From Bad to Worse: 13 Societal Problems That Are Only Going South

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It’s time we tackled the big issues head-on! Reddit users have pointed out 14 societal problems that aren’t just hanging around — they’re getting worse by the day. Let’s dive into these challenges together and explore how they’re affecting our world:

14. ‘Main Character’ Syndrome

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“Social media feeding into people’s narcissism.”

“100% this, the amount of of self absorbed, selfish, and entitled people that are around now infuriates me… saw some girl get on a bus the other day and refused to pay because she’s a girl and it was only down the road a bit so why should she have to pay? And the fact the company makes loads of money anyway 🤦‍♂️ Whatever makes them think they’re so special and more deserving than others; I don’t know, but they’re wrong.”

13. How People Easily Get Replaced

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“Be it jobs, friendships or relationship.”

“I feel this. Had a very close friend ghost me out of no where. I hope they meet somebody who gets them to actually reflect.”

“I HATE GHOSTING. I’ll never understand how common it is. What’s even more confusing is how defensive people get over it. Why is it so difficult for people to just be direct? And ghosting is one thing, but the slow fade is even worse.”

12. People’s Obsession Over Appearance

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“The pressure from social media to look absolutely perfect at all times, to the point where everyday people are having surgery to alter their looks.”

“Social media didn’t start that, but it sure made it worse. I came of age before there was internet and social media. TV, movies, and magazines did the same thing back then.”

“How far filters have come is insane. I’m so glad I grew up in the 90s when all we had were magazines that made us feel [bad] about ourselves, not social media and influencers.”

11. Ignorance As Bliss

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“So many poorly educated people with no desire to learn. Self-education is now seen as a chore instead of a great skill or power. Knowledge is power.”

“Evidenced by how many people refuse to use the Internet to look things up when they’re already on the Internet! I can’t even count how many arguments I’ve been in on Reddit with people who don’t know what a fairly common word means or how many people ask questions they could use a search engine to find the answer to.”

10. Lack of Accountability

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“I keep saying this — this is a symptom of a general lack of philosophical coherence. The average American’s thought processes are a muddled and incoherent mess. It’s why our political discourse is such a mess. We’re bad at thinking.”

“Yep, I’ve said this above, but it’s insane how people can genuinely be complete ******** in public, and no one gives a ****. Like those people who talk on speaker and bother everyone around them. Where are the owners and employees telling them to **** off and stop ruining other people’s experiences?

9. Homelessness

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“It’s an almost intractable problem. When people think of the homeless, they usually think of a functional person who just so happens to be down on their luck. The truth of the matter is that most of the chronically homeless have mental health or addiction issues. These aren’t folks you can simply ‘house’ without treating, and our mental health system is abysmal in the US.”

8. Corruption

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“San Francisco is a classic example of what happens when you have a government that’s basically been a landlord-controlled free-for-all ever since Dianne Feinstein was mayor 40 years ago. That woman had an army of jack-booted thugs tossing older people from their homes in the middle of the night because they couldn’t pay their rent, which had suddenly doubled after she removed rent control protections. All to enrich her real-estate developer husband and his buddies. If I had the power, I’d throw her and that insider-trading ******* Nancy Pelosi in prison right alongside Trump. Lock ’em ALL up!”

7. The US Healthcare System

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“So I’m expecting in October, and one of my biggest concerns was how outrageously expensive the birth/stay could possibly be. I called my insurance to ask about it, and to my utter shock, they said I’ve nearly reached my out-of-pocket. After hitting it, I will owe nothing for anything I’m billed for. Let me tell you, my jaw hit the floor. I’ve had friends who have had to pay anywhere from a couple thousand to something like 40k… All just to give birth in a sanitized, safe environment. The sad thing is that we have it “good” by American standards…”

6. Climate Change

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“No one cares about climate. The only damn thing on this list that can kill any of us in seconds!”

“The human race is utterly ******. None of the issues above or below this thread matter if the climate is ******. You want to lower grocery prices? Fight climate change. Lower rent? Fight climate change. Gender and race inequality, drug abuse, literally any issue you can think of? Yeah, good luck fighting that if you can’t be outside for more than 5 minutes without suffering heat stroke. PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE.”

5. Echo Chambers

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“Humans are not inherently truth-seeking animals. You would think that with the internet and the mountains of information available, people would be more informed, but instead, people tend to seek bubbles to affirm their own beliefs. Thus, people live in entirely different worlds that they’ve built for themselves. Many people/communities (Reddit included) are frequently victims of this, although they tell themselves that they are not.”

4. Division

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“The political divide in the US is the worst I’ve seen in my 43 years on this planet.”

“Everything is being used to divide our country (US), which is the only way to destroy it. Races, socioeconomic classes, genders, generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, etc.), religions, and politics. Everyone has turned into the enemy. It’s nuts.”

3. Adverts

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“Already out of hand and has been for a while, but keeps getting worse: advertisements everywhere.”

“I find the worst part is the repetition. In one evening of TV watching, I might see the same commercial 20 or 30 times. Sometimes, the same commercial plays back to back or twice within one break. There should be laws against this kind of spam; it’s brainwashing…What kind of damage is this doing to kids and developing brains?”

2. The Cost to Be Simply Alive

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“I work 20 hours a week on an internship and still make less than $9,000 a year. Anyone working in my position, $9 an hour, full-time (40 hours a week), will quite simply not be able to live off of $18,000. It’s just not possible, and it’s frustrating because you look around Reddit and hear stories of people back in the day working minimum wage, making enough to afford a home for a family of 7.”

1. Housing and Rental Prices

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“That is a tiny part of the problem. The real issue is all the red tape to build a house, city zoning laws, and all the other ******** involved. We know how to build quality houses efficiently and safely, so why is there a shortage, you ask? Because governments on all levels put roadblock after roadblock up for developers, leading to our current situation.”

“Mine went up 37% in one year post-Covid because of “market rates”. The original 3-bedroom I was in (same rental company), which was $3,600 in 2018, was recently back on the market, so I was nosy. $5,400 now.”


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