18 Common Things That Are Unforgivable and Impossible To Comprehend (According to the Internet)

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Humans are certainly complex creatures. So, if you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head at the inexplicable actions of others, you’re not alone. Delve into this list of 18 peculiar human behaviors/customs that the internet believes are utterly irrational:

18. “Bullying.”

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“Never understood this. Especially bullying people over things like clothes or hobbies. Literally cannot wrap my brain around it.”

“It makes me angry every time I here how many people they kill through their actions.”

“This. I never understood why our species makes fun of others if we’re “different”. Just because we’re “different” doesn’t mean we can’t still function.”

17. “Not wanting those who come after you to have an easier time than you did. “

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“I don’t understand why you would want others to struggle the way you did.”

“I always like to answer to these kind of things a little bit like this: yes exactly! People have to learn from history otherwise it is destined to repeat itself!”

“Absolutely. I volunteer for a charity for a medical condition in the hopes of paving the way for future generations to not have to struggle to get diagnosed or get treatment like so many of us currently do. If they can get diagnosed earlier because work we did now to raise awareness of it then I’ll consider that a job well done on my part.”

16. “Inability to Return Carts”

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“As a previous employee of a grocery store, I was tasked with gathering the carts. It always baffled me how close some people would put their carts to the corrals, but not in them.”

“Right? I currently work at a grocery store and people act like we don’t have a million other things to do besides gather up carts.”

15. “Cheating.”

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“I wish my wife had been honest with me instead of me finding out by finding a receipt for condoms and that she had downloaded dating apps. When I confronted her, she got mad and said I was spying on her. Nothing like being mad for the wrong reasons.”

“I don’t understand how anyone could betray the one person who loves them most and then straight up lie about it. It’s such a gut-wrenching feeling to be cheated on, and it can take years to get over the trauma; just be an adult and break up before hurting someone like that.

14. “Lying about being younger.”

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“You’ll just look old for your age.”

“I’ve noticed some classmates have changed their birth years on social media profiles by a decade or more. It’s crazy. I mean, come on, I get it, we all feel old when the 30th reunion rolls around, but you think people will believe you’re 20 years younger than you really are?”

13. “Child predators.”

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“Or parents who knowingly date child predators and give them access to their kids.”

“There’s a pretty big difference between a predator and a pedophile. A predator is a filthy piece of s*** and a pedophile is a mentally ill person. One deserves prison, the other needs help.”

“Or when parents date people that are their children’s age. Like…does that not creep you at all?”

12. “Constantly buying puppies then dumping them at shelters.”

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“They refuse to properly train/care for them and then blame the puppy for it.”

“I have friends who wanted their dogs to live inside with them but had to make them outside only dogs because they couldn’t be toilet trained. When I asked them how they’d tried to toilet train them they just looked at me blankly. I’ve toilet trained 4 dogs, 2 as puppies, 2 as adults, and honestly, its one of the easiest things to train.

11. “Sending unsolicited d*** pics to people.”

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“Just why? What do you think this will achieve?”

“I’ve had perfectly normal conversations with people thinking it was going well. And bam! D*** pic.”

“They’re not really hoping to achieve anything. The thrill for them is forcing someone to look at their d***.”

10. “People who…watch what their neighbors do all the time.”

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“It’s truly insane. There is a gang of retired women in my neighborhood who have literally nothing better to do than snoop around neighbour’s lives, gossip, and complain. I thought by the time you’re in your 60s, you would chill out and be selective about the f**** you give. Not so. These women have an infinite amount of f**** to give, about everyone and everything.”

“My neighbor texted me a few weeks ago to tell me to enjoy my Chic-fil-a that I had just gotten delivered.”

9. “People actively…hurting others and feeling absolutely no regret.”

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“I was going to say casual cruelty, so I think we’re on the same wavelength.”

“I dated someone like this. It took me years to realize that the misery that I was in was actually thrilling and exciting to the person I was with. A truly evil, rotten person. I foresee him seriously injuring or killing someone someday.”

8. “People who lie to themselves all the time to make themselves seem better or richer.”

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“My girlfriend’s mom doesn’t lie, but she cares so much about appearances she has failed to help her children. Her youngest needs some serious help, he’s getting into dangerous illegal activities, potentially gang related, and it has been suggested that she send him to a private boarding school or something so he doesn’t get in trouble, but she doesn’t want to because it will make her look like she isn’t a good mom. She also won’t let my girlfriend park her car in her drive way for too long because it’s old and beat up.”

“Narcissist. They think they are the best and are never wrong. That’s OK if true, but it never is.”

7. “The anger and indignity of being proven wrong but never changing your opinion.”

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“This most often happens when one’s identity is wrapped up in one’s opinions. If someone identifies as someone who believes X, then any evidence that X might not be true is perceived as a personal attack and triggers an emotional response.”

“Coupled with celebrating ignorance. Like being proud you never read.”

6. “People who get an animal and then intentionally neglect or abuse it.”

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“Like why. Years working in animal rescue I’ve seen it all and it’s made me hate humans.”

“Or unintentionally. If you want a pet, INFORM YOURSELF. And be realistic about it. If you can’t meet the animal’s needs (INCLUDING if you can’t afford to meet their needs), don’t get it. Dogs need walks. Hamsters are nocturnal. Birds, rabbits and guinea pigs are NOT solitary. All animals could need vet treatment.”

5. “Celebrity worship.”

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“Along with politician worship.”

“I just have never understood it either my friend. This whole influencer concept actually makes me sick.”

“Pretend that most people never left high school. It’s just that now the high school is hundreds of millions of people, so there’s a few thousand popular kids that others love to gossip about.”

4. “Talking on speaker phone while in public.”

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“Even better when they’re having an argument on speaker phone.”

“This happened to me today. Was getting a new tire at the tire shop and a dude was yelling into his phone for a solid 30 minutes like he had the place to himself. I just don’t understand.”

3. “Being [nasty] to food service workers.”

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“If someone is rude to service workers…immediate red flag! You can tell so much about someone’s character from that.”

“Restaurant service should be mandatory and a requirement before finishing high school. One semester from the pit to the front of the house. No grades.”

2. “People who think it’s ok to litter.”

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“I just picked up an entire fast food bag that someone had thrown on the ground at the park. It’s like they dumped it out then threw the empty bag. What made it worse was the trash can was less than 3’ away. Will never understand such s*** behavior.”

“Littering says a lot about a person imo.”

1. “People who make insane messes in public restrooms.”

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“Right. Like let’s s*** on the wall.”

“I worked as a janitor through college and one of my favorite memories is of one of the leads screaming, “How does poop even get there?!! How does it get so high?” on what seemed like a daily basis.”



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