18 Places To Remove From Your Bucket List ASAP (According to the Internet)

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Thinking about your next adventure? Wait a sec! Before you pack your bags, you might want to take a look at this list. Reddit users spilled the beans on 18 travel destinations so terrible you’ll wish you’d never set foot in. So, if you’re aiming for a vacation free of regrets, then this “no-no” list is just the thing for you:

18. Coachella

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“To be fair Coachella basically is a fashion show. All the “influencers” get dressed up and take a million selfies. Nobody that goes to Coachella actually gives a **** about the music.”

“It hasn’t been good for years. One of the selling points was that the big stars actually mingled in the crowds and stuff. Now they hide away and only come out for performances and professional pictures.”

“Went in 2017 and it was MISERABLE. It was 95 to 100F each day, which is expected of the area. But add on that everything is dust, everyone is covered in dust, everyone is wearing masks.”

17. Las Vegas

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“I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to go to Las Vegas. At least the touristy part. It seems like an absolute s***. I can gamble and drink somewhere else. Everybody there seems like the worst people, and everything is insanely overpriced and sketchy.”

“It’s definitely overpriced and sketchy. I met a few nice people there though.”

16. Egypt

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“Same here. I keep seeing it at the top of threads regarding the worst places people have ever been to.”

“It’s not just that it’s an awful, dangerous place for women and foreigners in general – it’s that of all the world destinations people idolize, it’s honestly a bit s***. I’ve been, and all those photos of the Pyramids are taken from specific angles so they really don’t show that the actual city of Giza is basically right next to them, and it’s a genuine dump. The Nile is horribly polluted to the point where there’s nowhere you can swim 100% safely. The city is extremely noisy and hostile.”

15. Myanmar

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“Spent my pre-adolescence there during the previous rule of the junta, when Suu Kyi was in house arrest. I cannot begin to explain the fear that was present in everyday life there then.”

“It’s heartbreaking what’s been happening there…Just nice, sweet people and they’re going through hell. It changed so fast and it’s so sad.”

14. Antarctica

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“I’ve actually gone, for a study abroad program this past December…Ever since coming back I don’t feel the same, there’s something about seeing a part of the world so remote and untouched that is just…humbling to the ego.”

It’s actually becoming more popular for tourists. You can get a cruise that sets foot on the continent for $10k each.”

13. The Moon

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“A lot of people dream of going to space but it terrifies me. Just thinking about seeing the earth from space makes me wanna throw up. My lizard brain wants me to be firmly on the earth.”

“One day, someone is going to wake up and lay there i bed thinking, “F***. I have to go to the moon today. There’s going to be queues at customs, there’s traffic, all that moon advertising, the rocket will be crowded because it’s school holidays.”

12. Back to high school

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“I’m 36 soon and still have weird dreams every year or so about having to re-enroll in my old high school. Always leaves me with a horrible feeling. Not about getting bullied or anything just having no autonomy again.”

11. Burkina Faso

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“Not because I have anything against the place, it just seems like a really unlikely location for me to end up. It’s fun to say, though.”

“I had a friend in the peace corps who went there and immediately contracted a deadly parasite and had to be sent back before she died, and it was a close one.”

“Unfortunately it’s become a pretty unsafe place to travel to over the last years with lots of political unrest, a coup d’état, attacks and kidnappings so most countries advise against venturing there anymore.”

10. Dubai

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“There’s a certain sort of person that holidays in Dubai. Not saying they’re wrong to do so, and I hope they enjoy it. Most people I know who go seem to enjoy it. But, it is always a certain sort.”

“I would visit if I ever need to fly through there, but the idea of going to a giant shopping mall in the middle of an insanely hot place doesn’t seem interesting (because I’m from Texas and that’s pretty much most of Texas during the summer lol.)”

9. Somalia

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“The US travel advisory for Somalia is one of the more amusing ones, including things like: “have a designated contact for hostage negotiations” and “notify next of kin of your travel plans if a body needs to be sent.””

“If I had to choose between traveling to Somalia and North Korea, I’d probably choose North Korea. Simply because, while North Korea has arbitrarily detained and killed foreigners, it seems like the sort of thing where if you stay in your lane and don’t ask too many questions, you should (in most cases) be fine. Whereas Somalia requires you to have an armed escort everywhere you go while watching out for bombs and such.”

8. Mount Everest

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“I understand why some people want to but I even if I had eternal life I can’t imagine wanting to spend any of it climbing a freezing cold mountain just to say I’d been to the highest point on Earth.”

“I would love to from the standpoint of pushing/challenging myself. Except that the reality of it is that the “challenge” is much more about having the disposable income and free time to hire a bunch of underpaid sherpas to do most of the work for you while you leave behind a bunch of trash that will be stuck on the mountain forever.”

7. North Korea

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“Even the border is dangerous. I had a friend deploy and work at the DMZ site and he said there’s stuff that doesn’t make the news that the DPRK border guards do all the time like taking potshots across the border or trying to kidnap guards on the south side of the line.”

“I went once, super weird experience. It’s kind of boring in a way, you just get shuttled around from historic site to historic site, as they explain “This is exactly X to commemorate Y.”

But also everything is just kind of… off, so it’s an incredibly memorable experience. It’s hard to describe succinctly, but it has given me a lot of stories.”

6. India and Pakistan

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“…[Because] I’m a woman.”

“Might as well add Egypt and most of the Middle East to your list then.”

“Yes, any place where I would feel unsafe travelling alone is off the table. Even if I am not alone. I am usually pretty fearless, most of the time. It’s gotta be my gut I suppose.”

5. Underwater caves

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“If people want to die drowning in the dark, more power to them. Some things are best left unexplored.”

“The best thing about cave diving is that you don’t have to do it.”

“Instant claustrophobia.”

4. China

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“I’m Chinese. But I’ll never, ever, ever return to the ‘motherland’. Not even for a visit or an all expenses paid vacation.”

“I’m Taiwanese-American and will also never go to China. It makes me a bit sad because I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, but it’s just not safe.”

“Travelled there about 20 years ago. We knew people living there and stayed near them for a couple of days. No white people anywhere. Definitely a very new experience for me. No desire to ever go back, even more so now with how the Gov is etc.”

3. Middle East

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“Misogynistic and homophonic religious dictatorships.”

“As a woman who loves history, man I’d love to see it, but I just don’t think that’s very wise.”

2. Costco on a Saturday Afternoon

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“That’s a suicide mission right there.”

“My first time in Costco was a Saturday morning…I was not ready.”

“I live near Boston and the traffic for the Costco in Everrett was so bad that 4 cops had to direct traffic for an hour and a half.”

1. North Sentinel Island

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“You can go there, you just can’t leave.”

“Seems like a monumentally horrible idea but I’m sure there’s someone that will attempt this one day…..stupidity is something we have a surplus of these days.”

“Pretty eerie that you can look at it on Google earth and see pretty distinctive, beaten down walking trails around the coast of the island but no evidence of people beyond that.”




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