15 Things Men Do That Give Women the Creeps

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Ever wondered about the odd and sometimes downright creepy experiences women face? Well, females on Reddit are here to shine a light on the everyday awkward and uncomfortable encounters they go through. Here’s a list of 15 unfortunate experiences that women are often subjected to by men:

15. Asking You Out While You’re In a Situation You Can’t Leave

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“Or if you are a bartender or waitress and they will only tip you of you talk to them or give out your number.. Like no you can keep your tip. I am working I’m not here to keep you company. You can go find and escort if you want paid company.”

“There’s not really a good time to do this ever but if there’s any guys reading this that absolutely have to shoot your shot with someone that is working, just slide them a note or a business card and say something super quick and brief and don’t wait for a response. If they found you attractive too they’ll hit you up, otherwise take the loss.”

14. Parking Next to You in an Empty Lot

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“One time, I was meeting my mom at Target, so I parked where there were no other cars so she could find me, and a guy came up and parked right next to me. I immediately moved my car.”

“I once had a man use his car to trap mine in a parking lot and got out and asked me to roll down the window. I made it clear that if his car didn’t move in 10 seconds, I would move it myself, using my car, then shut my window. I could see my younger self asking what he needed.”

13. Asking If Someone Lives Alone

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“Just find this question so creepy and intrusive, like I can’t imagine they asked another male this question.”

“This question comes up so often on dating apps, and I lose interest immediately after it happens.”

11. Staring Too Long

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“[A] glance is fine, but staring too long just seems suspicious.”

“This is done by both genders far too much.”

10. Insults After Being Rejected

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“A guy once called me “delusional” because I said I didn’t feel a romantic spark between us after one Tinder date.”

“‘Will you go out with me?’ ‘No, sorry.’ ‘You’re ugly anyway.’ Mate, then why did you ask her out?'”

9. Licking Their Lips

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“Reminds me of this old man that even stuck his tongue between his fingers while he was staring at me.”

“My dry lips lead to me licking them all the time. There’s probably quite a few women out there that think I’m weird as [hell].”

8. Sending Unsolicited “Revealing” Pics

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“Like, y’all be airdropping [**** pics]. I had a guy tell me that women appreciate it cause they wanna know what they’re working with. Nobody gonna work that **** if that’s your opening.”

“I always tell my husband that, if the market were there, there would have been the same number of nudie magazines marketed to women as there were for men back in the day.”

“When boys advise other boys about what women want, this is the result.”

7. Hyper-Aggressiveness

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Me: “I’m married.” Shows ring. Random guy: “I don’t believe you. They all say that.” Then it just gets creepy because no matter what you say, they just don’t believe anything and keep pressuring you to leave with them. That hyper-aggressiveness is creepy.”

6. Giving Unsolicited Advice About Appearance

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“Telling you to smile.”

“You’d look prettier if you wore Lightning McQueen light-up sketchers.”

“I’m a dude, and I find that infuriating. Women don’t owe you [anything]; telling them to smile is incredibly patronizing. If you wouldn’t say it to a guy’s face or do it to a guy, don’t do it to a woman.”

5. Asking For Directions, Then Not Stopping

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“Recently, a dude asked me for directions. It was already late. I told him, I don’t know, and then walked away. He almost followed me home; I had to stop at a store. He was quiet, too. I went to grab water. The minute I turned around, he was behind me.”

“Asking you for directions can be a tactic to see if you know your surroundings/from the area.”

4. The “Where’s My Hug?” Question

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“I used to know a guy in college who did this, and it made my skin crawl.”

“I was at a business meeting for an internship, and the older man kept pushing like “Oh, I hug everyone,” and everyone watched me intently urging me to hug this man…It made me very uncomfortable, and I didn’t go back. I don’t care if people are just “huggers” you can’t really force that on non-huggers.”

3. Not Respecting Boundaries

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“Hey, where do you work? Oh, which one? Yeah, there’s like six of them….which one do you work at? No, I won’t show up at your work, lol, hahaha, hey….hey….hey….did you block me? What did I do wrong?”

“Worse is when you have one follow you to work. I had to ask a male coworker to pretend to be my partner to get this creep to go away.”

2. Sitting Close For No Reason

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“[When they] sit next to you when you’re the only two people in a place with many, many seats.”

“This recently happened to me & I must admit I was severely creeped out!!! 20+ open seats, and you chose the seat directly next to me??! Why?!”

1. Asking Bartenders About Their Work Hours

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“I’m a guy but a semi-frequent bar patron. Whenever guys ask bartenders what time they get off that they’ve had little to no interaction with, it is incredibly creepy. It gives “I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot” vibes.”

“It is not even just in bars. I did a summer job in a library, and a guy kept asking about my shifts. My male manager had to ask him to leave me alone.”



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