These 15 Products Cost Under $50 and Can Change Your Life (According to the Internet)

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Who would’ve thought that 50 bucks could transform your life? Reddit users are swearing by it! They’ve compiled a list of 14 “life-changing” products under $50 that you absolutely need:

15. Handheld Vacuum

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“I have small children and they produce so many crumbs! I hate having to drag out the big vacuum just for a goldfish spill on the couch but a little hand held thing is so easy! My kids can even use it themselves!”

“I think mine is black and decker? Shit’s STRONG af I be cleaning my whole apartment with it and love it lol.”

14. Cats

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“I bought my cat for $20. She brings a lot of joy and pain to my life.”

“I was also gonna say cat! I actually got her for free, her own litterbox, toys and cat tree included lolol. (They have since been upgraded though).”

13. Panini Press

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“Makes boring lunch sandwich into super tasty awesome lunch sandwich.”

“I use my Panini press to cook thin cut pork chops. 4 minutes and they’re done! I know chicken breast can be cooked with a panini press as well I just haven’t tried it yet. Handy little device!”

12. Portable Battery

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“I love never having to worry about my phone dying.”

“I have like 4 and regret nothing. I bring one with me everywhere fits easily in any of my bags. I bring all 4 when going camping because when I haven’t I’m like ok I’ll charge my stuff when the generator is on but then forget to and miss my moment. So useful!”

11. Back Scratcher

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“I found 2 for $5 on Amazon. Best $5 I’ve ever spent! My kid and SO laugh but when they can’t get those hard-to-reach itches, I laugh because they ask me, ‘where’s the back scratcher?'”

“My wife’s best line is “you never know how much your back itches until someone scratches it.” I laugh every time.”

“This!! I have a bamboo back scratcher that I bought on vacation in Hawaii 15 years ago for a few bucks. It never leaves the closet door handle. I can go right to it. THE BEST!!!”

“[Snake plants] are simply amazing. They require literally zero care and they can survive in almost dark rooms. Perfect for bedroom.

10. Electric Toothbrush

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“Once I started using an electric toothbrush, I could never ever return to using a manual one.”

“I came to say this. I love my sonicare and it’s helped my gums a lot.”

“And you don’t need the most expensive model. I love my $29 Philips One.”

9. A Laptop Stand and External Keyboard

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“I’ve been a PC gamer my whole life. Had to learn about proper monitor, chair, desk, keyboard and mouse placement otherwise I’d get terrible elbow, wrist, back pain and numbness. At work I joke I’m an ergonomics consultant and point out to people when I see them sitting in terrible positions.”

“My wife complained about her shoulders being sore. I stopped by her cube one day and saw her hunched over.looking at her tiny laptop screen and using her tiny keyboard and touch pad. She had a dock and external monitor she did not like to use.

8. 10-Foot Long Phone Charger Cord

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“Holy s***, it’s a game-changer. Those extra feet add so much convenience.”

“[This] should be the top comment. Those 3 foot/1 meter cords that come with them just don’t do it, but the 10 foot / 3 meter ones are great. It’s probably one of the simplest items in this sub, too.”

7. A Good Pillow

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“I’ve reached the age where sleeping “wrong” or even certain yawns make me feel incapacitated. A better pillow than the cheap ones sold at Walmart has made a big difference.”

“If you’re reading this and you’re a side sleeper, get a nice firm body pillow to lay a leg up and over. No more back tortion that you hold for hours on end. Invest in your sleep folks. Not only is it important for tomorrow’s health, it’s important way on down the line, too.”

6. Bidet Toilet Attachment

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“Recently tried out a $40 bidet toilet attachment from Amazon…Total game changer. I always thought of myself as a pretty clean guy…The bidet showed me I was wrong.”

“We finally got one and I’ll never have a toilet without one from now on. Cuts down on TP and cleans you up nicely. Plus ours was a super easy setup.”

5. Trashcan

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“Hear me out: A good trashcan. A nice kitchen trashcan with / foot pedal that works well. Nothing too fancy. Just nice to have things you use every day be smooth and functioning.”

“I have one that’s motion sensing and it’s been so amazing.”

4. Air Purifier and House Plants

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“The local air quality is not as badly polluted as major cities, still not great though; but a couple of cheap air purifiers and couple of snake plants made a huge different to the air quality at home. Definitely worth the purchase.”

3. Nose Trimmer

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“Holy HELL, what a difference after almost 34 years never using one.”

“you’re 100% right. Ears, nose, eyebrows. No plucking. Simple. Got one for my brother for his 30th birthday.”

“I can honestly say my nose feels better haha idk all the analytics but after never doing it in my life, it feels great lol.”

2. Wireless Earphones

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“Average gym goer here. I remember the first pair of bluetooth (so wireless) in-ears i bought and i loooooved them. They‘re not made anymore and i upgraded since then but man what a change.”

“Being able to run on a treadmill and not fear that you’ll catch the cord of your headphones is spectacular!”

1. Smart Plugs

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“I like to sleep with a fan on. I like the white noise, and I like feeling the breeze on me. But inevitably, morning comes, and it’s chilly, and the fan makes me feel like I’m freezing. So I sit under the covers shivering, because getting out of the covers to turn the fan off, would mean I’d be even more cold between the time I pulled back the covers, and walked over to the fan. So I’d just sit there and shiver. Last week, on a whim, I bought some of those smart plugs. Now I can turn the fan off from my bed using my smartphone. I LOVE IT.”

“Touch switches are even better. Instead of having to find your phone and open the app you just stick a touch button to the side of the headboard. Then just slide your hand along the side of the headboard to turn things on/off. You don’t even have to open your eyes.”



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