18 Weddings That Ended in Total Disaster

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Picture your perfect wedding scenario. Now envision the chaos as everything goes hilariously, disastrously wrong on your big day! Sounds like the stuff of nightmares, right? Well, for some people it was reality. Here’s a rundown of 18 real wedding “horror-stories” from Reddit that will have you on the edge of your seat:

18. The Rich Ex

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“Didn’t know what happened as I was in the back. The bride runs out to the limo her family after her. I said to the person next to me Cold feet? She’s like oh no I thought this might happen. Her ex is here. We went outside. He’d apparently come into a lot of money he came to the side door front of the church said he objected because he’s rich and wants her back. She paused too long for the grooms liking he said **** you both. She ran. Last I saw they were at the limo with her. She was crying. Have no idea how it ended but there was no wedding. We went to the reception no bridal party. We ate drank danced and left.”

17. The Brother With Political Differences

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“[At] my brother’s wedding the wife’s older brother objected because of political differences lol. He was asked to leave by the bride’s father.”

16. The Bride’s Dead Grandmother Knew Best

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“I was at a small ceremony indoors, maybe 30 people tops listening. When the minister asked for any objections, a picture of the bride’s dead grandmother that was hanging on the wall fell to the ground with a loud thump. We looked at each other but the minister finished anyway. Divorced within a year.”

15. The Bride’s Brother Who Told Her Future Husband To Say No

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“My husband’s first marriage. The brother of the bride stood up and said to my husband “Say no, you can still be happy!”

They went through with the marriage, wound up divorcing with a messy break up.

Brother in law is still best friends with my husband (as far as he’s concerned he gained a brother and lost a sister and is better off for it) and he never lets him forget the fact that he was right and he should have bailed lol.”

14. The Parents Who Believed His Son’s Wife To Be Wasn’t Enough

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“This was in America, and the wedding was in a Buddhist temple. Parents of the groom stood up and objected because they didn’t believe the bride was of the same class. They spoke in another language so most of the English speaking guests didn’t know they were objecting.

My husband was the best man and those closest to the couple knew this might happen. The Buddhist priest said he would handle it if the parents tried anything.

After the parents spoke for a while the priest said to the groom, “You’ve heard what your parents had to say, what do you want to do?” The groom replied, “I want to marry my bride.” So the priest asked the parents to leave. At this point the rest of the guests are clueing in that this was not a nice part of the ceremony, and that the parents were actually objecting, so, as the parents walked out, some of the guests were berating them saying things like, “You should be ashamed of yourself” and “How could you do that?” And even though the groom was not happy with his parents, that was very hard for him to hear.

That was 30 years ago. The couple is still married. They have two beautiful, successful children. After the groom’s mom passed away, the groom’s father came around and was involved in their lives until he died.”

13. The Enforcer Uncles

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When an actual objection occurred, this Reddit user said The Uncles took care of it:

“Yes, at my cousin’s, the bride’s ex showed up, and when he stood up to object, my uncles grabbed him and bum-rushed him out of the church and gave him a tune-up in the parking lot. Catholic wedding, of course.”

12. The Worst Man

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One person on Reddit attended a wedding where the original best man was replaced at the last moment for being the complete opposite of a best man…

“I went to a wedding where the best man was replaced a week before because he bang*d the bride. But the wedding still went ahead just with a different best man. They are divorced now.”

11. The Inappropriate Sneeze

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At one wedding, the father of the bride chose an inopportune moment sneeze…

“Priest: “Any objections?” Father of the bride: lets out the hardest, loudest, most complex-sounding sneeze I’ve ever heard in my life, complete with involuntarily saying “ACHOOOOOO.” Mother of the bride, hammered on champagne: “For f***’s sake, Jerry!” It took a good five minutes for everyone to regain their composure.”

10. The Groom Who Said “I Do” As a Joke

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One groom thought he was being funny when he said “I do” to the question about objections. Unfortunately for him – and his bride to be – it didn’t quite land as he’d wanted. Redditor nathcrowley said:

“A relative visited one ceremony where it was asked if anyone objects, and the groom decided it’s a good time for a joke and said “I do”. The lady who was going to marry the couple just turned and left. They had to go through all the paperwork again and change the date. Got married, divorced in like three years if I remember correctly.”

9. The Fiancé Who Was Already Married

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According to one Redditor, their aunt’s fiancé “conveniently” forgot they were already married – a fact that only came to light after someone in the audience waved the wedding certificate to prove it. We love that she waited until the very last moment to say something…

“My aunties fiance was already married (lady stood up waving marriage cert) so wedding didn’t go ahead. The reception was on a long boat so we still went to that. The fiance went back to home country to sort it out and never came back.

