17 Unconventional “Types” That Some People Can’t Resist

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Ready to challenge society’s beauty norms? Delve into our compilation of 17 “types” that society deems unattractive, yet some Reddit users find incredibly beautiful:

17. “Girls with crooked teeth.”

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“Yes. Absolutely. I never knew I liked this so much until I realized some other folks are into it too. I find it very humanizing and interesting. Add in some sorta sleepy eyes (just a little bags under the eye) and I’m SOLD.”

“My crooked front teeth are my biggest insecurity so it was kind of nice to see this here!”

“I like that it just looks natural instead of the very clean artificial look of very straight and white teeth.”

16. “I like bigger guys.”

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“Was always into really skinny dudes and only dated skinny dudes and then I saw my guy one day, thought he was really cute, immediate crush.”

“When people say something like ‘I was squashed up next to this big fat hairy guy on the train’ I’m thinking ‘sounds great, did you get a pic?’”

15. “The Death by Snu Snu type of women”

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“I never thought I’d die this way. But I always kinda hoped…”

“The average height of girls I’ve dated is 6ft2″

14. “As a 23-year-old woman, a mom in her 40s/50s”

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“It’s in for men to be into ***** but I’ve never heard women going for it as well. I NEVER mention it.”

“Just spent an hour talking to my neighbor, Mimi as we walked our dogs. Blue eyes, salon silver hair, early 50s. She is stunning. My mind was in the gutter entire time. Thanks for this. I will now ask her over for wine.”

13. “Girls with big ears.”

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“A cute girl with big ears slightly sticking out of her hair…I’m a moth to a flame.”

“I love people with big ears!! It’s so rare to see people whose ears really stick out, but I find it sooo attractive!”

12. “Girls with big noses.”

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“Something about a prominent nose just adds a unique ****ness to a woman’s face.”

“I absolutely adore Roman noses. I think they have such a timeless look.”

“I love a good nose on a man. Doesn’t have to be big, but distinctive. Jeremy Alan White has a beautiful nose, and so does Ryan Gosling. Young Al Pacino, Adrian Brody.”

11. “Men with gray hair.”

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“It’s a weird moment in your life when you realize the people you used to find attractive now look like kids, and their parents are now the attractive ones.”

“Same! I’ve always been into the silver-fox look.”

10. “Thick ugly men.”

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“If I’m ******* you, it means you’re just not conventionally attractive, sorry. Obviously, I find them attractive, they’re just not classically so.”

“Same, I like chubby, kind of ugly guys.”

“Really attractive guys (straight woman) just aren’t my thing.”

9. “Tall women.”

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“The first girl I was ever with cleared me by nearly a foot. I learned something about myself that night.”

“I’m 6’3″ and I dream of the day I meet a woman taller than me. Please let it happen. Please let it happen.”

8. “The early 2000’s skater or ‘in a band’ type”

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“Emo never dies.”

“Avril Lavigne in the music video for complicated made me drool in middle school.”

7. “Tomboys.”

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“A girl wearing a baseball cap gets me every time.”

“Yeah, Tomboys and ladies with southern accents. Specifically Kentucky for some reason, I guess I have a type and geographical region.”

6. “Super shy girls.”

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“I feel like people assume if you like shy quiet women that you just want someone subservient but the truth is I just like taking care of her and I love the way she looks at me when I predict what she wants and is so happy because I pay attention to her so I know how to love her and serve her.”

“Same bro, shy girls are just so adorable.”

5. “Short guys.”

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“I never really cared that much about height to begin with, but started dating a guy my height (5’5) and it’s absolutely amazing being eye level to the one you love.”

“I’m not afraid to admit that I like small dudes with low testosterone that ramble about stuff.”

4. “The just rolled out of bed look.”

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“Hair in a bun, glasses, no makeup, wearing a 10 year old hoodie.”

“My wife doesn’t believe me when I tell her she looks gorgeous first thing in the morning, but it’s true. Sometimes I’d rather see her in “a mess” than all dressed up.”

3. “Skinny men who wear reading glasses.”

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“Hot guys become hotter when they have glasses. It’s an absolute fact.”

“THIS! If they are shy I am drooling.”

“A bit lanky, nerdy looking, short hair, your typical “geek” type. I love it.”

2. “Fat girls.”

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“I was embarrassed about this when I was younger, but fortunately got over it.”

“I love huge thighs and you’re more likely to get huge thighs from a big woman. The big mommies need love too.”

“Same dude. Got a belly fetish. My gf is a little on the thick side and I love it.”

1. “Thin, mustache, look like they work with their hands.”

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“I didn’t know this was my type until I read your post. And I felt a deep resounding ‘yes’. Bonus points if he smells like chain oil or sawdust.”

“You’re just attracted to Arborists. We are thin cause we have to climb all day, rock mustaches or beards cause we wish we’re lumberjacks and everything we own smells like a mix of cut wood and gas/oil.”




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