13 Clear Signs That Person You’re Talking To Is a Complete Weirdo (According to the Internet)

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Wondering if the person you’re chatting with is an odd-ball, or if it’s just your imagination working overtime? Well, the internet is here to clear your doubts! From the whimsical to the downright creepy, here’s a rundown of 13 peculiar signs, as shared by Reddit users, that can help you spot a “Total Weirdo!”

13. “Gatekeepers and Mansplainers.”

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“As a woman, it’s when a man feels the need to tell you all about your own interests and how you’re wrong about it. Like, I’m nerdy and like comics, but I like the comics I like, and some comic guys try to tell me I’m not a real comic fan if I do t like x,y,z comics. Dude, leave me alone.”

“Oh god, don’t get me started on the band shirts. “What’s your favourite song? No saying any of the hits.” “My favourite song is f*** off.””

12. “They don’t understand personal space.”

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“The worst is when you take a step back from them and they keep filling in that space.”

“Social distancing was by far the best thing about the pandemic.”

“Had an old man at work come up and start stroking my hair he said it looked like cotton candy (it was pink and blue) it went on for a bit too long.”

11. “They constantly have interactions where everyone else is completely crazy.”

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“Normal people don’t get banned from Costco, spit on gas station attendants and get tased by the cops. If this happens to you you’re probably a creepy weirdo. And yes, I’m sure all of your ex-girlfriends were the problem.”

“If one or two of your exes were crazy or [nasty], I can give you the benefit of doubt, but if all of them are? You’re the problem.”

10. “They have no respect for boundaries.”

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“Met a girl through class. She immediately became very attached and asked for my apartment key the second time we hung out together, which was about one week apart. We’re both girls and we literally hung out twice.”

“I had a girl I met through a friend once, climb through my window just to smoke a joint in my house. She was 25 years of age as well. It’s a good job I found it hilarious.”

9. “Grown men who tell teenage girls that they’re ‘mature for their age.’”

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“Grown men who tell pre-pubescent girls they’re going to be a heartbreaker when they grow up. Ew.”

“And old men who offer underage girls alcohol. Had two men in separate occasions in public come up and offer to get me a drink when I was clearly not old enough to drink. When I told one of them he said, ‘nobody has to know.’”

8. “Where’s my hug?”

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“How about a smile? You look soo much prettier when you smile.”

“A lady at work asks younger guys this. You can see how blatantly uncomfortable they are. I cringe just thinking about it. She also tells them she loves them. Yuck. Women can also be creepy.”

7. “They make comments that are absolutely out of line…like it’s normal.”

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“It’s one thing to joke but you can just tell when someone is being serious.”

“The thing too is some of the people doing that are just testing the waters. If you don’t react negatively they read it as a green light to keep doing it and to push the boundaries even further. If you do respond negatively then suddenly hey it was just a joke, why are you being so sensitive you snowflake, free speech etc.”

6. “He refers to himself as an alpha male.”

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“That’s a red flag among red flags.”

“Or sigma – the new alpha for those that already knew they weren’t cool enough to lead anything.”

“One guy I met started telling me how he’s a high value man and I was never more turned off.”

5. “They have absolutely zero personality outside of [innuendo].”

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“At first the jokes are a little funny but then it becomes just low hanging, crude fruit and often misogynistic.”

“I dated a woman who was a little older than me. She was attractive and really into me, but she kept referring to me as her cub and she was my cougar. It…got super old and weird.”

4. “When they’re stone sober and trying to pick up super drunk people.”

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“Bonus predator points if they show up at a party alone and the only people they want to talk to are drunk women.”

“Chicken-hawks is the name we used for that. It also refers to older men who prey on adolescents, which I did not know till recently.”

3. “They tell you who you are and what you like…”

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“…and if you stand up for yourself they gaslight you and try to play games with your boundaries to break them down.”

“Like the guys who order for themselves and for their date at a restaurant. ‘I’ll have the steak and baked potato, and she will have a small salad with the fat-free dressing.’”

“Just gas-lighting in general. No decent person ever does this.”

2. “[They] attempt to isolate you from your friends.”

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“…Or to take you out of a public space to go somewhere alone with them.’

“I knew someone who did exactly that and stopped talking to me after I refused to give him my address or come to his house.”

1. “They have many friends that are much, much younger than them.”

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“Interesting, that was exactly the case with an elderly housemate I used to have. I thought it was just because he was a cool old guy with young energy, just one of the kids really, but then he turned out to be a *********. And I thought because he was 85 he was harmless…”

“Back in college I worked as a maid and one time was cleaning the office/home of some 40-something year old psychologist/therapist. He said he’d be out of our way as soon as his friends got there as they had plans for the night. His friends turned out to be a group of teenaged boys. My not so shocked pikachu face when a few years later I see his name in the newspaper.”


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