15 Things People Take Far More Seriously Than They Should (According to the Internet)

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In a world where everything feels like a big deal, the internet’s pointing out 15 things that might not deserve all that intensity. So, let’s dive into this list and maybe lighten up a bit together!

15. “Social Media Validation”

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“It’s true. I did a thing today, and I posted about having done that thing, and it’s driving me crazy that no one has liked my post about doing that thing. Does that mean they don’t like that I did the thing? I thought it was a cool thing. Was it wrong to do the thing?…I’d better check again. They might’ve liked it. I’m sure they’re going to. It was cool.”

“I have seen a grown a** woman so excited that someone semi-famous followed them back. S*** is bizarre af to me. I feel like we are living in “Idiocracy” (the movie).”

14. “Themselves”

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“Definitely! When you don’t take yourself too seriously most of the time, people are more likely to take you seriously when you really need to be taken seriously.”

“I really don’t understand people who act like they’re serious adults. I work in high education, I communicate with crème de la crème of academic society, and I am praised for my work…Outside of my job, I am a total goofball. I smile a lot, and I joke a lot. I often engage in activities that some people wouldn’t do because they are too mature to do so. Enjoy life people, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you are allowed to let your spirit breathe.”

13. “Celebrities”

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“Yeah they are just doing their work and people worship them.”

“Yup, absolutely. Celebrity fandoms are ridiculously toxic and delusional. I know because I was in 3 before I finally realized just how unhealthy it is to be that obsessed with anything.”

“I think the perfect example would be what’s going on right now…with Taylor Swift and Matty Healy. People are absolutely losing their minds over it. I’m a 1975 fan. They’re making hating on Matty their entire personality. Like who Taylor dates is literally impacting their daily lives…To me, that’s taking celebrities so seriously. Where what THEY do starts to impact your daily life.”

12. “Marriage”

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“Does being married count? My friend wants us to help find our single friend a husband. Our single friend is doing fine and doesn’t talk about wanting to be married.”

“Absolutely this. I’m in my late 30s and single. I have a busy job and love living alone. I want kids someday but my god, the pressure for me to find someone and get hitched is insane. It’s getting worse as all my friends have kids and get married. I honestly think the pressure will make me cave and just settle for someone.”

11. “Fake Outrage”

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“Specifically, the people who were told by their TV to be outraged get way too serious and way too outraged.”

“I have real rage towards fake outrage.”

“There’s so many people that you have to block on Facebook because their whole identity turns into the controversial flavour of the month…Yes I get it, there’s lots of issues in the world but at the same time , shaaaaaat up! Go outside, get some fresh air! Stop being enraged by this stuff and on the defensive ALL the time.”

10. “Everything”

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“Relax people, this too shall pass.”

“It’s sad that people have made it their mission to police and “educate” the world on their own beliefs and agendas, I can’t think of a more mentally draining thing to do, relax and enjoy life we only get 1.”

“I was hoping to find this comment. Almost everything in life can be resolved with careful consideration and concerted effort. Or, if it can’t, then that’s okay too. It has to be okay, because there is nothing else.”

9. “Astrology”

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“People will use their sign as an excuse for all of their horrible traits.”

“I had a former coworker who never finished a single project on time. She blamed it on the fact that she’s a Pisces. In what world was she expecting my reaction to be, “Ooooohh. GOT IT! Well in that case….””

“The fact that anyone takes astrology seriously blows my mind.”

8. “Sports”

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“Had to scroll way too far for this. S*** causes straight riots that do millions in damage.”

“While I’ve never gotten into physical altercations or broke my or others property, I am embarrassed by how much the Steelers performance effect my mood for the following week every fall/winter.”

“I’m genuinely baffled why people care so much about sports, especially football (soccer) fans who will literally get into fights over it!”

7. “Diamonds”

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“Diamonds aren’t actually as rare as we’ve been led to believe…The whole idea of diamonds being super valuable is mostly due to clever marketing by diamond companies. And the tradition of using diamonds in engagement and wedding rings? That’s a relatively recent thing, popularized by advertising campaigns in the early 1900s.”

“Yay I love supporting child slavery in Africa for a stupid gem that isn’t even rare at all!!!!”

“I got a moissanite ring for my engagement ring and I love it! Diamonds are just not worth the price. No one can tell.”

6. “Driving”

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“I see people lose their s*** at other drivers at least a few times a week. Tailgating, honking, flipping each other off, doing crazy s*** to go around people, all to get from point A to point B. Then you mix this with the people not taking it seriously enough — texting, driving drunk, etc. Madness.”

“Right there with you. My girl has some of the worst road rage I’ve seen, more often than not I end up driving so that we can chill and just get wherever in peace.”

5. “Being Wrong”

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“Seriously, dudes. It’s okay to be wrong, and it’s okay to have been wrong. Happens to everyone. Although I could be wrong about that.”

“It’s especially true with teachers. (I’m a teacher.) I don’t understand why it’s a big deal for a teacher to make a mistake or, god forbid, answer a question by saying “I don’t know actually”. The main aim of teaching ought not to establish perfect expertise, but to provide people with best strategies for learning.”

“This goes hand in hand with failing at something. You only truly fail if you didn’t learn something in the process.”

4. “Video Games”

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“Starts to become more like second job.”

“I’ve had people tell me “you’re not a gamer.” 1) I never claimed to be, I’ll play what I like when I feel like it and 2) I do not have the time, energy, or desire to spend all my extra time on video games. It’s not that serious.”

3. “Kpop”

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“I love kpop and I agree. People become feral.”

“kpop community is so weird and freaky. Way too obsessed over regular people who just sing.”

2. “Gender Reveals”

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“Just push it out and move on.”

“When the gender reveal is taken to an extreme, it is stupid.”

1. “Sorority Life”

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“Way overrated.”

“Imagine paying $3000 to have friends.”



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