17 Final Straws That Convinced People to Leave Toxic Relationships

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Cutting off toxic relationships is often a difficult but necessary step for one’s well-being. People on the internet have shared their gut-wrenching reasons for deciding to sever ties with toxic family or friends. Let’s delve into the heartfelt stories of these brave souls who found the strength to let go:

17. The Abusive Father

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“Dad SA’d sister. Mother and other sister chose his side. Yeah we don’t talk much. Mom even said that my sister must have provoked it (at 12 years old).”

16. The Abusive Stepfather

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“My new stepfather in a drunken rage tried to choke me out because I did not agree with his views. My mother did nothing to stop it and took his side.. 22 years later have not spoken to anyone in my family.”

15. The Family Who Was Embarrassed about Her Gender Identity

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Mum told me she hoped I offed myself (most recent thing). Step dad was a pedo. The rest hated that I wasn’t mild mannered and placid, and also wouldn’t let me talk about being lesbian to anyone outside the family because of embarrassment.”

14. The Unsympathetic Grandmother

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“Grandmother told me that’s what I get for having children out of wedlock when my infant son died. Yeeted her *** right out the front door, have not spoken to her in about 10 years. From what I’ve heard from an uncle she is dying of a brain tumor, could not happen to a more deserving person.”

13. Abusive Brothers and Enabling Parents

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“My brothers SA me. My parents decided to hide it and told me if I’d tell anyone my parents would go to jail. They never got me the help I needed. Now many years later I’m getting help and trying to heal. My dad has decided he doesn’t want any part in it. He would just rather be enraged about politics and my cousin being trans than to help me and stand up for something that actually matters. Whenever it gets brought up he changes the subject. I’ve since cut off my brothers and their families. I am working on cutting my dad off as well.”

12. The Abusive Family and Unstable Mom

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“Grew up in an explosive and abusive household, when I was finally able to move out I started slowing distancing myself. Mom went off the deep end. Started out accusing me of sleeping with every single person I know (yes, EVERY person),coming up with outlandish stories for why I was an awful person, threatening suicide. When I cut her off completely she started stalking me. I changed my number and moved to a new state, I did not give anyone, including my brother, my new home address, and started receiving cards in the mail from her last year.”

11. The Stress-Inducing Family

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“Just stress. Every phone call, every visit, holidays, events. Constantly berated, questioned and feuding. I didn’t cut them off in the sense of no contact. I just stopped caring. I don’t ask, I don’t get involved. Phone calls last 3 minutes because I have nothing to share everything is good here.

Holidays I eat and leave. And I’m too busy for random drop ins because kids have sports and friends and I have hobbies. When they come to me and vent I simply respond in unique ways that they’ll figure it out and I’m unsure what I’d do in their place.”

10. The Abusive Family

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“My sister was cut off about 10 years ago after several incidents involving her spreading rumors about me at my work for a third time. She told one of my boss that I was a hard drug user (i never touch the stuff). She kept doing that after I warned her.

I cut off the rest of my family when I confronted them about multiple historical events of physical abuse and torture from when I was a kid. They refused to talk about it and were verbally abusive about it. I cut them off about 5 years ago and my life has taken a positive turn since.”

9. The Parents Who Lied

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“I found out my dad wasn’t really my dad, and then my mother proceeded to lie about what actually happened. I experienced a childhood full of physical & verbal abuse, but he never laid a hand on my sisters. now I know why. I corroborated the truth via other family members before cutting off all contact with mom & “dad”…still close with sisters though.”

8. The Aunt Who Stole the House

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“My cousin (still a12yo child at this point) lost both her parents and the family had to help her sell her parental house. Long story short, one of my aunts secretly sold the house without telling anyone and kept the profit (250k) for herself. Everyone thought the house was still up for sale until the real estate agent informed my cousin’s actual guardian (a different aunt) that my other aunt had sold the house and he thought it was sketchie.

Good news though, my aunt was sued, had to pay everything back and the 250k was directly deposited into my cousin her bank account and my aunt received an additional 50k fine she had to pay my cousin and guardian aunt for emotional damage. We do not speak about this aunt anymore.”

7. The Mormons Who Chose the Church

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“I didn’t, they did. I decided to leave Mormonism and they chose the church over me.”

“Same. It sucks, sorry that was your experience as well.”

“Fellow exmo too. Hope you are doing better now!”

6. The Third Wife

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“I was 10 years old. I was given to a 34-year-old man to be his third wife. My parents were so happy because it was a great “honour” to them that I was chosen out of all of the girls there to be with the man that was second in charge.

I was smuggled out a month before my 13th birthday. Was deprogrammed, tried to end my own life when I was 16 because of what I went through. I’m still alive. I’ll be 49 this year. I don’t know if my parents are even alive.”

5. The Alcoholic Father

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“My father was an abusive alcoholic who left us when I was a teen after [he attempted suicide several times]. He was clearly not okay mentally. We reconnected in my early 20s and when I finally started to build my trust for him again he disappeared. He tried to reconnect with me a year later when he needed something. I haven’t spoken to him since then.”

4. The Cousin with Addiction Problems

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“My cousin had addiction problems and just burned every bridge in our family. Used to be we’d buy him food and stuff he needs instead of just giving him money because it’d go straight to more drugs, but he eventually became so toxic we couldn’t even do that.”

3. The Abusive Mother

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“My mother used to beat the s*** out of me on a daily basis. Lashed out for no reason than me being a child. Woke me up in the middle of the night to give me cold showers because I did something she judged to be out of line (it was really bs reasons most of the time). Put my face in garbage full of maggots because I forgot to tie the garbage bag before putting in the bin…She always did this when no one was home, and I was so afraid to say anything that my sister and dad didn’t know it was happening until I told them a few years ago.”

2. The Money-Grabbing Siblings

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“I cut out my mother’s side of the family. Her sister and brother made it their personal goal to financially ruin my parents. Then the other sister piled on. All three of them had been borrowing money from my grandparents for years and when the other sister sold my grandparent’s house out from under them “because they can’t live on their own anymore” my grandparents were appalled when they were told by my aunt that she was putting them in a home.

So they lived with my parents instead and the other siblings accused my parents of taking their inheritance. They harrassed, stalked, and vandalized my parents property until both grandparents were dead. I will never forgive them and hope their own children treat them as poorly as they treated my parents and grandparents.”

1. The Despicable Rich Aunt

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“Aunt in the rich part of the family made my mother clean their bathrooms one day when she told them we couldn’t afford food (unlucky situation, both parents unemployed within days), instead of just helping her out. They didn’t even pay her, they gave her food they had prepared that day and some potatoes and oil. From that day on, my mother was so hurt and felt so humiliated I decided to pretend they don’t even exist.”




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