15 Common Reasons People Instantly Judge You (According to the Internet)

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Curious about the snap judgments people make? According to insights shared across the internet, here’s a revealing list of 15 things individuals secretly and immediately judge you for:

15. “Not being able to be on time.”

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“I don’t mean running late every once in awhile. I’m talking about people who literally cannot bring themselves to be on time ever for anything. Get up earlier, set a timer, do something to fix it, or stop apologizing for being late because you clearly aren’t sorry.”

“There was a lady at my work who asked me on her first day if management was strict with employees being on time. She made it a month.”

14. “If you drive a big, loud a** truck. It kills me.”

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“They sound like they’re really going fast and then you look and they’re going 12 mph.”

“The big, loud a** trucks with headlights that you can see from space are high on that list as well. Like, cool, glad you can see 3 miles down the road, Brock, but now I’M flashbanged and can’t see a f****** thing.”

13. “People who cut in lines.”

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“Oh I’m not secret about that. I flat out tell them ‘the line ends down there, you just cut in front of people.’ Usually works but I’ve had a few blatantly ignore me so I just say to them ‘or you can continue to be an a****** okay.'”

“They feel sooo entitled to it too. This lady tried to cut in line once and I told her to go to the back. Lmao I can never forget the resentful look she gave me.”

12. “Bad driving.  No turn signal, tailgating, treating the drive like a race.”

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“Inching forward a tiny bit at a time at a red light that’s clearly not going to turn green any time soon.”

“Not knowing how to do zipper merges properly and improper parking too. Like there is no reason for you to eat up two parking spaces!”

11. “Anyone who carries a loud speaker…blasting out their music playlist in public.”

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“I especially judge these people when I pass them on hiking trails. I cannot even fathom the mindset. Hike with music if you must, but please, for the rest of us who actually like the sound and quiet of nature, wear some f****** headphones.”

“These people live solely in their own tiny heads.”

“Literally it’s so inconsiderate. How entitled and self-centered do you have to be to think everyone else wants to hear your loud music?”

“A woman I work with wants to name her kid Dragon.”

10. “Those wooden signs they have in their homes that say “Gather”, or some s*** like that.”

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“A friend bought a house with ‘EAT’ painted in the kitchen and she kept it because her cabinet redesign makes it look like ‘FAT’ and the idea of a judgmental kitchen amuses her.”

“‘Love. Laugh. Love.’ Why did you waste your money on that?”

9. “What they name their kids.”

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“If it’s a normal name with a weird spelling, I’m judging so hard.”

“My nephew goes to nursery with a ‘Gravity’ and ‘Jupiter’.”

8. “People crying in front of the camera and posting it on social media.”

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“Seriously. When I’m going through something my absolute LAST thought is to post to snapchate or tiktok. I don’t understand people like this.”

“Also giving a sentimental gift to someone and recording their emotional response. Even with permission, it feels like it takes away from the genuine gesture and turns it into something exploitative.”

7. “Whether they have manners or not.”

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“Of all the passports in the world, the best one to have is good manners.”

“Chewing food with their mouth open…” “Not saying thank you when you hold a door for them.”

“As a retail sales floor worker, if you approach me with a question or statement with a nasty attitude for no reason, I am absolutely judging.”

6. “How they treat complete strangers out in public.”

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“Yeahhhh how they treat waiters/cashiers/anyone they might view as “below” them.”

“A true display of one’s character is how they treat the little man.”

“Being nice to random people is like the easiest way to feel good about yourself and get a free dose of positivity from someone else, I don’t know why anyone would pass on the chance to have friendly interactions in their day. It feels great.”

5. “Parents who are constantly yelling at their kids.”

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“Saw some kid having a freaking meltdown in the middle of the mall and his mom drag him to a corner and yelled back at him with the same energy and was like, guess I know where he got it from.”

“Especially when they yell at them because they couldn’t stop crying. Yeah, nice work. That’ll definitely get them to stop crying.”

“Adding to this, parents who curse at their kids or call them names.”

4. “People who don’t return their shopping carts.”

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“Not only if they do… But how neatly they do it.”

“It’s not primarily about courtesy for the employees (you’re getting paid to work on one thing or another during that time anyway), it’s about courtesy for other customers. Stray carts can cause a lot of expensive damage to cars.”

“The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.”

3. “Hygiene.”

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“Yeah if you go to the bathroom and don’t wash your hands I immediately lose respect for you.”

“That’s why I f****** hate handshakes, people are filthy.”

“I’m looking at you, coworker of only 10 people in the building that rushed into the toilet, took a giant dump, wiped quickly and walked straight for the door. I didn’t hear any turning on [of] the faucet.”

2. “If they push their chair in when they’re done or not.”

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“Nobody in my family besides me actually pushes their chair in. It drives me nuts.”

“Yes! Like how hard is it? A table with all the chairs scattered around and not pushed in looks so chaotic!”

“I do this all the time – not just at home but also at restaurants, cafes, etc. I can’t tell you how many times staff has said “thank you for doing that. No one ever does.””

1. “Having their buttcrack out.”

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“A little slip is fine if you realize immediately and then pull your pants up, but if you’re sitting at a table with several inches out for an extended period of time…how do you not feel the breeze going through that canyon??”

“If I can see your underwear or your crack, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Get a nickel and drop it in….”


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