15 Big Secrets People Just Revealed Online

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Prepare for a rollercoaster of shocking revelations made anonymously on Reddit! Some of these secrets, if exposed, could wreak havoc in people’s lives. We have compiled a list of 15 of the most scandalous and intriguing ones. So, let’s dive in:

15.  “I don’t see myself as a doctor in the future.”

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“I hate to say this but I don’t see myself as a doctor in the future. But I can’t say anything about it because my mom already supported me financially. It’s too late to back out.”

14. I Lied On My Job Application.

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“I lied on my job application. I do not have a college degree, I do not actually have experience in finance. They hired me anyway and paid for me to get my series 65 and I am now a financial advisor for a major bank. BTW I hate this job.”

13. “My Boyfriend and I Voluntarily Left Our Place of Work Because Our Relationship Went Against Policy…”

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The story everyone knows is my boyfriend and I voluntarily left our place of work because our relationship went against policy, and we valued our relationship more than our crappy jobs. The truth is we got caught f*** in my car before work, and left in order to avoid repercussions.”

12. “I Found Out I Had a Half-Brother.”

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“The only reason I found out about it was because he had leukemia, and they thought I’d be a match for a blood marrow transfusion.”

“I also found out I had a half-brother in 2015. But, as it turns out, my dad didn’t know either. The kid found him, and my dad was actually really sad because he’s SUCH a good dad and would’ve been at all of his sports games, graduations, etc. had he known. The mom named him after my dad but never told him who he was, and basically lied and said he wanted nothing to do with the kid which was 100% not true. It sucks they’ll never get that time back.”

11. “I have no intention of remembering your name until we interact at least 3 or 4 more times.”

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“God, I’m that way too. Meet someone at a party, “Hi, I’m Barto5.” I know we’ve met 4 times before. “Oh. Hi. What’s your name?”

“Same thing, the first and most important things I remember first are what they look like. And the things they’ve said and done. If they’ve done something really bad, good, funny, or anything else, that would be memorable. Then their names would be considered worthy enough for me to remember.”

10. “My childhood friend has two siblings he doesn’t know exist…”

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“My childhood friend has 2 siblings that he doesn’t know exist…..they’re twins, around 2 years old now. I promised to keep it a secret, my dad and his dad are close friends. My dad is quite the gossip, and spilled every last detail to me.

Apparently their father (handsome, tall, a sports prodigy) slept with a doctor who lied about being on birth control so that she could give birth to his children, who she claimed had “superior genetics”. She was his former doctor who pulled up his private records in order to score a date with him as she had all his contact info at hand. Never wanted child support or even a father in her kid’s lives, just an involuntary Sperm donor. Very weird.”

9. “I won the lotto.”

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“I won the lotto. Haven’t told anyone or changed my lifestyle. I’m still going to finish my degree in data science, so I can say my money is from a new job…Winnings just surpassed the 8 figure mark.”

““That Data Science job must pay super good for our son. He just got his first check and purchased a $30 million dollar home in cash.””

8. “I’m 40 and my parents have no idea that I never actually graduated college.”

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“I went for almost 6 years and never felt like I really knew what I was doing. School wasn’t necessarily hard for me but I just couldn’t bring myself to focus or be dedicated to it. My parents were SUPER obsessed with the idea that everyone needs a degree to get any decent job, so there was a ton of pressure and dropping out wasn’t an option.

Sooo, I “graduated” in a winter semester and “decided not to walk the stage” since the December ceremony was always pretty small and I knew they wouldn’t think that was weird. This happened to be during the recession in the 2000s so I had an excuse for not finding a conventionally professional job right after that. Now, I actually have a really good job with a company that focuses on hiring people based on experience, skill, and personality, so it turns out I didn’t even need that degree. But I will never tell my parents the truth.”

7. “I fall asleep every night in horror…”

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“I fall asleep every night in horror because my former best friend and I haven’t talked in 3 years because for her 21st birthday we both got massively blackout drunk and smoked I have no idea what happened that night. But she’s never answered a message I’ve sent since.”

“This kind of thing is what made me stop binge drinking years ago. You wake up the next morning (or afternoon), and the first thing someone says to you is, “Soooo, exactly how much do you remember about last night?” And you know right away that whatever they say next is never a good thing.”

6. “I blamed the dog…”

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“I have a bad back and from time to time it goes into a full spasm. One day I was getting out of bed, and as my foot hit the floor I went into a full spasm. I have no idea how, but a perfectly formed [poop] fell out the leg of my shorts and landed on the floor. Due to my spasm, I fell and landed right in the poop. The commotion woke up my gf at the time, and she ran over to check on me…..I blamed the dog. I’ve never actually told anyone this before.”

““Oh no! Babe come here! Someone s*** in my pants!””

5. “All my passwords are the same…”

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“All my passwords are the same word with different combinations of numbers and punctuation marks.”

“1234! 1234!! 1234!!! 1234. 1234.. 1234…etc. The worst thing about this is it’s still hard to remember what password goes with what especially for accounts you don’t use that much.”

4. “I hid the extent of my alcoholism.”

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“I hid the extent of my alcoholism from everyone since I was 15, I’m now 35 and 8 weeks sober. No one knows I’m sober now as they’ve never known I had an alcohol issue.”

“This is me! I’m 27 and 95 days sober! No one in my life knows the extent of the drinking I did prior to getting pregnant in March. I plan to stay sober for my son when he is born and never go back to the place of hiding my alcoholism.”

3. “My childhood best friend’s little brother is actually my son.”

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“…and his children are my grandchildren.”

“Wait, so you b***** the mom of your best friend?”

“23and me will fix that real soon for ya.”

2. “I stopped working at work 1 year back.”

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“I have no idea what the f*** they want from me because I watch 12 hours of shows on my laptop and work for 30 minutes a day by attending a team huddle and staying on mute.”

 “3-4 years ago I was responsible for providing a few reports to different teams. Each month I’d generate the reports, format it in a presentable way for the team managers I was sending them to, and send them over. Nobody ever said anything about them, never a question about the data or even a reply to my email. So one month I just decided I wasn’t going to send them, and then it turned into two months and three months. Nobody ever said a word about it so I just stopped doing it. Got promoted the following year.

1. “I have no idea what I’m doing at work.”

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“The amount of time I spend clicking my mouse on my empty desktop and writing gibberish into a word doc (that I delete at the end of the day), is shocking.”

“OMG!!! Thank you!!! Don’t even know how the f*** I ended up where I am now and am always on the edge of sheer panic thinking someone is going to find out I’m a complete fraud!”




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