13 Lies Most Parents Tell Their Kids (According to the Internet)

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Remember those things your parents told you as a kid? Turns out, some were just plain old lies. The internet has uncovered 13 of these misleading tales that many of us grew up believing. So, let’s unveil these childhood myths once and for all!

13. Go To college and You’ll Be Successful

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“This one still makes me bitter! 5 degrees between my husband and I and we still barely make ends meet. But our parents could support the entire family one a single job. We did everything “right” and had every advantage and we still got screwed. Now my folks try to say “you’re still young… it’ll get better”. How and when? Turning 46 and I don’t see anything changing!”

“If that’s your story then there’s no hope for the rest of us! They left out the part about owing 100k and getting paid 30k.”

12. Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest

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“I think this story originated from reporting about a kid who had been eating large quantities of gum for years and ended up with a gum bezoar (a rock of undigested gum stuck in the stomach).”

“My mom told me that if I swallowed gum, it would wrap around and slowly cover my heart a gum at a time. So, every time I swallowed gum, I always think that this is one is the one that’s gonna cover the last spot and kill me.”

11. If you are loyal to your job, you’ll get promoted and paid more.

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“7 years of hard work with the same place just to get bypassed by new hires.”

“I’d worked at my job for over 20 years and got fired last week. No real reason given.”

10. That Boys Tease You Because They Like You

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“I was harassed in year 7 and I reported it multiple times. The school’s response was a collective shrug and “boys will be boys”. My mother told me “they’re only doing it because they like you”. I ended up having to leave the school.”

“Being told this as a young girl about a boy who stole my stuff, another who put gum in my hair, and another kicking me in the back every day before the teacher arrived set me up for acceptance…abuse from men for years.”

9. That If You Keep Pulling Faces It’s Gonna Get Stuck

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“Or if you look cross eyes they’ll get stuck that way lol.”

“Or the version a lot of girls get from their mothers sadly which is if you keep making faces you’ll get wrinkles.”

8. That Blood Going to the Lungs Is Blue

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“I was told in like 4th grade science that our blood was blue in our bodies on the way back to the lungs- that oxygen makes it red.”

“My high school students still believed that until I set them straight. They were surprised that the blood in your veins was not blue despite what they see when looking at their wrists.”

7. That Only People Who Work Hard Get Ahead

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“Having worked for a place that was built on nepotism I can tell you that is a straight up lie.”

“Daddy’s money and friends trumps all.”

“The most successful people I know are not particularly hard workers, while my friends who are struggling all work overtime every week.”

6. That You Were Nearly There on Long Journeys

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“One year my mom gave me and my sister each a ziploc about a third full of jingling quarters and said “each time you ask that question or get too loud I will take a quarter away.” We were dead silent for the whole journey.”

“‘I will turn this car around’ (while we were holding a battle royale in the way back of the station wagon). Not a chance.”

5. That Cracking Your Knuckles Is Bad for You

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“Some adults genuinely believe that.”

“People told you that because you were annoying with it and wanted you stop constantly cracking your joints.”

4. That Bad People or Criminals Never Win

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“Sometimes they become president.”

“I hate this one too because so many people have such strong ideas about “good” and “bad.” The idealism kills me.”

“‘Crime doesn’t pay.’ Yes it does, Brenda. Like, by definition, no one would commit crimes if it didn’t pay.”

3. That Rules Only Get Stricter

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“’Next year they’re gonna be a lot harder on you about this.’ And’the rules only get more strict.’ Heard that at the end of every year in elementary school but by high school the rules are much less strict.”

“I found High School to be the most strict…They insisted we wouldn’t get away with whatever thing in college. Went to college and no one cared if you were late, or didn’t show up at all, or didn’t do homework, or called the teacher by their first name only (indeed some requested it).”

2. That Adults Know Everything

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“I always thought adults were geniuses that knew everything. I once asked my dad how waves at the beach were made. He said “whales”. I believed that for years.”

“For years my children believed (at my instigation) that if you cough, burp and sneeze all three at the same time, you’ll die. They even asked their pediatrician if it was true, and he said ‘Oh, it’s very dangerous.’”

1. That Schools Keep a Permanent Record of Wrongdoings

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“I need to behave in school because I have a “permanent record.” Lol no.”

“I was thinking about this the other day. Could you imagine if interviews brought up a permanent record from elementary school? Lol”


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