15 Common Meals in the 1990s That You Never Eat Anymore (According to the Internet)

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Get ready for a blast from the past as we unveil fifteen ’90s meals that fueled the appetites of every kid born in that era. From Mac n Cheese to Lunchables, take a trip down memory lane as Reddit users reflect on these classic meals that shaped a generation:

15. “La Choy Chow Mein.”

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“Canned chicken chow mien Chinese food that came with a can of crispy fried noodles. I think the brand was Chung King or something like that. This served with rice and tea was exotic.”

“La Choy! They still make this.”

“Yes! I loved this as a kid!”

14. “Rice-a-Roni.”

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“Loved it as a kid, unfortunately I think it isn’t as good as it use to be. Not as flavourful, but it’s an easy fix, just add a bit of chicken broth powder and you’re good to go.”

“Agreed 100%. I’m a functional cook at best and I can make a pilaf that is way better than rice a roni. It just isn’t very good anymore.”

13. “Pot Roast…in the slow cooker.”

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“I honestly can’t think of the last time anyone made a pot roast in my family. That was a huge thing in the 90s, the pot roast in the slow cooker!”

“I make it at least every two weeks for my family. I sear the pot roast on all sides before it goes in the slow cooker, but otherwise, it’s the same.”

“I thought the same. I miss pot roast – with LOTS of onions and carrots”

12. “Ham and scalloped potatoes.”

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“My mom’s specialty, and one of my favorites. I can’t quites replicate hers unfortunately. She gave me the “recipe” before she passed, but she was the type of cook that doesn’t really measure.”

“My mom used to make this for me every year in the time in between Christmas and new years.”

“Yes! Although my mother would make Spam with the box scalloped potatoes. And we would eat that up!!”

11. “Hamburger tater tot casserole.”

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“You need to visit Minnesota! It is our state food.”

“I was just was reading this to my husband and he’s like holy s*** I love tater tot casserole, I want that for my birthday dinner! Lol!! I haven’t made it in so long.”

“My mom looooved to make tater tot hotdish. Frozen tater tots with cheap ground beef and canned mushroom sauce. No salt. Bake it to death. Only thing I can’t remember is if the tots went on the top or the bottom.”

10. “Salisbury steaks with…instant mashed potatoes.”

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“This was what I was looking for! It was always my birthday dinner request. I recently tried making a homemade version but it just wasn’t the same.”

“I grew up eating the Salisbury steak/instant mash combo in the 80s myself. It brought me right back seeing that comment.”

9. “Tuna Noodle Casserole.”

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“An abomination I’m thrilled to never have plonked down in front of me again. Miss you, mom, you terrible and beloved cook.”

“My mom made Chopstick Tuna. Tuna, onions, miracle whip, cream of mushroom, celery, and crunch chow mein noodles. Disgusting and inappropriate all at once. I miss her, but not that food.”

“Oh man I was thinking about this the other day – we called it tuna surprised and hated it also.”

8. “Beef Stroganoff.”

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“I swear you used to be able to get this at restaurants in the 90s, but I haven’t seen beef stroganoff in literal decades.”

“That’s one my mom would make all the time. I’ve tweaked it throughout the years but I’ll never let it go. One of my favorite comfort meals in the fall/winter.”

“This brings back some memories. No idea why we ate this so much either.”

7. “Chinese Chicken Salad.”

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“What was that salad with crunchy chow-mein noodles and canned mandarin oranges? I’m guessing that recipe dates back to the 50’s/60’s/70’s, but I remember people still making it a lot for picnics and potlucks in the 90’s. Personally I haven’t seen it since then, though.”

“My mom swears she never did this, but every Halloween as a kid she would make this…She’d do cabbage, and crumbled up Ramen noodles…We all remember sitting in our little costumes and having to choke down this stupid 90s salad.”

6. “English muffin pizzas.”

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“Any-kind-of-toast-pizza honestly.”

“Any cheap bread pizza, tortillas were our go to. So crispy!”

“Aw man, this was common sleepover fare in my childhood! I still make it occasionally when I don’t feel like doing much but need a comfort food.”

5. “Baked beans with cut up hot dogs.”

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“I always looked forward to this meal as a kid, but my mom recently admitted that she only made it when she barely had any money.”

“Beanie Weenies! A childhood (no money) staple.”

“My dad made this for us on nights he had to “babysit,” and he used scissors to cut up the hot dogs. The same scissors my mom used to clip coupons and god knows what else.”

4. “Pizza Hut buffet.”

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“Oh man! That salad bar was bomb.”

“We could only afford pizza hut when I read enough books to get my free personal pizza.”

“I see your Pizza Hut buffet and raise you the Wendy’s Superbar.”

3. “Kid Cuisine frozen dinners.”

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“Mmm blazing hot brownie that I burned my mouth on every time.”

“Forgot those existed. They were such a treat! And so subpar but so fun!”

“Damn, I completely forgot about Kids Cuisine. Friday night special. Kids Cuisine after going to blockbuster.”

2. “Sloppy joes and hamburger helper.”

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“I had a lot of Manwich growing up in the 90s.”

“Damn, I haven’t had sloppy joes in years… probably decades.”

“My boyfriend made Sloppy Joes for fun a while back and we were pleasantly shocked but how good they were. Super cheap too.”

1. “Shake and bake pork chops.”

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“I had many a pork chop baked with a can of cream of mushroom soup…also chicken in the same method.”

“Hate pork chops as an adult because of this.”



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