20 Things You Might Do That Make Other People Instantly Hate You

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Ever instantly disliked someone and wondered why? Reddit users recently shared dozens of things people do that can make you hate them in a heartbeat. Here are 20 of their top suggestions (and what others had to say about them)…

20. “Bragging they work more hours than you.”

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“Oh you worked 40 hours this week? I worked about 80.”

“The funny (or actually sad) thing about this is that those kind of people are never actually as important or irreplaceable as they think they are.”

19. “Blasting music on their phone in public.”

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“I could never, but sometimes I want to walk up to those people and offer to buy them some earbuds or something.”

“Or in their car, it’s always those obnoxious gangsta types who think they’re so hard with their stinky rap music.”

18. “Leaving their shopping cart blocking the entire aisle.”

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“Totally oblivious to the existence of every other human in the grocery store.”

“Also, people who leave their shopping carts in the parking lot. Especially when blocking an open parking space.”

“So brutal. Just callous pointless conduct that takes at most 15 seconds of effort to fix. Why?”

17. “Talking bad about their spouse or children.”

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“I used to have a really big issue with someone I worked with, because he would talk about his wife like a personal slave. Really rubbed me up the wrong way.”

“My parents have been divorced for years and my mom still constantly talks **** about my dad. She always claims that he was abusive, even though every time they argued she was the one starting ****. My mom is a raging narcissist, and I’m certain she will die as a bitter old woman.”

16. “Physical contact from strangers.”

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“I hate being touched except for my wife and family.”

“I was a preemie, and I ended up short (5 foot zero). All the teachers & my parents’ friends thought it was okay to pick me up, carry me around, etc. HATED it. Stripped my autonomy, and for a kid it was socially crippling. I don’t shake hands, high 5, or fist bump. I’ve learned to read an approach from a stranger, so I can step back or sidestep any contact.”

15. “Mistreating service workers.”

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“Cashiers, waiters, cab drivers, janitors, etc. I’ve cut off 4 people in my life for this bull****. They all know exactly why too and refuse to change their attitudes.”

“Thinking they are superior and better than others.”

14. “Trying to push their religious beliefs on me.”

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“My sister does this at every opportunity to everybody. It’s embarrassing.”

“I am an atheist and I work with a lot of hardcore Christians for my summer job. I don’t have a problem with their beliefs, but once they all learned I don’t believe in god…one person in particular started treating me much differently. He would always tell me how bad my work was and how anything I said was wrong because of my lack of belief.”

13. “Chewing with their mouth open, or just generally chewing loudly.”

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“They’re instantly asking for disgust.”

“And little bits fly all over the place while they tell stories.”

“This is one that will immediately cause me to tense up. Close. Your. F******. Mouth.”

12. “Coworkers that don’t clean up after themselves.”

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“This drives me crazy at my work place. The break room is always a mess. People leaving their things in the good spots and making it seem like they’re saving the spot and then just don’t come back. Leaving the tables dirty and sticky after they’re done eating. Never pushing their chairs in.”

“Coworkers who let their meals explode all over the microwave and don’t take 2 seconds to wipe it down.”

11. “Disrespect; bullying someone.”

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“Respect is owed. Always. If you’re not respectful, I’ll probably hate you – apart from extreme situation.”

“People who bully is mine too. I don’t hate them but I don’t feel safe around them.”

10. When people talk over you and don’t stop

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“When they either accidentally or intentionally talk at the same time as you or just straight up interrupt, they never go “Oh sorry you go” but instead brute force their talking through…

A girl in my indoor soccer team used to do this and one time I said to my friend, “The next time she does it, I’m just not going to back down.” Next time, she interrupted me it was me and her talking to my friend continuously for like 2 minutes with him losing his mind trying to listen to both of us and at the end it was like she was completely unaware.”

“I agree but the flip side of this where the person is going on and on and you can’t get a word in edge wise unless you interrupt them.”

9. “Not using turn signals.”

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“My dad does this all the time. When I tell him to use the damn signal, he just claims ‘[I’m] 10 times the driver you are, and it wasn’t needed anyway.’”

“I honestly don’t mind if someone were to cut me off as long as they use their signal. The second I see someone trying to get into my lane without any signal gets an instant honk.”

“Do you use your signal if you are in a turn only lane? I do, but always feel like a nerd and it may be unnecessary. I overthink it every time.”

8. “Being mean to others.”

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“I just don’t get it nor want to.”

“They do it to establish a pecking order in front of their peers. They also do it to get a dopamine boost from playing little dominance games. Stupid monkey bull****.”

“I work with a guy that jokes with people about how small their brain is or otherwise belittles them. He’s the most liked guy at work. I do not like it and it makes work a very toxic environment for me.”

7. “Raining on someone else’s rainbow.”

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“If someone truly loves something like video games, a film genre, a sport or some other kind of interest/passion etc., and a person goes “that’s a bit childish” or “X…is so boring” after they’ve explained why they love it, that to me is just mean and instantly turns me off.”

“2 years ago, I bought the entire Brandon Sanderson Collection. Few days after that, my coworker asked me what was I reading. I told her about Sanderson. And she went on to rant on why fantasy is childish, why reading them makes me immature, why I will soon be disillusioned bla bla bla. That was the last time I had a small talk with her.”

6. “Littering.”

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“Littering is so selfish. It shows that you think the world is your personal garbage can and that nobody else deserves to enjoy a trash free environment.”

“I hate mof*s who litter. Can’t stand it. Uncivilized pigs.”

5. “Being cruel to an animal.”

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“Yes! My top 3 – animal cruelty, littering and racism. All equally rile my instant hatred for you.”

“Once I know or see someone treat an animal wrong or abuse them I will never see them the same again. To me they are a monster, animals are innocents.”

4. “When someone is wrong about something but does not admit it.”

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“They’d rather talk in circles around you than just apologize.”

“I hate it when some people act like that they know everything about everything and they do not want to accept the fact that some other people can be more smart than them.”

3. “Accusing me of something that I didn’t do.”

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“This causes such a rage in me that I look guilty.”

“Bonus points if they ignore logic and proof.”

“‘I know you’re lying because you’re getting defensive about it.’ Rage.”

2. “When they’re lying, I know they’re lying, and they know I know, but they continue the lie.”

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“You forgot the part where you call them out on the lie, and they get angry with you because ‘they’re not lying.’”

“This is valid, but for me it’s the opposite. When someone thinks I am lying, and I prove to them I am not lying, and they continue to insist I am lying. God, that boils my blood.”

1. “Pranking someone in a way that deeply upsets them then laugh in their face.”

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“I saw a video of a girl celebrating her quincenera and her friend ruined it by throwing a cake on her face ruining her dress. Everyone laughed but she was clearly upset.”

“‘It was just a joke, why are you getting upset?’”

“I despise pranks. They make people uncomfortable, confused, inconvenienced, surprised or lied to. Why would anyone want to do that to another person for their own amusement. It’s cruel.”



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