14 Times Naughty Kids Made Their Parents Laugh Uncontrollably

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Prepare to tickle your funny bone! We’ve compiled a list of 14 uproarious instances where parents on Reddit simply couldn’t stifle their laughter, all thanks to the hilarious shenanigans of their naughty kids. Read and enjoy!

14. The Girl Who Learned From Her Big Sis

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“I was 17, my baby sister was 2. She was standing on the stairs, screaming at my mother at the top of her lungs. My mother turns around and says “Who in the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Any normal kid realizes this is the danger zone, and you stop and apologize immediately otherwise face the wrath of mom. My sister kept going. Stands there, plants her feet, puts her hands on her hips and spits with as much attitude and venom a 2-year-old can muster, “I was TALKING to YOU, *****.” The world stopped for a second, and I ran for my room to 1) not see the carnage, and 2) laugh my ass off. Wouldn’t you know it I got my ass beat for that because she ‘had to have learned it from me.'”

13. The Dude and Bro

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“Called me dude. I taught her how to snowboard, I’m no longer dad, i’m dude when we go to the mountain and my ex is now bro (her mom). My parents were all about “respect”, well this is respect to me and my heart swells with pride when I hear “DUDE DID YOU SEE THAT!? I was going so fast!””

12. The Regal Older Sister

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“Not a parent but I have 2 younger sisters. When they were ages 3 and 4, my 4 year old sister was sitting on a kid’s ottoman chair and my 3 year old sister was trying to sit on her lap. 4 yo sister takes her foot and pushes her off while at the same time says “get the hell off the queen.” My dad and I both heard it and our jaws dropped and it took everything to not laugh.”

11. The Dodgy Drawing of Life Without Government

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“My [7 or 8-year-old] younger sister was given an assignment to draw a picture of what life would be like without [the] government. She ended up drawing an entire comic book of naked, anatomically correct hippies running around with machine guns. The school called my dad, and when they showed him the comic (while threatening to suspend her) my dad burst into laughter. At home, he gently told my sister that what she did was highly inappropriate, but then framed one of the pages and hung it up in the house.”

10. The “Pirate” Who Went to Church

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“Daughter was maybe 3. In church with my parents. Guy across the church had eye surgery and had a patch. During a prayer, she saw him looked at him, covered her eye and went “Arrrr” like a pirate…pastor almost laughed mid-prayer.”

9. The Cheeky Nappy Change

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“My daughter, 2 years-old, still in nappies, says, “Dad check my nappy.” As soon as I pulled the back of the nappy to check she ripped a massive fart. I ask, “Did you do that to trick daddy?”…Her answer: ‘Yeeeaaahhh.’”

8. The Christmas Threats That Backfired

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“My kid excitedly told me today that he’ll be saving up the coal he gets for Xmas for a barbecue.”

7. The Fight That Got Serious

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“I’ve told this story before. I will laugh at this memory to the end of my life. My two sons are bickering, the youngest picks up a stuffed animal and hits the oldest with it. The oldest says, “That didn’t hurt at all. See, I’m not crying!” Well, that must’ve been a problem for little brother because he went to the toy box and dug around finding a plastic toy hammer, ran up and Thor style hit his older brother on the head with it. Then he dropped the hammer and said, “You’re crying now!!” Took everything in my power not to laugh at the absurdity of his indignation and attack. I had to call my mother later so we could laugh about it.”

6. The Word They Shouldn’t Know Yet.

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“When my son was 4, Jurassic world had just been released on dvd. He loves dinosaurs and doesn’t scare very easily, so I thought we would rent it and watch it. Here we were just eating our popcorn, watching our movie and he was loving it. Then we got to the scene where the dinosaur gets eaten by the gigantic aquatic sea-saurus. Cue my son. “WHAT THE **** WAS THAT!?!” I was speechless with my mouth to the floor. I finally got my thoughts together enough to ask him what he said. He just looks at me like a deer in the headlights. I had to walk out of the room because I was laughing so hard.”

5. Another Word They Shouldn’t Know Yet

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“I asked my 6yo yesterday what he did at school and he said “jack ****” straight back in a monotone voice without even thinking…”

4. The 3-Year-Old Who Wouldn’t Be Pushed Around

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“When my daughter was about 3 she was trying to slide at the McDonald’s play place and this bigger approx. 7-9 year-old girl shoved her trying to go in front of her. My girl just socked her. I think it was just a knee-jerk reaction cause she’d never been physically bullied in anyway, and at that point I was fairly confident she never would be going forward either.”

3. The Easter Bunny and the Indignant 1-Year-Old

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“My son was not quite two. Waited at the mall for pictures with the Easter bunny, but he gets a little nervous when the moment comes. The Easter bunny hands him a little rubber ducky, which my son is thrilled about. The bunny hands another to him, but as my kid reaches for it, the bunny snatches it back and pats his lap (in a clear gesture of “you can have another ducky if you sit on my lap”). My son looked at the duck he already had in his hand, chucks it at the Easter bunny, and literally storms off. He was SO offended. I’ve never seen a baby that mad.”

2. The Bedtime Routine Gone Wrong

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“My daughter (5 years-old) was delaying climbing into the bath for the evening routine. My wife, thoroughly exasperated, starts losing patience and the voice & tone borders on yelling. My little one looks up at her and deadpan delivers the following line, Mom, I’m going – calm your ****. I don’t know what was funnier, the comment or the look on my wife’s face. It was priceless, to add to it – one guess where my daughter heard that expression…Yip from the wife.”

1. The Morbid Mario Conversation

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“My daughter is 4 years old, and we just lost grandma. So I’m having a somber discussion with her about the situation and tell her that Grandma died. She looks at me with her huge watery eyes, blinks, and says, “Like Mario?” Really not supposed to laugh when teaching your preschooler about death… but I did.”




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