14 Things Only Idiots Mess With More Than Once (According to the Internet)

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There are some things in life you only have to do once to realize you should never do them again! Thankfully, it’s also possible to learn from other peoples’ mistakes. In a recent Reddit post, somebody asked what people know not to mess with due to bad past experiences. Here are 14 of the top responses. 

14. “Drowsy driving.”

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“Was wiped the hell out after a day of work, just wanted to go home and sleep, but I should have just taken a quick nap in my car in a parking lot somewhere instead. Long story short, car rolled, totaled, miraculously no injuries to me nor anyone else. Never drowsy driving again.”

“Best friend almost died in 2004. Was driving home from his girl’s house who lived in a different city late at night because he had to work the next day. He felt drowsy, so he pulled over and tried to sleep. A construction worker knocked on his window and told him he had to move his car. He had only gotten about 20 minutes of sleep. He continued driving thinking he could make it. Next thing he remembers is an EMS worker telling him everything was going to be okay and they were gonna get him outta there.”

13. “Ticks.”

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“Lyme Disease sucks y’all. Ended up with bilateral Bell’s Palsey because of it and my joints scream at me like I’m a much older man.”

“Both Lyme disease and the meat allergies you get from lone star ticks are terrifying. Massive, life-altering changes, that come from a tiny insect whose bite you likely will not even notice. And you can’t fix it after the fact.”

12. “Intuition.”

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“If something feels wrong stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s stepping out onto a snow-covered slope, pulling up to a sketchy gas station, or putting too small of a piece of wood in a table router, listen when your brain tells you ‘This is a bad idea.’”

“I read an article that intuition is your subconscious brain picking up on cues that you are unaware of. After I read that article I pay more attention to it.”

“This is true, although not necessarily applicable to people with anxiety disorders. It can be very hard to distinguish when a gut feeling is worth listening to.”

11. “Being careless in the shower.”

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“Friend died from slipping and cracking his head in the shower. Seriously all bathtubs need textured rubber mats or something.”

“We replaced our tub with a walk in shower. That leaves our house with no tub which is supposed to be a no-no when you want to sell. But honestly that’s someone else’s problem. We’re getting old! It’s got a grab handle and a seat lol. We’re ready to rock!”

10. “General Health”

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“Getting older you rediscover all those old hurts. When I was 20 I hyperextended both elbows playing volleyball. 15 years later my elbows started aching in the winter. Also my teeth. It falls under health, but not everyone thinks about the dentist when they think about health. If you are reading this please floss. It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference later.”

“And also, for the love of all that is holy, LEARN THE PROPER TECHNIQUE FOR FLOSSING. Just rubbing the floss back and forth between your teeth is not proper flossing.”

9. “Electricity.”

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“While working at a hydro dam I witnessed a main power line detach from the generator and arc across the floor for about 10 seconds, withering like a snake. It gouged/melted a deep trench in solid concrete.”

“Exactly, unless you are a trained professional electrician you don’t mess with electricity. You can burn down your home or even die very quickly.”

8. “Waves.”

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“Newby body surfer, misjudged a six foot wave and nearly drowned.”

“Absolutely the ocean. Grew up near the surf, good, confident ocean swimmer, went out for a midnight swim and got caught in a rip. Rescued by my surfer cousins. Even gentle currents made me panic for about 20yrs after that.”

7. “Trusting people’s blinkers to mean they are turning.”

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“My driver’s ed teacher always said “the only thing a blinker truly tells you is that the bulb is working”. It stuck with me.”

“Alternatively, trusting people’s lack of blinkers to mean they are going straight.”

6. “Not immediately washing and disinfecting an open wound.”

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“My mom knew a guy that had to have his leg chopped off because a cut got infected. It was insane. Chop. The infection kept coming. Chop some more. He survived, but he lost a leg. Spent a long time in the hospital.”

“My ex-wife died a year ago from a cut on her arm. She lasted 4 days, thought she had the flu. By the time she felt bad enough to go to the doctor she didn’t last 24 hours.”

5. “Head injuries.”

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“I had a single friend that got into a bar room scuffle. He got knocked down and hit his head on a tiled floor. Got back up and said that’s it for tonight. He lived alone and that was on a Friday night. When he didn’t show for work on Monday with a no call it raised some eyebrows. When he didn’t show on Tuesday, someone went out to his place and broke in after no answer. He was dead on the kitchen floor. Doctor guessed a brain bleed.”

“Movies and TV shows conditioned us to think fights are no big deal. They are actually super-dangerous and shouldn’t be entered into lightly.”

4. “Colleagues badmouthing other colleagues.”

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“If someone at work tries to badmouth someone else and they ask you about what you think about that person, JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.”

“If they are badmouthing others to you, then it’s very likely that they’re badmouthing you to others as well. Keep such people at arm’s length.”

3. “Ladders.”

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“I worked in an ED at a major trauma center and the number of otherwise healthy people who came in paralyzed or soon-to-be-dead from falling off ladders was eye-opening.”

“I climb trees for a living. I’ve been in 100+ foot tall trees plenty of times. No worries. If I get 8 feet up on a ladder, I start to get nervous. They’re great tools, but can be [super] sketchy.”

2. “Aggressive drivers.”

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“Just let them go.”

“I used to always try and get even with them. Change lanes to block them, speed up and try to race, brake check them, all the stupid stuff. But no more. The older I get, the more I realized one wrong move could cost me either thousands in repairs or my life. All over just being impatient or getting annoyed at someone else in an attempt to teach them some sort of lesson. Not worth it.”

1. “Vibrating logs in the forest.”

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“Don’t investigate. Don’t kick it. Don’t throw things at it. It is always hornets.”

“Reminds me of one time when I was little and playing in the woods, I was messing around with a standing log trying to climb up on it and I accidentally broke it, fell down on the ground and saw hundreds of wasps emerging. Felt like a near death experience.”



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