15 Current “Beauty” Standards That People Agree Are Ugly

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Get ready for a fresh take on beauty standards brought to you by the Reddit community! Join us as we unveil 15 norms that, according to people on Reddit, just miss the mark when it comes to true beauty:

15. “Lipstick Lies.”

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“When people do their lipstick way past their lip line to make them look bigger. It just looks weird imo but you do you”

“My daughter keeps telling me how well her friend does it and I keep saying it is not a new thing and it never looks right. Also, tattooed lipliner – just no.”

14. “The frozen look.”

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“Seeing young women, especially in their early 20s getting botox in their foreheads is so unnecessary and strange looking.”

“Might look nice for posed selfies, but in person there’s a real uncanny valley feeling about it.”

“I have a friend in her 50s who I hadn’t seen in a few years due to the pando. Finally hung out with her the other day and it took me a solid 30 seconds to recognize her. I don’t know what happened in the last three years, but her face had a totally different shape and did not move. I actually couldn’t really talk to her because I found her face changes so disconcerting.”

13. “Contouring.”

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“It just looks so caked on and overdone. When you’re unrecognizable without makeup, it’s too much.”

“On video, sometimes it looks OK, but in real life your face just looks dirty.”

“It’s basically stage makeup.”

12. “Buccal fat removal.”

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“Every single woman I’ve seen do it goes from looking gorgeous to looking vaguely alien.”

“It is not advisable because that fat keeps us looking younger down the line when we lose collagen with age. It’s a pretty important part of our facial scaffolding.”

11. “I don’t like body builder-type bodies on anyone.”

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“Some muscle looks good, but many bodybuilders look straight-up deformed.”

“When it’s the extreme competition bodies with muscles and veins bulging everywhere, it starts to look grotesque at a certain point.”

“To be fair, bodybuilders want to look good in terms of bodybuilding standards, not beauty standards.”

10. “Big balloon [chest]”

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“This. They’re also really weird to the touch.”

“We call ‘em “bolt-on’s” where I’m from. Don’t even feel nice.”

“It looks painful too.”

9. “Thick, fake eyelashes.”

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“Every time I try to wear them I look like Janice from the muppets.”

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh, as they blink. Come on, I don’t want to feel that plastic breeze.”

“They look like paint brushes strapped on a face. Like, yeah, long eyelashes are nice but that bushy s*** is on another level.”

8. “Long, pointy nails.”

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“Overly long nails in general. 1/4 inch past the tip of the finger is plenty in my opinion.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen ladies in their early twenties who could hardly use the touch screen on the cash register because of the three inch long nails.”

“I hate those ASMR tiktoks where they are tapping those dragon nails.”

7. “Orange spray tan.”

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“Any spray tan…I think it just makes people look dirty like they were outside in a dust storm and haven’t showered.”

“Especially when you can see a clear line between their neck and upper body…”

“MAGA would like to have a word with you.”

6. “Fake butts.”

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“Fake anything.”

“It looks weird. It always looks disproportionate to the rest of the body, especially the legs.”

“They literally look like a full diaper.”

5. “Drawn on eyebrows.”

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“Why do they always have to look surprised?”

“It’s like that old joke: I told my girlfriend that she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.”

“I genuinely wish I could understand this trend. I’ll see women with beautiful eyebrows in YouTube draw over them making them appear unnaturally symmetrical.”

4. “Filler in general, but especially in the cheekbones.”

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“I am genuinely so confused why so many girls want to look like they’re having an allergic reaction. It’s almost painful to look at, it looks like their face is swollen. I’ve never in my life looked at someone and thought, hmm their cheekbones are too flat.”

“Lip filler is the worst. There is nothing that is a bigger turn-off than when people have obvious lip filler. It is always taken way too far.”

3. “The Kardashian-esque look.”

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“It’s like there’s only a single surgeon churning out the same bi**o clone #5 option. Like it’s the default setting on a piece of bugged vault-tech.”

“Once saw a showerthought calling her “a parody of what we men want”. Best way to describe her I’ve ever read.”

2. “Photos where the skin has been edited so heavily that it’s lost all texture and character.”

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“I don’t understand why some women use so much base that they end up looking like a living Instagram filter.”

“More than once I have come across someone on my Instagram page I couldn’t recognize and clicked on their profile only to realize it was a close friend or a person I’d known for 20 years. Someone I could pick out of a crowd of millions, and their selfie is a total stranger to me.”

1. “A man’s jawline can be too sharp. Like settle down, handsome Squidward.”

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“I sharpen my jawline with a whetstone every morning.”

“I’ll add cheekbones to this, like sometimes cheekbones stick out so much that it’s just scary.”

“This is why I really I’m genuinely not into Henry Cavill. His jaw genuinely looks surgically done to me. It’s probably not, but I feel like it’s over the top.”



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