12 Things Poor People Loved Before Rich People Ruined Them

Written By Shivani Bohare

The internet has highlighted 12 instances where the wealthy have intentionally (or unintentionally) made things difficult for those with fewer means. From specific situations to everyday occurrences, these are the aspects where wealth caused more harm than good for the less fortunate:

12. Florida Beaches

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“It used to be a cheap thing to do with the family. Mom and pop hotels and local diners. Now it is $300/hotels with $5 coffee. Parking is expensive and there is little beach access. Kinda sucks to see it happen.”

“Yeah the area from Destin to Panama city is like an Atlanta suburb now, complete with intolerable traffic.”

11. Food Banks

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“My local food bank put out a news article basically saying that rich people need to stop using the food bank as a “life hack” to lower their grocery bills.”

“There were stories in the UK throughout the pandemic about it: those that needed it were having to walk to the Food Bank to get what they needed, but there was also people turning up in BMW’s, Range Rovers. etc.”

10. Camping

Tent Camping
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“I’d say people with campers ruined camping. Can’t drive two miles in the mountains without having to hug the side of the trail to let some dude with $100k+ truck and trailer squeeze past you on a road they have no business going down.”

“Now it’s impossible to get a campsite because of the plethora of sprinter vans and RVs that cost more than my house. Nobody (a few people) camps in tents anymore!”

9. Unrestricted Land

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“Everything gets an HOA now, and they try to force you into their jurisdiction. My family fought an HOA targeting my grandmother’s house. She had lived there for 10 years before the HOA was even an idea, or the new area with big houses was cleared for construction before that. If an HOA comes out where I live (which might happen in the next 15 years), I will fight them tooth and nail for spite alone.”

8. Tiny Homes

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“The tiny house thing made me so upset because when they first started as a trend, they were like “houses are crazy expensive, so let’s design them to be more economical,” and I had a faint glimmer of hope that I’d maybe be able to afford a (tiny) house after all one day. And then, about a month later, they were all $200k+ because rich people found out about it. Poor people see “affordable,” rich people see “bargain.”

“I live in my [awful] van after almost being evicted from my apartment. Every once in a while, I’ll meet a rich couple with $100,000 van conversions, and they ask me, “What’s your build like??” I’m like, there’s a mattress and not much else. Can be truly offensive at times.”

7. Concerts and Festivals

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“Counterculture-based festivals. Burning Man was on my bucket list until rich ***** started showing up with bodyguards and establishing private zones.”

“A friend who came from money and has never worked for anything started going to Burning Man a few years back. Obviously, he became a “DJ,” and now that’s his “culture.” He takes his dad’s massive RV out there, takes a massive group of leeches and even private security, and acts like he started Burning Man. It’s infuriating to watch. He’s 38 years old.”

6. Affordable Housing

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“Not just houses in general, but poor neighborhoods, in particular, are being [done] over. You can see the tale here in the property history on Realtor.com. Lots and lots of houses were previously on the market for $50,000, bought, and then flipped and listed for $250k to $300k in a ZIP code where the median income is $34.5k, a good $20k less than the median income for the city. Shockingly, no one wants to spend $300k for a **** remodel in the ‘hood, so most of these houses sit empty unless/until they’re put on Airbnb.”

“I did landscaping and got a job in Philly…the job was to build a rain garden in the middle of these brand-new three-story homes selling for $700,000. The average house price in that area was like $100,000 at best, and then these new houses are put in, and the house prices and taxes skyrocket.”

5. Online Shopping Sites Like eBay or Etsy

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“I’ve had my eBay account since ’98 when you had to send physical checks/money orders through the mail. It felt like an online flea market or garage sale where you’d get to know certain buyers and sellers. Feedback was essential, and you never bid on something you didn’t plan to buy because any hit to your reputation was a huge deal. It was a nice little collecting community until they allowed resellers of knock-off goods in and turned the whole thing into another Amazon. I occasionally still sell collectibles, but the number of people who don’t bother paying is huge now. I miss old eBay.”

“I still buy on Etsy. But I look up any shop I’m interested in online to be sure it’s a true small business & not a reseller. Resellers ruin everything.”

4. Farmer’s Markets

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“I went to a farmer’s market where only one vendor sold fruits and vegetables. There were three boutique honey stands and an old white lady selling ‘native’ art…So dumb.”

“My subdivision tried to put on a farmers market. One produce stall and the rest for MLM stands. It was so disappointing. The produce was very high quality, though. I was bummed they only did 2-3 before they stopped completely.”

3. Well-Located Holiday Homes

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“This is northern Ontario now. Regular people used to be able to afford a tiny summer cottage to enjoy by the water. Now it’s all being built up with ugly mansions.”

“I worked on docks the past few years, and the amount of [crazy] money on that lake is staggering. You can see the older mom-and-pop communities and a hundred yards later see massive houses only occupied for three months out of the year.”

2. Old Houses

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“What’s even worse is when they completely tear down a nice period house and put up a boxy gray monstrosity in its place…I saw that happened with this gorgeous Tudor house in my neighborhood a couple of years ago, and now the ugly boxy house that replaced it looks unkempt.”

“I’ve seen so many nice period houses completely gutted on the inside by modern renovations. If I buy a 1930s house, I don’t want stupid Scandinavian minimalist interior!”

1. Thrifting

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“My local goodwills have increased their prices by a solid 50%, at least since it’s become “trendy.” Also, **** resellers. They’ll buy a $4 shirt and sell it for $20.”

“Manhattan used to have thrift stores where the wealthy donated clothes. Great stuff, slightly out of the latest fashion. The internet hit, and that stuff is now bulk-bought and resold on eBay. Sucks for young people in status professions that pay poorly at the start who don’t have family money but need to look good in the office.”


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