8. The Daughter Who Screamed, “Mom Don’t Marry Him!”

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Another tale of an actual wedding objection came from Reddit user Rabies182. They wrote:

“A woman, in her 20s at the time, objected to her mom marrying my uncle. So she started yelling, “Mom don’t marry him!” during the ceremony. The ceremony proceeded and some family on the mom’s side lead the daughter away to quit interrupting. I don’t blame her-my uncle was a lying, lazy *******. The marriage didn’t last.”

7. The Mother Who Didn’t Like Her Future Daughter-In-Law

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One poor guy had to suffer his mother’s wrath. Not that it was directed at him, though. As Redditor Nebelhund explained, it was straight at his future wife:

“At his rehearsal dinner a co-workers mother’s toast included that his soon to be wife was a “damn dirty ***** who wasn’t good enough” for her son. Folks not happy. (Video ended so didn’t see the whole thing.) At wedding which I attended his mom started to say something at the “speak now” part but was silenced by her daughter. Mom left and didn’t see the rest of the ceremony.”

6. The Maid of Honor “Stepped In” At the Last Moment

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You’re in love. Happy as can be. And you’re about to marry your best friend, with your other best friend present as your Maid of Honor. That was exactly the case for one bride-to-be until things went south…fast. Redditor FDS_MTG tells the story:

“I had a friend who was a minister, and the subject came up if he asked the question during ceremonies he officiated. He laughed and said no way. He basically tells the couple not to include it because it only invites a moment of anxiety at best, misery at worst.

His best story (and one of the reasons he stopped including the question) was a couple where the lead-up to the wedding, the couple was obviously in love. The bride-to-be was very smiley and happy. Day of the wedding she’s stone faced. He knows something is up because he’s never seen her like this and he asks if she is ok. “I’m fine.” Right before the service he asks again. “I’m fine.”

He gets to the question, “Does anyone object to this union?”

The bride reaches over, grabs the maid of honor, shoves her into the bride’s spot and says, “You’re ******** him, you marry him.” And then stormed out of the church.”

5. Groom Jokes About Bride’s Dead Ex In Vows

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We get it, writing vows can’t be easy. But, surely – suuuurely – there had to be something better to say than this? Redditor Lsd365 “was at one where the Groom thanked the Bride’s Ex for dying as his loss was my gain. Didn’t help the sons of his bridge and ex were in attendance.”

4. Girlfriend Ditches a Surprise Proposal and Wedding

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Imagine going to a birthday party with your boyfriend. At some point in the evening, everything stops, he turns around, and asks you to marry them out of nowhere. Not only that, but they want you to marry them literally right there and then. What would you do? One Redditor described how one girl responded when it happened to her:

“A friend of mine has a band that plays lots of weddings and other parties. They were hired for a birthday party that turned out to be a surprise wedding. The guy surprised his gf with a proposal and wanted to have a wedding ceremony then and there. She said no and left.”

3. Grandmother Objects, Marriage Ends In Divorce

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One of the closest actual answers to the original question came from someone who’d been at their Uncle’s wedding. Here’s what happened:

“My uncle was getting married. Small, just a handful of family and a minister. I was videotaping. My grandmother was not into it at all. With each line spoken by the minister, she had a cutting, sarcastic response. I could not believe it. It was so unlike her. When that part came up, she said “I object. But does it really matter? They are going to do it anyway.” The minister just ignored her and proceeded, business as usual. They were divorced within a year.”

2. Bride Finds Out Groom’s Cheating, Ditches Wedding After the Pre-Ceremony

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Numerous people had similar wedding tales that involved one party cheating on the other. However, one of the most notable examples came from dusmeyedin, who described a would-be bride who’d actually turned to Reddit for advice after discovering her future hubby had been unfaithful. They wrote:

“There was a Redditor who was the bride in her wedding, and she discovered that her groom was cheating on her. She took reddit’s suggestion that she slide in a photograph of them together, into the rotating montages at the pre-ceremony. She did that and bailed on the rest of the wedding ceremony.”

1. Groom Discovers Bride Cheated Two Days Before Wedding

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Surely, there can’t be many things in life worse than finding out two days before your wedding that your bride-to-be is cheating on you? Sadly, that’s exactly the tale told in the most upvoted comment on Reddit:

“Groom found out that bride was cheating two days before the wedding day. He spilled the beans while exchanging the vows.”

As Spideylafamilia noted in response, “Damnnn! That’s some TV show level ****.”




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