16 Things Men Find Most Unattractive in Women

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Attraction is a delicate dance, and sometimes, seemingly small things can have a significant impact. Join us as men on Reddit share their insights on 16 major turn-offs that can instantly transform an attractive woman into someone less appealing:

16. “Playing on the phone while having an in-person conversation.”

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“Drives me up the goddamn wall. I’m fine with checking/responding to the occasional text, but being entirely buried in your phone for long periods of time is infuriating. Like, hey, we can just hang out less if I’m taking away from your quality facebook time. I don’t need to be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, when I could just be at home twiddling my thumbs on my couch.”

15. “Lack of Empathy for Others.”

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“This is my deal breaker for anyone, any kind of relationship. I know I’m overly empathetic but I literally cannot stand people that have none of it. I’m a psych major and while they’re fascinating in a study you kind of way, I don’t want them in my life.”

“Ugh yes, this makes me so uncomfortable I can’t be around someone like that.”

14. “Making Fun of Uncontrollable Shortcomings.”

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“She could be the hottest and nerdiest woman around but the moment she makes fun of my stammer would instantly be a major turn off”

“Making fun of anyone for anything they can’t control”

13. “Women who trash other women.”

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“Trashing other women’s outfits in public and things like that. Women that they don’t know.”

“That’s classic pick me behavior. “Look how much better I look than that hag over there” is the implication.”

12. “Leading people on.”

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“Was on a first date once, with what seemed like a sweet girl and she then bragged to me how she and her best friend would go to clubs and hit on ugly guys to lead them on, then laugh at them for thinking they had a chance. She was actually proud of this.”

11. “Physical violence, infidelity, heroin, Scientology, needless cruelty.”

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“This guy knows. Only thing he left off the list was owning a lot of crystals.”

“Physical violence- women can hit you and call you names and be a rage monster all they want and it’s perfectly accepted, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” is ammunition women use justify emotional and mental abuse also.”

10. “Inability to be accountable or apologize.”

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“Towards the tail-end of my college days I dated a smoking hot girl that never apologized for anything. She never once said the word “sorry” for anything she did wrong or said out of turn, and it’s one of the defining things I remember about her.”

“I dated a woman who refused to apologize for anything. She said and I quote, “I’ll apologize when I absolutely feel that it was my fault, 100% and no one else’s.” I’m sad to say I stayed in that relationship wayyyyyy longer than I should have and it turned out to be the most toxic relationship that I’ve ever been in, somehow everything ended up being my fault.”

9. “Elitist attitude toward others.”

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“The whole “I am a 10, I would only date someone who’s over 6 feet tall, in their 20s, make over $500k a year and have abs” on social media.”

“Depends on the brand of elitism, though. If it’s like I’m hot so I deserve to be treated like a princess, then f*** that. But if it’s like ugh, people can be so stupid and bland, let’s ditch this party and go talk s*** and make out in the park, I love it.”

8. “They have to do a TikTok dance in the middle of a busy public area.”

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“I’ve never experienced this in real life, but even seeing it on video is physically painful. The second this starts, I would be running away while simultaneously pulling the SIM out of my phone and breaking it. I’m headed to the airport to leave town; taking no risks on having to communicate with this person ever again.”

“Honestly just any…social media addiction behavior is a huge turnoff. Not interested in being your cameraman. Not interested in stopping what we’re doing so you can preen and prance and make Insta faces…”

7. “Hygiene.”

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“Damn you just reminded me of a girl…Gorgeous…dressed nice great hair…she took me back to her place. I used her bathroom. Absolutely disgusting! No shower and the filthy tub was full of garbage. Where does she bathe? Then…there were cigarette butts and ash on her sheets! I left…grossed me out.”

“Came here to say that. My roommate, who I used to plan on playfully seducing, just got pink eye and now tonsillitis. I always noticed that she rarely washed her hands or brushed her teeth, but I get home and remind her to wash her damn hands and she didn’t. Disgusting and dangerous.”

6. “Constantly complaining.”

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“Going through this with my current gf. I care about her, but my goodness the constant “life sucks, everything sucks, I want to die,” gets so draining. I have my bad days too but with her it’s literally every second of every day. She’s told me her “love language” is to complain…I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“I knew someone who never admitted a single thing and always blamed it on someone or something. Even used their mental labels as excuses and acted as if they weren’t a part of her, as if it was something external.”

5. “Treating restaurant staff badly.”

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“I was seeing someone much more attractive than anyone I’ve dated before. She was pretty chill and interesting. On our third date, we went to my favorite restaurant, and she was rude to the staff. I was so embarrassed that not only did I break up with her, I went back to the restaurant afterwards to apologize.”

“Yeah, I left a date 10 minutes in one time because she was rude to the waitress. I apologized to the waitress, tipped her, paid my half of the bill, and got the hell out.”

4. “My last boyfriend did this, my last boyfriend did that.”

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“I find these to be the same sort of people who can’t handle the fact that you ever had a life before them. I dated someone for a year who was constantly comparing everything I did to her ex, in both good and bad situations. “I love you, you’re so great, you’re way better than EX” “you’re acting like EX right now” “thank you for doing this for me! EX never would have done this.” But god forbid I ever brought my past dating life into a conversation, even if it was completely relevant. She’d blow up and then act coldly to me for the rest of the night.”

3. “No hobbies.”

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“I don’t want someone who wants me to entertain them. I want someone who has their own life and their own friends and doesn’t feel abandoned if I want to spend time on my own or going out with my own friends.”

“I want someone I can be alone with where we each do our own thing but are within reach of each other.”

2. “Needless cruelty.”

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“I was in love with a girl when I was a teen. I was smitten. She was a 10/10. She had a cat. One day it made her mad and she grabbed the cat and hurled it against the wall. I instantly despised her from there on out. Since she lived close, I also stole said cat a few weeks later. She didn’t deserve Muffin (I renamed him afterward). I don’t think she ever noticed (I didn’t talk to her anymore).”

1. “Thinking they own a certain look or idea.”

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“I dated this girl who thought everyone was copying her and it drove me up a wall. Stuff like “I just think it’s funny how everyone started wearing Nike right after I bought these shoes” No amount of explanation could change her mind on this. Most absurd example was when she got a week off work due to a family emergency in late November and then “it’s like all the sudden everyone is planning vacations”. Maybe because it’s Christmas? Pretty funny in hindsight.”

“Main character syndrome is what I call it.”




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