16 Clever Ways Lazy People Lost Weight With Less Suffering

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Who says losing fat has to be so hard? Reddit users are here to prove otherwise! They’ve shared a compilation of 16 laid-back methods that make losing weight a breeze:

16. “VR Games.”

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“I bought my kids Quest headsets for Christmas and accidentally lost 10 lbs playing when the kids were asleep. Got myself one and lost another 30 lbs playing Beatsaber.”

“I got a quest as a gift and I’m down 30+ lbs from playing BS since I got it. Seems pretty lazy because it was fun and not on purpose.”

15. “Stopped eating before bed.”

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“I don’t eat anything after 7:30 pm.”

“This. Go to bed hungry, have decent breakfast. Somehow your digestive system slows down overnight if you empty and speeds up if you load up before bed. You will wake up more hungry if you went to bed on a full stomach. At least this how it is for me.”

“I started doing that too and it has really helped me with my sleep! I used to have vivid nightmares all the time when I ate before going to bed.”

14. “Avoid drinking sweet tea.”

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“I oversee roughly 500,000 gallons of tea production a week for a major soda brand. Depending on what flavors we run I buy anywhere from 350,000-600,000 pounds of sugar a week.”

“As a northerner, I gained 15 lbs in the following months of discovering my love for sweet tea.”

13. “Intermittent fasting.”

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“No food for 16 hours in a day, but drinking is allowed through the whole day. Not much sugary drinks but like water and coffee/tea.”

“I did IF like ten years ago and lost 60lbs in five months.”

12. “Don’t keep anything easy to prepare or particularly tasty in the house.”

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“If you’re not hungry enough to spend 20 minutes cooking up some bland rice, you’re not really hungry. Even **** like that will taste like mana from heaven when you’re truly hungry.”

“This works for me, don’t keep high-calorie snacks in the house. But I do meal prep low-calorie meals, portion them so I don’t eat too much. Then make sure I’m drinking a lot of water and tea. Have only a couple cheat meals on weekends, without going over the top.”

11. “Stop drinking beer.”

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“Stopped drinking beer last summer. Lost 15lbs in 6 weeks. Started drinking again in the fall, gained it all back….”

“I cut out alcohol (beers, seltzers and vodka mostly) last July and I’m down like 60. I still drink (maybe like 1-2 every two weeks?) so it’s not full sobriety but I did kinda realize the other day I don’t know if I’ve ever really gained weight from food, it’s just been from binge drinking off and on through the years.”

10. “Buy groceries on a full stomach.”

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“Your cravings to buy unhealthy random foods should go down a bit.”

“Last time I shopped on an empty stomach I ended up in the back of the parking lot hacking at a tub of ice cream doused in Hershey hard shell with a plastic spoon from the deli.”

“I have been doing curbside pickup since Covid started. Lost 45 lbs in part by not buying any junk on a whim.”

9. “Find an active hobby you don’t hate.”

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“I started rock climbing. It burns a ton of calories & I can stay for hours. I go twice a week now.”

“For me it is roller skating.”

“I think the weird thing is once you find an exercise that resonates, it doesn’t feel like much effort. Rock climbing sounds like a chore for me, but I started going to a row class and I really enjoy it. If it’s fun it doesn’t feel like work.”

8. “Unsubscribing my DoorDash membership”

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“As someone who used to Doordash from time to time…you get your regular customers. Many of those regular customers are workers. And as a manager, in a large building with lots of people, I see some of the same door dash drivers show up every day, like it’s the mailman. Always with Crumbl Cookies in hand. Even without things like Doordash, office culture had a way of torpedoing your health because people will sit all day, they will always have snacks, someone is always leaving doughnuts in the break room. Now you got Crumble Cookies Calvin showing up every day.”

“Plus you probably saved a lot of money…those deliveries are freaking expensive.”

7. “Walk whenever possible.”

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“Moving to a big city from the suburbs was it for me.”

“Man I try to get out from my desk and walk the halls for about 30 min in my building, and the days I don’t get the chance to do that I can really tell.”

“That sounds like a bigger hassle than it actually is, especially if you are blessed with a forest or least a decent park near your house. In my case I…go for a walk through the forest, for mental health at first. From that point on I sorta made it habit. Walking long distances got easier and easier…I use a step counter to A: get a hold of how much I’m doing and B: gamify the journey It’s just so much more fun to see yourself hitting your step goals day by day. 

6. “Got Invisalign.”

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“I stopped snacking throughout the day because I was too lazy to take the retainers out.”

“This and invisalign made my gums/teeth really sore for the first few days after switching retainers so I didn’t want to eat anyway.”

5. “Rave scene.”

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“Ecstasy and LSD don’t really mix with food.”

“Dancing for like 5 hours helps too.”

“I lost 7 pounds the week of EDC.”

4. “Salmonella. I lost 6.5kg in 7 days.”

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“So you’re saying you lost weight by eating? Takes notes.”

“I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”3. “Sometimes I’m too lazy to make dinner and just have sleep instead.”

3. “Sometimes I’m too lazy to make dinner and just have sleep instead.”

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“In a similar fashion, I lost a lot of weight freshman year of college because I was too lazy to walk to the dining hall to eat.”

“I would regularly have sleep for dinner in A school, that combined with 3am PT in Pensacola summer heat helped me maintain a slim 150 until I got to my first real duty station and realized I could eat whatever I wanted when I got a car.”

2. “Stopped drinking sodas”

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“Dumping Soda is the “easiest/laziest” thing to do for sure. It takes no physical effort and it also expands your bank account.”

“Switching to diet/zero sugar helps if you still want to drink it. If you don’t like the taste, drink the full sugar stuff in moderation. Liquid calories also contribute to calories in/calories out and that a deficit is all you need to lose weight.”

1. “Rode a recumbent exercise bike while I played video games.”

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“I played a few hours a day and I honestly didn’t even notice I was riding. Look down at the end of the night to see I’ve rode 20+ miles. One day I played games all day and it said I rode over 100 miles and burned like 6000 calories. Before I wore that thing out, I think I lost like 40lbs over one summer.”

“This worked great for me when I used to play a s***load of Forza Motorsport. The best part was when I was trying to speed up in the game to pass people, I would subconsciously start pedalling faster. Lol.”

Can You Think of Any Others?

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Do you have any other “lazy ways” to lose weight? Any novel ways to shed some pounds that you think others might benefit from? Drop a comment with your idea!




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