15 Things People Find Annoying But Shouldn’t (According to the Internet)

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If you’ve ever felt like the smallest of things can get on your nerves and cause a major breakdown, you’re not alone. We’ve all got our pet peeves and Reddit users recently shared a list of 15 such seemingly irrelevant  things that get under their skin:

15. “People in the kitchen when I’m cooking.”

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“They’re always in the way. Always!”

“It’s like my husband can read my mind as to what cabinet I need to get into next and he walks right over to it before me and stands in the f****** way.”16

“If I am in the kitchen I want to be there alone and move freely. I need to be commander of my domain.”

14. “Hearing strangers breathe.”

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“Or chew.”

“Or yawning. Especially when they’re making noise.”

13. Random people who keep trying to talk to you.

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“Do you know how it feels like when you’re sitting in a bus and you just want to listen and enjoy music but there is someone sitting next to you who tries to chat with you? That’s annoying as f***.”

“One time, I was on the bus listening to an audiobook. The woman who sat next to me was a chatty Cathy who was having a 10 minute conversation with another passenger, making it hard to hear my book. Finally, she nudges me and says, “you know? You know?” And that’s when it dawns on me that she had been talking at me for the last 10 minutes. She had absolutely no idea that I was not part of the conversation.”

12. “People liking things that they bullied me for liking before them.”

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“Whenever this happens to me, I just tell myself that I was “ahead of my time” lol.”

“D&D is mainstream now, and I was teased relentlessly back in day for playing it. These little s*** got it easy!”

11. “People going at a normal pace when you’re in a hurry.”

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“I just naturally walk faster than most people and it annoys me when people are walking two or three abreast and I have to practically walk on the kerb to get past. Or someone is walking just slightly slower than you, so you either need to slow down or walk comically fast to get past them. People with trolleys that stop mid-aisle to chat and block the whole aisle annoy me greatly too.”

“Like following an NPC walking through a town but your character only has a jog animation.”

10. “People who speak very confidently about things that they have no clue about.”

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“When I was a government worker this frustrated me so much. So many people are so misinformed and have no idea what they’re complaining about.”

“As a doctor, this hits right in the feels.”

9. “I’m 60. Pretty much everything.”

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“Amen. At this age it’d be a way shorter list to ask me what I DON’T find annoying.”

“I’m 35 weeks pregnant, couldn’t agree more!”

“Yeah, I’m 55 and the older I get, the more annoyed I get at everything.”

8. “Num lock being turned off on a computer. Instant rage.”

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“How is num lock not the default setting?!?! Nobody uses the number pad for those arrows or whatever.”

“Aauugghh yes. I run into this at the computers at my college and it’s like CAN WE JUST NOT?? All our passwords must have numbers, why is num lock OFF default?!”

7. “When people actually follow through with tentative plans.

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“Great, now I have to get ready, act sociable, and spend money.”

“I lived in California where it seemed like an acceptable “good bye” was “oh let’s hang out soon!” I didn’t want to hang out, and these people never hung out with me, it just seemed like a nice thing to say I guess. Also I’m autistic so perhaps I read that wrong. I moved to NYC and everyone I said that to would get super earnest, “no yeah, hanging out? When? When are you free? I’ll text you!” And it was very stressful but also illuminated how weird it was in California.”

6. “Over explaining/repetition…when a conversation is taking too long.”

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“Saying the same thing in fifteen different ways isn’t making conversation, Greg.”

“I almost feel insulted when they go on and on about a topic I understood from the start. My partner does that, and we even have a codeword when he’s overexplaining. It helps.”

5. “Clothes shopping in person.”

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“The whole process of getting to the city to the store. Finding what you want. Finding the changing room. Waiting in line for it. Taking the same item of clothing in multiple sizes because you don’t want to stand in line again. The worst part is that every time the changing rooms are very warm. Or some of them don’t have chairs or a hanger…I’m so glad I can just order s*** online then return them if they don’t fit.”

“Clothes shopping in general. Being an unconventional size means trying on every. single. article. of clothing and have to return about 90% of what I pick up. And none of what I can wear is what I consider cute/nice looking. S*** gets old.”

4. “Excessive wind.”

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“Any amount of wind does it for me. I have thin hair that tangles easily.”

“I’m from the very flat Midwest. The insane wind here is my biggest gripe!”

“Oh my god, I hate wind. I also hate being in a car on the highway with windows open. I have friends who keep them open almost all the time and being in their car drives me crazy, my hair blows everywhere, and there’s wind constantly in my face, why would you choose that?!”

3. “Receiving mail for previous owners.”

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“I bought this house 8 years ago, those other people are long gone.”

“Especially if it looks important! I’m done trying to do favors for whoever used to live here.”

“I received a letter from the taxation office every few months from a previous occupier, always ‘return to sender, not at this address’. A few months ago I wrote something along the lines of ‘I have been receiving and returning ‘Kathleen’s’ mail for five years now, I will throw any further mail of hers in the bin.’ And haven’t gotten one since.”

2. “Someone who is constantly coughing.”

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“I know they can’t help it if they’re sick, but it really gets to me.”

“Yes! My coworker has really bad allergies and I get so annoyed and I’m like?? Hello? It’s not her fault.”

“Any amount of sneezing after the second sneeze.”

1. “Children.”

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“I feel this way. Teenagers by extension as well. Most kids are f****** annoying. They shouldn’t annoy me as much as they do.”

“Definitely other people’s children. This one kid at my son’s birthday party was incredibly obnoxious and rude, got a case of the “gimmies” and kept taking my kids gifts right out of his hands.”

What Do You Find Annoying?

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Time to hand you the proverbial microphone. Is there anything that drives you unreasonably nuts that other people don’t bat an eyelid at? Any bugbears or pet peeves you’ve developed over the years? Drop a comment to let us know.



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