7 Famous Scenes That Explain Why Everyone Loves Sir David Attenborough

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Sir David Attenborough is a naturalist turned national treasure. His unmistakable dulcet tones have graced nature shows and documentaries for almost 70 years.

From the early days of Zoo Quest to more recent docuseries, including Planet Earth (2006, 2016), Our Planet (2019), and Blue Planet II (2017), he’s devoted his life to showcasing the natural world and championing the need for environmental reform.

Yet despite his global fame, Attenborough’s maintained a reputation for being a kind, gentle, and passionate man of poise, humility, and integrity.

For those less familiar with the living legend, here are seven famous Sir David Attenborough scenes that shed light on why he’s so adored.

1. That Time He Met the Mountain Gorillas (Life on Earth, 1979)

One of the most famous Attenborough clips of all time comes from his time with mountain gorillas in 1979. In it, you watch a youthful Attenborough rolling on the forest floor, surrounded by a group of playful gorillas.

Watch it here.

2. That Time a Lyrebird Mimicked the Camera (The Life of Birds, 1998)

In this incredible scene, Sir David Attenborough introduces viewers to the Lyrebird. Famous for imitating the calls of other birds, the surprise comes when it mimics perfectly the sound of a camera shutter and its motor drive. Sadness follows, though, when the bird then imitates the sounds of chainsaws felling trees.

Watch it here.

3. That Time He Said Boo to a Sloth (The Life of Mammals, 2002)

The full charm of Sir David’s on display in this classic footage from The Life of Mammals, where he approaches a sloth – or, as he calls it, “a mobile compost heap” – and says “boo.”

Watch it here.

4. That Time He Was Surrounded By Crabs (The Trials of Life, 1990)

Attenborough’s love of the natural world knows no bounds. So while most people might balk at the thought of sitting in a heaving mass of crimson-colored crabs, he didn’t bat an eyelid. In another popular scene, you watch him on Christmas Island, south of Java, where 120 million crabs reside – one of which crawls up his leg.

Watch it here.

5. That Time He Described Penguins Stealing Stones (Frozen Planet, 2011)

Attenborough’s known around the world for his iconic narration of wildlife scenes. Vivid, descriptive, dosed with awe, and laced with humor, it draws you into whatever scenario’s playing out on screen. To hear his narration at its very best, check out the “Criminal Penguins” scene from Frozen Planet, where a mischievous penguin starts stealing stones for its nest.

Watch it here.

6. That Time He Bonded With a Blind Baby Rhino (Africa, 2013)

When a blind baby rhino came to say hello at the end of a day’s filming, Attenborough needed no second invitation to return the greeting. He gets down on his hands and knees and promptly starts squeaking right back at the friendly rhino. It’s prime Attenborough – totally unashamed in his love of animals.

Watch it here.

7. That Time the Iguana Raced the Snakes (Planet Earth II, 2016)

David Attenborough’s documentaries have been devoured and adored by global audiences for decades. To understand why, consider this famous scene of an iguana being chased by a den of snakes. Attenborough doesn’t say much, choosing to let the drama speak for itself instead.

Watch it here.

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