19 Things People Wrongly Believe Are Safer Than They Are (According to the Internet)

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Danger lurks in unexpected places, and some risks tend to fly under the radar. From everyday items to unseen threats, here’s a list of 19 things that Reddit users believe are far more dangerous than they seem:

19. “Depression.”

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“It’s the leading cause of disability worldwide.”

“Yep, my brother suicided 9 years ago from depression. If you are feeling suicidal, you need to be admitted before starting any medication.”

18. “Childbirth.”

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“It’s amazing how much worse it was before modern medicine. Combined with much higher rates of reproduction (due to lack of birth control, more frequent death of children)… it must have been so common to know multiple people who died that way.”

“And before we new anything about how the human body functions, like blood pressure. Blood pressure and circulation can be big problems when it comes to pregnancy.”

“Pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, blood clots…”

17. “Stairs.”

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“No joke. A friend of mine from college recently fell down a flight of stairs and ended up in an irrecoverable coma. He was 43 and in otherwise good health.”

“My wife takes care of disabled people in a closed community. There is one woman that’s paralysed from the neck down because she tripped on her purse, then fell down the stairs.”

16. “Tylenol (acetaminophen).” 

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“My cousin died from Tylenol. Liver failure. She was only 21 and took too much when she was sick, died a few days later after being hospitalized, but it was too late.”

“I bet a lot of people who OD on acetaminophen do it because they don’t realize the other stuff they take when they’re sick, like cough syrup, has it too. It’s always good to know exactly what otc meds you’re taking.”

15. “Old batteries.”

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“Leaving old batteries in a drawer. They could eventually burst and cause a fire.”

“9 volts are very easy to short the top pins and get hot enough to start a fire. Always tape your batteries with electrical tape before disposing of.”

“Cheap ones are dangerous too. I had a pair of AA batteries from the dollar store suddenly start heating up when I put one in the wrong way on a set of string lights. I went to flip it right away and it burnt the absolute f*** out of my hand.”

14. “High blood pressure.”

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“Had a stroke at 39. I thankfully recovered, but don’t f*** around if you have hypertension.”

“Doctors call it “the silent killer” for a reason. I knew mine was high for years before I took care of it because “ah my weight is alright, I’m fine.” MANY people go decades with it then die at something like 55.”

13. “Knocking someone out.”

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“There’s a higher likelihood of killing a person than stunning them with no permanent damage.”

“Yeah the movies have really ruined this one. They show somebody getting knocked out cold and then waking up minutes/hours later with zero lasting effects.”

12. “Wildlife.”

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“Park Ranger here! Can confirm, people get dumb around dangerous animals, cliffs, and water!”

“You would think with internet access people would know things like “don’t pet moose” or “don’t pick up snakes,” but every day there’s a new video of someone going ‘check out this sweet snail I found diving.'”

11. “Alcohol.”

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“Ever since I got sober I realized how many people drink excessively, like truly disgusting amounts of alcohol…and it is normalized. There are definitely a lot of secret alcoholics in denial out there.”

“Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.”

“It is one of only a few drugs that has deadly withdrawal effects. If you are a very heavy drinker and stop suddenly, you are at high risk of death from withdrawal.”

10. “Putting your feet on the dash.”

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“Great way to fold in half in an accident.”

“Was a first responder to a car accident where a young girl had her feet on the dash. Dead on impact.”

9. “Dryer lint.”

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“It’s very flammable in a machine that blows hot air… If you don’t clean it and it builds up too much it can ignite.”

“I don’t understand why people wouldn’t empty it every cycle. It takes two seconds, just keep a lint designated trash can nearby.”

“Lots of people saying “just clean it every time” but as a new home owner I assure you that isn’t it, you also need to clean out the valve that runs from the wall to outside every 2 years. Ours was clogged nearly 80% and I’m glad it never caught fire, but it did overheat and ruin my last dryer. LPT: get your dryer vent deep cleaned bi-annually.”

8. “Swimming in the ocean.”

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“I was swimming with friends…and I got carried out by a current FAST. There weren’t any rip tide signs and it came out of nowhere. I’m panicking (it’s hard to remember survival stuff when your head keeps going under water) and this incredibly gorgeous, strong, and calm lifeguard comes and swims me to shore. I turn to thank him and he was GONE. I couldn’t see him anywhere down the shore.”

“I have this semi-irrational…I wouldn’t even call it a “fear” of the ocean, so much as pants wetting terror. It’s not the sharks, it’s not the jellyfish, it’s not even drowning per se. It’s just how f****** big it is. To look down and realize that the “surface” is actually the top of a huge expanse full of f*** knows what that goes on for who knows how long with unpredictable currents that could easily pull my puney little meatbag down to who knows where.”

7. “The Great Lakes.”

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“They are inland seas, damn near ocean like violent weather. They can and will take your life, respect them.”

“Grew up in Grand Haven Michigan. Coast Guard capital of the Great Lakes. Multiple deaths every year from rip tides.”

6. “Garage door springs.”

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“Hire a professional, they are under so much tension they could take a finger at best and your life at the worst.”

“Can confirm. Used to do installs for garage doors. Had a guy remove the center plate on a repair ticket rather than unwinding the spring…trying to cut corners. That s*** spun so hard it threw his drill, shredded his fingers and knuckles. He was lucky it didn’t launch back and destroy his skull from the front.”

5. “Not taking care of your teeth.”

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“Gum and tooth disease have a correlation with the likelihood of having heart attack.”

“Unresolved abscesses can lead to blood poisoning as well.”

““What starts in the mouth, goes down south” as we would say in dental.”

4. “Texting while driving.”

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“As someone that NEVER looks at/touches my phone while driving…I really can’t believe how many people just straight up stare at their phones behind the wheel. Weird world.”

“The other day I was stuck behind a van who was driving at 40mph on a 60mph road and was swerving all over the road, as I overtook him I saw why, he was using an IPad whilst driving, luckily it was in a rural area with not many cars.”

3. “Epilepsy/SUDEP.”

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“Epilepsy: it randomly kills people, it’s referred to as Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy. My 17 yr old son died from it, not one doctor told us it was possible to die from SUDEP.”

“My sisters both have epilepsy and I worry about this every day. Both are finally well controlled for now, but a seizure could still happen at any time.”

2. “Driving drowsy.”

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“Last time I was drowsy driving, I fully fell asleep. Ironically when I woke up I was driving through the landscaping of an auto body repair shop and skidded to a stop in their parking lot.”

“Driving fatigued is like driving drunk. It’s so goddamn dangerous.”

“Happened to me the first year I got my license. Luckily the highway road bumps on the side of the lanes woke me up and I quickly moved back in my lane before hitting the barriers. Hands down the scariest experience I’ve ever had driving.”

1. “Getting in and out of the shower.”

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“I know a girl that got brain damage from passing out in the shower and hitting her head.”

“I was taking a late night shower & was pretty tired, and my foot got caught in the shower curtain on the way out. Thankful I caught my fall half way down with my forearm on a marble side table. It saved my life.”

“Just broke my tailbone falling in the shower. Learned too late to use a shower mat.”



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