10 Happy Songs to Cheer You Up When Everything Feels Bleak

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Life getting you down?

Throwing you lemons?

Well, let’s squeeze them into lemonade and enjoy a much-needed pick-me-up courtesy of 10 of the happiest songs ever created.

Turn up the volume, stick them on repeat, and get ready for a boost.

1. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

This classic tune from Gloria Gaynor will lift your spirits from the first line. It’s a song about turning challenge into triumph and realizing your inner strength in the process.

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2. I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

The clue’s in the name with this one. Stick on this infamous track and let the Godfather of Soul cajole you into a better mood.

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3. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & the Waves

With its catchy beat and feel-good lyrics, Katrina & the Waves will have you singing and dancing along in no time.

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4. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Get ready for Freddy Mercury at his glorious best. The starting lyrics of this timeless tune alone should be enough to inspire and lift your spirits. But if that doesn’t do it, the infectious melody that follows should.

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5. Lovely Day – Bill Withers

On your down days, when the world outside feels full of gloom, stick Lovely Day on repeat and let Bill Withers’ dulcet tones whisk you into a brighter headspace.

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6. Shout – The Isley Brothers

The melody, the rhythm, the lyrics…everything about this iconic Isley Brothers song makes you want to move your body and let loose. Resistance is futile.

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7. Dancing Queen – ABBA

Want to sing until your voice goes hoarse, wrap your arms around your pals, and let the nostalgia work its magic? You can’t go wrong with ABBA’s Dancing Queen. It’s Europop at its finest.

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8. Valerie – Amy Winehouse ft. Mark Ronson

While it might not be the first “happy song” that comes to mind, the energy, attitude, and unique vocals of Amy Winehouse will restore the pep to your step in a flash.

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9. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin’s 1988 hit lacks the fast beat and intense vocals of other feel-good songs. But its unique sound and positive lyrics work a treat all the same. Don’t miss the video, either. It’s silly, irreverent, and guaranteed to make you smile.

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10. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to listen to this 60s classic without feeling your mood lift. From the lilting vocals and buoyant beat to a chorus that gets you up on your feet, it’s a must for any feel-good playlist.

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