13 Insane Family Secrets People Online Just Found Out About

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Brace yourself for some major drama as Reddit users spill the deets on intriguing, life-altering family secrets that they found out about much later. Here’s a compilation of the 13 most jaw-dropping revelations:

13. The Uncle’s Affair

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“Just found this one out recently. My uncle was a doctor working in a small town hospital. He was married and had just had a baby boy. While his wife was pregnant or just had the baby he had an affair with two nurses in the hospital and ended up getting one of the nurses pregnant. When he found out of the second kid he took his family and f***** off to New Zealand for 3 years. Upon returning to Canada and the same small town hospital his wife immediately found out about his illegitimate child and divorced him. My (illegitimate) cousin stopped coming around to family events and when I talked to him about it last year he told me that my grandparents always blamed him for ruining my uncle’s marriage.”

12. The Unknown Half Brother

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“My dad left when I was 7 and we were always told that it just didn’t work out with my parents. We saw him off and on for about 2 years after he left then never saw him again. He had remarried and she had a kid that became his step son that my brother and I would hang with when we would go to my dad’s house, then when I turned 13 my mom finally told me that the step son was actually his son from having an affair with that woman. So that kid was my half brother and I had no clue.”

11. The Cousin Uncle

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“My uncle was actually my cousin. He was kidnapped as an infant and when he was returned a year later, my aunt didn’t want him back. My grandparents adopted him so he was legally my uncle.”

10. The Father with Mafia Ties

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“My dad’s side of the family has ties with the mafia. Thankfully my mom has long since divorced my dad and they life a decent distance apart. I heard stories of my mom’s parents who lived close by at the time circling the block in their truck late at night soon after the divorce to ensure no one was there to hurt us.

I was very young at this point, probably like 3-4 so I really have no memory of this. I do remember one night our garbage can was burned to the ground, and my mom has since told me about death threats soon after the divorce. My mom a couple years ago watched a documentary on prominent mafia families and noted multiple names that were at her wedding.”

9. The Long Lost Siblings

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“I found out when I was in my early 30’s that my mom hadn’t only had 4 kids, but actually 6 but gave 2 up for adoption before I was born. Also, I was the last baby she had with some rando before she married my stepdad and she had intended to give me up for adoption, as well. Silver lining? One of the babies she gave up contacted her a few years after I learned about this and now I have an awesome new brother!”

8. The Uncle Who Got Murdered By Drug Dealers

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“My mother grew up in the American South. Her brother died in his early 20’s and she always told me it was a freak accident…One year, I inherited an old Korean War officer’s sword after my grandpa passed. My mom freaked out and told me that it was too dangerous to keep and that we should sell it or get a safe to lock it up in. I thought it was weird so I asked my dad and he got this sad look on his face. Turns out my mom’s brother was brutally murdered with a similar sword in the 80’s. He had gotten involved with some drug dealers and they thought he had snitched about one of their big deals that got busted.”

7. The Old-School Union Man

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“I knew my grandfather was a coal miner, and that he was really involved with the Union, but it wasn’t ‘til after he died that I found out just how much of a Union Man he was…if something needed blowing up or someone needed to not be breathing anymore, they called Gramps.

After he died, my brother remembers some men coming to visit Gran and giving her a lot of envelopes. She took off for a yearlong vacation in Europe after that.”

6. The Gold-Digging Grandmother

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“My grandmother married her second husband entirely for money. Her daughters both like to joke about her intentionally giving him a heart attack. He had heart problems but liked to eat unhealthy food, and the rumor goes she would put extra salt and butter on his food until he finally kicked the bucket.”

5. The Great-Grandfather Who Murdered Someone

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“When I had to do a project on my family tree in elementary school one of the questions was “When did your family immigrate to America and why?” For one of my great-grandfathers, my grandma told me “Life was very hard back in his country, and it was getting dangerous to stay there.” and for a long time I thought “Yeah, I can see that. It was probably hard for a teenager living in Poland with WWI right around the corner!”

And I’m sure it was. But it turns out it’s even harder and more dangerous when you’re a teenager who has slept with a married woman and then accidentally killed her husband when he confronted you. I can see why she didn’t want me to put that on my elementary school project.”

4. The Serial Killer Relative

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“My dad’s first cousin is serial killer Kenneth McDuff. We saw the Americas Most Wanted episode when it aired and were so surprised to hear about a McDuff, not knowing he was a relative.”

3. The Addicts Who Weren’t to Blame

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“I always thought my two older brothers got addicted to drugs because of their own decisions and the people they hung out with. It turns out that my dad had been feeding them pills since they were about 10 to “shut them up.” Years I held resentment against them for not being good older brothers like they should have only to find out that it was my father who I had praised all those years that was truly evil.”

2. The Murderer Who Got Murdered

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“My great aunt’s husband killed his first wife, then killed her. They lived in Puerto Rico and he fled to NYC so my great uncles wouldn’t kill him. They found out where he was, came here, killed him, and went home.”

1. The Secret Vasectomy

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“My dad secretly had a vasectomy after I was born, after my mom lying to him about taking birth control resulted in my birth. Our family is GREAT at communication and conflict resolution.”




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