Especially at work or in a romantic relationship.”

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“It may not feel good to be declined, but it is within a person’s right to say “No” in a relationship. A healthy relationship is built on trust as well as boundaries.”

“I’m so scared of saying no or correcting people.”

2. “As host, ending the party and asking everyone to leave.”

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“That’s where the old line, “You don’t have to go home but ya can’t stay here” comes in.”

“My aunt used to give a prize to the guest who left her parties first.”

“I’m from the midwest so saying goodbye often takes 2-3 hours. My grandpa used to go put on his pajamas when he was ready for everyone to leave.”

1. “Declining invitations or saying no simply because you don’t want to do it.”

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“My aunt taught me to say, “No, I already have plans.” The plans could be to lay in your bed or binge watch a show or whatever. You don’t have to explain your plans. I’ve never had anyone ask me what/why after I give them that line.”

“The first time I did this I felt so liberated…One day a coworker said “we’re going to meet up with [former coworker] on Friday night for dinner, do you want to come?” Now normally I’d try to think of an excuse but for some reason it just came over me to say “No, not really.” It felt amazing! The coworkers were just like “ok” and we all moved on…”



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