15 Timeless Pop Songs With Feel Good Vibes (According to the Internet)

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Great music has the power to transcend time, and these 15 iconic pop songs are a testament to that. As per Reddit users, these tunes “never go out of style.” Let’s dive into this timeless playlist!

15. Mr. Brightside by The Killers

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“I made sure that this song was played at my wedding and everyone went [crazy]. I love looking back at the pictures.”

“Played it twice at mine, DJ questioned why a second time and I told just play the damn song again lol. It gets the people going.”

14. Pump Up The Jam, by Technotronic

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“Pump it up…A little more Get your body moving on the dance floor.”

“Pump up the volume.”

“When I was a dumb kid, I genuinely pictured a jam factory production line, as I wasn’t aware of the dual meaning of the term.”

“Wasn’t that song in space jam too? Damn I’m getting old.”

13. Golden Earring, by Radar Love

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“Definitely in the ‘Top 5 Songs that get you a Speeding Ticket.'”

“I am in a cover band. We are not serious and make lots of silly mistakes. But Radar Love is like 10 minutes where everyone gets to shine and the vibes are immaculate.”

“When this comes on in the car…Here we go…”

12. Hey Ya, by Outkast

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“I love Outkast so much.”

“This is legit one of the few songs from the 00s that stops me from the saying the entire decade was [awful] musically.”

“A feel-good song that isn’t happy at all.”

“For me it’s Spottieottiedopalicious, I can’t help but feel good when the trumpets come in.”

11. Holding Out For A Hero, by Bonnie Tyler

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“I came here to make sure someone else feels this way.”

“This is the only song that makes me worry about the drummer. Bonnie Tyler has this poor [guy] just relentlessly drilling that [thing] for nearly 5 full minutes.”

“Is it bad if I like the version of Holding Out for a Hero by Frou Frou? The one that plays during the Shrek 2 credits.”

10. Return of the Mack, by Mark Morrison

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“This is the [best] answer. 100%.”

“The ultimate “you may have broken my heart, but I’m going out with my boys tonight” song.”

“This is my “yay it’s Friday” celebration song, every Friday.”

“Men only have 1 real breakup/get back at your ex song but with Return of the Mack, it’s the only one they need.”

9. The Rubberband Man, by the Spinners

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“Spinners are awesome!”

“Whewwwww you just took me back.”

“Glorious tune.”

“An absolute banger, I forget how long it is sometimes though haha.”

“Now I can hear that song and it’s dragging me back to my youth listening to the radio after I was supposed to be asleep.”

8. Dancing in the Moonlight, by King Harvest

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“This is my absolute jam, probably my favorite song ever. You can’t dance and stay uptight.”

“Dancing in the moonlight was the song I had the first dance to at my wedding last month. I love it and it will always have a very dear place in my heart.”

“Toploader had the best cover.”

7. Midnight City, by M83

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“Yes. Yes. Yes. And ‘Outro’ always has me feeling inspired.”

“Love this song so much. Listen to it repeatedly.”

“OMG YESSS!! This is one of my all-time favs I often listen to it on my long runs.”

“Seriously one of the best concerts I’ve been to! I just saw them in Chicago and it was totally worth the hype.”

6. The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac

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“A huge family favourite here. All the band members had a hand in writing it.”

“The one song I have a personal promise to myself to never fast forward past. In my mind it’s the best classic rock song ever.”

“HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan, Chain is definitely one of my favourites but for a good mood it is Tusk or Go your own way.”

5. Three Little Birds, by Bob Marley

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“Pretty much anything by Bob Marley.”

“I sang that to my kids when putting them at ease when they were babies. I got hit with a wave of emotion just reading the title of the song.”

“Was going to say this. 100% agree!”

“My favorite teacher gave his little speech at graduation, then pulled fake dreads from under the podium and sang this song.”

4. The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World

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“It totally got me through HS.”

“I feel that 100%. It’s way out of my normal musical tastes, but man did this song speak directly to my self-conscious and shy teenage self. Like a pep talk every time.”

“Made me tear up listening to it in the grocery store just the other day. Just a powerful statement to be kind to one’s self. Truly a treasure of a song.”

3. Mr. Blue Sky, by Electric Light Orchestra

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“Today’s forecast is calling for Blue Skies!!!”

“I went for a run yesterday and my running mix spit that out for the first track and it felt like I was in my own movie’s opening credit scene.”

“Happiest song ever recorded.”

“That entire album is great, but I think a lot of people overlook that that song is part of suite. Don’t sleep on Concerto for a Rainy Day!”

2. Don’t Stop Me Now, by Queen

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“Most Queen songs, honestly, but this song gets me SO hyped up.”

“No song will always put you in a good mood, but this is probably the closest.”

“I want someone to sing this at my funeral. I love it.”

Don’t Stop Me Now is my favorite (by a narrow margin) but Bohemian Rhapsody is what I sing to myself whenever I need to recalibrate my emotions.”

1. September, by Earth, Wind, and Fire

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“My wife and I married on September 21st because of this song.”

“I kid you not, this was the first and only thought on my mind, glad to see it as the top comment. Gets me boogying anyplace and any time.”

“That was exactly what I was thinking!! The best!”



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