15 Iconic Movies To Watch, Re-Watch, and Recommend to Your Friends (According to the Internet)

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There’s no better time for a nostalgic throwback than the holidays! So, if you want to make the most of your time off, Reddit’s got a list of 15 iconic cinematic masterpieces that are a must-watch with friends and family. Grab the popcorn and let’s dive in:

15. The Prestige

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“You think you know what genre movie you’re watching until you get to the end.”

“I remember when I first watched that movie with my friends. I had never seen it before and they all had. The movie floored me. Never saw it coming. I really like most if not all Christopher Nolan movies; he has a unique way of telling a story and he’s never afraid of trying something new, which is hard to come by nowadays.”

14. The Sixth Sense

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“Before the internet you could actually watch a movie with a surprise ending and have it be a surprise.”

“I love the fact that many people didn’t know the twist. I saw it in theaters and when it was revealed, you heard audible gasps and some “oh s***!!!””

13. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

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“I was about 9 and walked out of the theater like “wow…wow””

“Yes. I don’t think I took my eyes off the screen for a second while seeing it and each scene was more exciting than the last. Riveting!”

12. Interstellar

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“My all-time favourite. One of those movies that you want to forget so you can watch for the first time all over again!”

“I bet you can still hear Matthew McConaughey yelling “Murph!” in your head just as clear as the first time you saw the movie. That bookshelf scene is haunting. Just an incredible movie.”

11. Saving Private Ryan

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“My heart rate was sky high for the whole of the beach landing scene and I felt like I was there with them.”

“After seeing Saving Private Ryan in a movie theater, I was in the lobby exiting and thinking it was one of the BEST movies I had ever seen in my life…but I honestly did NOT want to see it, again. At least for a long time afterward. Even today, I’ve never made it through the entire movie in a single sitting. Still, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but man, it’s intense.”

10. The Matrix

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“Best intro ever. The first 5-10 minutes is basically perfect movie making. It is action packed and instantly grabs your attention, but it also does a great job of introducing characters and world-building.”

“I remember seeing it in a theater when it came out. Matinee on a Wednesday afternoon but the theater was still a quarter full. Guy in front of me said “what in the f***?!?” during the bullet-time scene. Sticks with me to this day.”

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

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“I remember when we saw the trailers for it, and I mocked it out loud like :”What’s next Disney?! A spinning teacups movie.” And then just blown away by how much of a masterpiece of action adventure movie making it is. Solid plot, amazing fight choreography, original non-remake story, great CGI, quotable dialogue, just a banger of a soundtrack… and of course, Jack Sparrow.”

“Talk about just 100% straight up f****** FUN.”

8. Star Wars (1977)

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“No one today can understand what it was like to see Star Wars in the movie theatre. It was amazing.”

“I was 9 years old. Never saw anything like it before!”

7. Terminator 2

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“I was obsessed with this movie as a kid and watched it like every day for three years.”

“One of the few sequels out there better than the original in every way.”

6. Arrival

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“I also love this one because of how it respects the viewer’s intelligence, and completely upends our expectation of how alien life and technology works…I thought about this movie constantly when teaching my kids how to communicate, about all the processes that have to happen in their minds before they can even begin to form words.”

“My answer as well. Just a great movie that really slowly builds this awesome climax. One of my favorites.”

5. Inception

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“This one blew my mind the most out of any movie I’ve seen in theaters. Had to see it two more times before I felt like I really grasped it, and yet I was still left wondering at the end.”

“Cannot even count how many times I have watched this movie. First time was just mind blown.”

“Every time I watch this I realize something new that I never noticed during previous watches.”

4. Pulp Fiction

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“I had no idea you could tell a story non linearly. Blew my mind. I actually finished the movie, rewound the tape, and watched it again, just to make sure I understood it properly and also because of how awesome it was. Still my favorite film of all time.”

“This movie had such a reputation for being “ultra violent,” so I was expecting something very different when I first saw it. Didn’t know it’d be so funny and creative. It was my first Tarantino film and one of my favorites (maybe second to Inglorious).”

3. Fight Club

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“It was such a weird movie with such crazy characters. Beautifully shot and a great story with themes that are still of interest today.”

“I stand by fight club having a top 5 movie script ever. Such clever writing that people seem to forget.”

2. Memento

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“I saw it in high school and it was such a game changer.”

“When the movie ended I just sat there still glued to my seat. I was bewildered. I think I looked over at the friend who’d brought us there and asked “Was that the best movie I’ve ever seen or am I going crazy?” Couldn’t believe how good it was.”

1. Jurassic Park

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

“I loved how under wraps they kept the whole thing. You literally could not see what the dinosaurs looked like unless you paid for a ticket on release. I remember a photo of Stephen Spielberg in the paper posing with one of the dinosaurs and they completely blacked out the dinosaur. You only saw a tail for a brief second in the commercials.”

“I couldn’t believe something like that was possible. The visuals I mean…not the dinosaur cloning.”

Can You Think of Any Others?

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It goes without saying that this list only scratches the surface of mind-blowing movies that have hit the screens over the years. So it begs the question: what others do you think should have made the cut? Are there any infamous films that didn’t feature? Drop a comment with your favorites!



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