These 18 Things Have Got Worse but More Expensive (According to the Internet)

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Prices keep going up, and it feels like the stuff we buy isn’t as good as it used to be. Reddit users put together a list of 18 things that are getting more expensive but not as good anymore. Check out what they’re saying below:

18. Housing

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“So true…there are so so many new subdivisions exploding everywhere and these communities are just filled with materials that are unsustainable and look like a strong wind could knock them down. They are ugly too!”

“And governments/large corporations are buying up entire neighborhoods and displacing lifelong residents.”

17. Newspapers

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“The Gaston Gazette in Gastonia NC is 300% more expensive with 90% less content. Today’s had 50% ads.”

“Yup, and it’s really sad. My girlfriend works at a newspaper, and she feels awful putting out a lesser and lesser product every year, but the user base is fading away and the funds just aren’t there to build the quality back up. (also a lot of mis-management trying to make everything “digital”). Sad state of affairs for a once-mighty industry.”

16. Insurance

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“Last job I had didn’t offer insurance (even though I was working 60+ hours a week) and the cheapest plan I could find in my area was $300 a month with an $8,000 deductible.”

“Especially in Florida. I lived in New Mexico in the mid-2000’s and current Florida is equal to past [awful] NM. I priced out car insurance here and it was $260+ a month for full coverage; no accidents, tickets, etc. California was $125 in comparison.”

“And why does it cost hundreds of dollars a month (for one person)?!”

15. Video Games

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“Games used to have to be completed upon release. Now, we get buggy, incomplete games that get patched later, and you have to pay for the extra features.”

“Gaming. PC gaming and game costs overall have gotten really bad. If I wanted to play the MWII campaign, I would have to pay $70… FOR A 7 HOUR CAMPAIGN.”

14. Trips to Disney World

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“They keep raising prices while cutting perks and charging for things that used to be free. It wasn’t cheap before but you got a lot more for your money.”

13. Hotels

Portland, Maine
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“Pretty much everything to do with most hotels. The service. The breakfasts being included for certain tiers being replaced by a food credit that’s half the amount breakfast costs. The condition of the property, the ability to check in early/check out late. Most brands have taken a pretty good step downwards in quality while also getting a good bit more expensive. They’ve also pretty universally devalued their points systems too.”

12. Food at Most Restaurants

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“Most restaurants. Smaller portions, cheaper ingredients, higher prices & expectations for bigger tips.”

“The food you get at restaurants nowadays. Low quality, small portions but the prices are insane.”

11. Cable TV

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“It’s a dumpster fire of horrible “reality” TV and opinion “news” you pay $200 a month for complete [trash].”

“Yeah, I really don’t understand why anyone bothers with cable anymore.”

“More commercials, channels upon channels of nonsense, ridiculous monthly bill.”

10. Cars

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“When monthly car payments are what mortgages used to be and people are getting 10 year loans, you know vehicles are way too expensive.”

“I saved up $10K for a car, and every dealership I went to was like, “That’s a great down payment.” WTF?!?

9. Fresh Produce

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“Vegetables. They used to be relatively inexpensive and would last 3 days or more. Now, if you buy them, they look like crap and have to be cooked/consumed almost immediately as they wilt or rot quickly. The larger chains are taking a page out of some minority-owned groceries that buy less expensive last-leg veggies with the understanding that they will be sold cheaply and eaten quickly. The difference? Larger chains aren’t passing those lower costs on and are increasing prices as well.

“Yes, slimy, moldy, soggy, tasteless veggies and fruit too now. Nobody I know disagrees with this. But the prices seem to keep growing, for what? To fill a garbage bag that we have to pay for the city to come and pick up?”

8. Rent

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“I pay almost $900 a month for a roach and rat infested duplex that is literally rotting and has the worst mold problem I’ve ever seen.”

“New homes have been badly built for at least the last 50 years. The only difference is that they’re far less affordable now.”

“They refuse to have a rent cap in this state. I live in an apartment complex where I’ve frequently had issues with cockroaches, to which both my special needs son and I are allergic. I can’t afford to move because they’ve increased our rent by over $100 per month over just a year’s lease. I can’t save up because they keep adding fees to our rent for maintenance and pest control. I can’t afford to stay now either, so I’m talking with a friend to become roommates in a bigger unit in the complex because I can’t afford the fees for a new place.”

7. Air Travel

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“Sorry, the overhead bins are full, so we’ll need to check your bag and lose it. Also, the flight is delayed and possibly canceled, but don’t ask me any questions. Can I interest you in a voucher that is only valid for the next twelve minutes?”

“Overbooking should be literally illegal. You have people packing, checking out of hotels, Ubering to the airport, standing in line for check-in, going through TSA, all totaling several hours invested and a chunk of money spent, and then you learn they intentionally sold your seat to someone else? How is that legal?”

6. Candy Bars

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“American candy bars [are] downright tiny now, cost 2-3 times as much as they did 10+ years ago, and you can also tell the manufacturers are using inferior ingredients – the chocolate is dry and chalky.”

5. Hot Pockets

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“They used to be pretty good, even when cooked in a microwave. Now they’re made with worse quality bread, barely have half as much meat, don’t cook well, and they cost about 50% more. All this in just 5-ish years.”

4. Streaming

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“Streaming in general. Netflix the most because they were first. But it used to be you had one maybe two services and could watch damn near anything anytime. Now there’s like 50 services and nearly everything they have is exclusive and when you want to watch a certain movie or show you have to first Google to find out what service it’s on and see if you even have access.”

“Especially football. It’s damn near impossible to watch football without cable, or without paying crazy amounts for multiple streaming services that allow watching football.”

3. Tipping

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“Tipping. For anything. Girl wanted a 20% tip to hand me a premade pizza at Pizza Hut.”

“They’ve gotten more aggressive at salons when it comes to tipping. My nails weren’t even dry yet, but you want a tip.”

2. McDonalds

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“Mc Donald’s used to be my lazy go-to breakfast. It used to be cheap and awesome. Now, breakfast for me and my wife costs like $20. We used to get 2 hashbrowns for $1, but now they’ve flipped it, and they’re $2 each. No hashbrown of that size and quality is worth 2 dollars.”

“Egg McMuffin: Half the size, 10x the price of the original!”

1. Taco Bell

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“Seriously, I love Taco Bell, but Holy C****t, it’s like $2+ for a soft taco, and they charge around $3 or $4 for a Mountain Dew.”

“I’m 33. When I was in high school, we used to fish quarters out from under the seat for a couple of stoner burritos. Now it’s the most expensive chain in town.”

“A few months ago, my wife and I were craving Taco Bell. Our order ended up being over $50. 5 years ago, that order would have been $20. We ended up going to a local Mexican restaurant nearby and getting food and a pitcher of margaritas for under $45.”


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