13 Secrets From Luxury Hotels That Managers Would Never Openly Admit

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Expecting a few compromises and surprises at budget motels is normal. But did you know that luxury hotels also have their hidden secrets? A recent viral Reddit post drew industry insiders to reveal behind-the-scenes occurrences at these upscale establishments. Here are 13 revelations they shared:

13. The Staff Are Up to No Good

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“We had a customer find the overnight front desk receptionist in the closet passed out with something wrapped around his neck, and his **** flopped out.”

“A family member used to work at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Yes, it’s super fancy. For about a year, they had a phantom *******. As in, random dumps left in random places. It was always in corners where security cameras didn’t reach. They figured it was an employee, and had some ideas, but never knew who it was, until someone left and it stopped.

12. Explicit Content Gets Filmed There

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“P**n shoots. And you know those carpets and upholstery ain’t getting cleaned.”

“Those carpets have such wild patterns so the stains won’t show up as well.”

11. The Alcohol Might Not Be Legit

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“Worked a while back at a 5-Star/5 Diamond resort in Vegas in room service. At that time, if you bought a bottle of booze for your room and didn’t open it (including putting it out with your dishes), then it is re-sold. Was very frequent.”

“Fancy hotel I used to work for got in trouble because they were pouring cheap vodka into Grey Goose bottles. They almost lost their liquor license, but the owner of the hotel basically owned the city, so they were told just to stop doing it.

10. That Fancy Bed? It’s Been Dirty…

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“I only work as a housekeeper…but probably about 25% of people either bleed or leave **** stains on the beds. It’s truly atrocious how disgusting people are, especially when they know someone else is cleaning it up.”

“Worked at a hotel. Can confirm. This is the one main thing I took away from hotels and that always comes to mind when these hotel questions come up. The amount of blood and s*** stains on bedsheets. So many.”

9. Drugs. There Are LOTS of Drugs.

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“I worked in a 5Star resort in college. The amount of drugs the staff consumed wasn’t nearly as much as the guests. People left blow as tips. They left weed. They left a lot of stuff that is not supposed to be reusable.”

“We don’t care about high end drugs, I have had elites drop a small bag of cocaine and I returned it to him in the bathroom. It’s not worth our time to confront them or get police involved unless it’s a full on drug party that’s out of control.”

8. A Surprising Number of People End Their Life There

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“They’re a weirdly popular place to commit suicide. Have a nice last meal, some nice entertainment as the Swan song, then die in the comfort afforded by five star accommodation.”

“People often commit suicide in hotels. That way their loved ones don’t have to find them.”

7. Discretion Goes a Long Way

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“Did valet at an upscale hotel in SF. The number of times I parked luxury vehicles with drugs haphazardly/precariously stowed in obvious places always blew me away. Not surprisingly those guests were great tippers as they learned who to trust. So many escorts too, always laughed at dudes who’d come to the restaurant for lunch with a new lady practically every day like he was showing off his catalogue of women as if no one knew he paid for them all.”

6. They Keep Notes on You

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“We take notes on your reservation profile. Everything from anniversary information to fav cocktails and foods. Add notes to pass along to other staff.”

“’Sensitive’ guests are noted as well. Gives staff a head’s up to prepare for potential Karen-esque antics.”

“A well-known luxury hotel and resort chain keeps a database of you. They get pictures from the internet and basically stalk you to create a profile. They put what you ordered to eat, how many towels you needed, what drinks you liked, your kids’ names and birthdays, address phone number. Everyone working in the hotel has access to this database and can see your information. It’s not all good stuff either. We know you were an ******* to Jen while you were staying in London.”

5. Some People Forget “Unfortunate” Items

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“The amount of *** toys left behind will blow your mind.”

“My partner and I stayed at a very high-end hotel in Chicago. He brought a s** toy and left it in the room. The room attendant rushed down to return it…wrapped inside tissue paper. His discretion was amazing.”

4. The “Guests” Aren’t All Human

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“$2k per night and this place has a serious rat problem.”

“”The place I worked was only 500 a night but also had a huge rat problem. My wife worked in the restaurant while I ran the front desk. She was constantly telling me about rats in the kitchen. One time I was sitting with her after my shift while the restaurant was closing and the biggest rat ive ever seen was running on top of all the food on the salad bar. I doubt it was thrown away.”

3. A Surprising Number of Guests Don’t Survive the Night

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“Las Vegas, city of excess, people over do it, drink, drugs, and die in their hotel rooms all the time.”

“It’s pretty common to have a dead guest. There’s a standard procedure for it and we take care of it quietly.”

“Worked in a casino hotel. Not Vegas but in Nevada. The maids I worked with found 5 dead bodies in the rooms in 2 years. Never reported on in the news.”

2. The Customers Aren’t All “High End”

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“We turn a blind eye to drug dealers and prost****** more often than you think. They hardly complain and usually pre pay huge bonds happily. Also we don’t give a s*** if you’re having an affair.”

“When I worked at a nice hotel the affair one was brought up in training. Never mention a person being regular and doubley don’t mention anything about their partner or the fact it’s a different partner. That became a rule after some valet basically kickstarted a very nasty divorce with a wealthy guest.”

1. The Showers Have Dirty Secrets

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“My wife claims that the amount of people who s*** in the shower far exceeds however many people you think s*** in a shower.”

“General rule of thumb for me is I never let my bare feet touch the floors anywhere in a hotel room. I bring flip flops and wear them everywhere in the room including the shower. Hotel rooms are nasty.”




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