11 Things That Help People Lose the Most Weight

Written By Shivani Bohare

Struggling to shed those pesky few pounds? Worry not, Reddit users have got you covered! They’ve shared 11 valuable tips and tricks that helped them fast track their weight loss journey:

11. Quitting Soda

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“I’ve had some kind of soda called Muse. Not sure if it’s actual soda or just called soda that had either no or very little calories and sugar.”

“Coke Zero if you must have something. Better than the sugar version.”

10. Reading Labels on Food Packaging

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“Most things have significantly more calories than I would have guessed.”

“Count your calories. We all underestimate how many calories we consume in a day. When I started counting, I realized that even though I thought I had been “dieting,” I was still eating 2,500-3,000 cals per day.”

“If you’re looking for just one thing I eliminated that made a difference: Bread.”

9. Lifestyle Changes

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“Before I quit smoking, I could only hit the treadmill for 10 minutes, max. Within a couple of weeks of quitting, I was going 45+.”

“I started out life fat. For me it was the realization that your body is a product for your lifestyle. I realized I wanted to change my lifestyle. I didn’t want to be noticed for my weight, I wanted to be able to feel comfortable moving through space. I changed my lifestyle. Started exercising every other day and learned about basic nutrition. My goal wasn’t to lose weight but after living that way I checked it at the doctors and I’d lost around fifty pounds.”

8. Understanding Empty Calories

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“Food with no nutritional value. Junk food, fast food, beer (beer is a big one). Empty calories make you perpetually hungry no matter how much you eat. Switching to healthy foods will make you fuller for longer and with fewer calories.”

“The other thing is how much money can be saved by cutting out snacks and sugar. I lost 100 pounds by stopping soda and recreational sugar. And I save 1000s of dollars.”

7. Eliminating Late-Night Binging

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“Related to this is late-night eating; try to limit it. In college and in your 20s, you’ll go out, have fun, and eat at midnight or 2 am. That will catch up to you fast.”

“I think if you want results, you have to try to be consistent 80% of the time.”

6. Switching to a Keto or Low-Carb Diet

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“Keto worked great for me, and I’ve transitioned to a general lower-carb diet (not super strict) now. It was honestly eye-opening to realize how much sugar was in… everything. So I just try to pick lower sugar options in general, which really help my anxiety as well.”

“I still have “keto” days where I keep carbs very low, but I consider my diet now to be low carb, and it’s the only thing that works for me to maintain weight and feel satisfied.”

5. Working on Mental Health

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“Treating my anxiety and depression was a huge help for stopping my emotional binge eating.”

“Depression made me not give a **** and eat until I was bloated. [Up/down] 120 pounds in 3 years. Getting back on track with life and realizing the world hates fat people made me cut back down real quick.”

4. Avoiding Processed Foods

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“Eliminating ultra-processed foods has been a game-changer. I only recently learned that these foods actually increase appetite rather than decrease it.”

“The advice I’ve seen is to primarily get your food from the outer edges of the grocery store (that’s where you’re usually going to find the vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.) and try to minimize food from the interior aisles, which will be more heavily processed foods.”

3. Meal Planning & Sticking to It

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“Seriously, there are a thousand different ways to lose weight. Just saying, “I’m going to eat less sugar or smaller portions,” is not one of them. Creating a structured plan and sticking to it, whatever that weight loss plan is, was the best thing for me. Kept all those extra snack-sized calories from adding up.”

2. Quitting Alcohol

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“Alcohol has a ton of sugar. I cut out added sugar fairly easily after a year of sobriety. Sugar is addictive, too, so I had to treat it like I did when I quit boozing. Once I cut it out completely (added sugar, not natural sugar like fruit), it stopped being a problem. I rarely even have cravings. Just some awkwardness from other people being offended when I turn down cake in the break room.”

“Getting sober. Lost about 25 pounds automatically from just not drinking over the course of the first 3 months or so, and then the desire to consume junk food late at night kind of disappeared and my life in general years later is so much healthier so I probably lost 10 more pounds after that initial loss. Alcohol is poison.”

1. Regularly Exercising

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“I’m surprised how lifting has changed my body. I always thought it had to be cardio, but regular resistance training was the ticket for me.”

“For me, the game changer was regular exercise. When I don’t get regular exercise, I crave garbage all day. Anything heavy and salty. Burgers, cheese fries, burritos, pizza. But when I get regular exercise, I crave only clean foods. Grilled chicken breast, salads, grilled vegetables, and foods with nutritional value. I don’t know why, but it created a positive feedback loop. The more activity I got, the less food I craved and the better quality food I craved.”


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