12 Fashion Choices Nineties Folks Made Happily but Now Regret

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Break out the scrunchies and cargo pants, because we’re throwing it all the way back to the ’90s! While some trends were the epitome of cool at the time, Reddit users are here to reveal 12 style choices that now seem a little ridiculous…

12. “Hammer Pants.”

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“I wore hammer pants for a while.”

“At my high school there was a girl who knew how to sew, and she made a killing selling custom-fitted hammer pants to the other kids.”

“Did you know they made barbie doll size versions of that fashion? At least I think that’s what they are. I didn’t even know what it was when it showed up in a random lot of doll clothes. Took me way too to long to ID but it was a fun search. I now have several doll outfits by MC Hammer – they are unique.”

11. “Baggy Jeans.”

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“Buying everything L size when I should’ve been wearing S.”

“There was a period I did this because I was so sure I was going to grow into them… Then I stopped growing at age 14 and all those estimates were way off, so I was just stuck with misfitting clothes. At least it was kinda the style.”

10. “Amended Slap bracelets.”

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“I remember these in the early 90s. There was a trend at my school where kids would take the cloth exterior off and slap each other with the bare metal part. Some tried to sharpen the metal edges. They were banned soon thereafter.”

“They were banned at my middle school for this reason. Kids would use them to cut other kids.”

9. “Bowl cuts.”

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“My mom gave me and my siblings bowl cuts for most of our childhood. We were all girls.”

“Same with me, but I called it the surfer cut. No idea why. I wore all quicksilver gear too and I had never surfed once in my life, to this day.”

“I see your bowl cut and I raise you a part down the middle and I give you the butt cut. I shaved my head for many years to try and erase the embarrassment.”

8. “A long belt that hung over your crotch like an elephant trunk.”

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“LOL I remember that trend with the belt! We had a rule in my middle school that our belts had to be the proper length and I once got in trouble for having a belt hang down.”

“Had to be the braided leather! I forgot about that ridiculous look.”

“I actually forgot about the hanging belt thing. Combo up with some JNCO’s and you’ve got a regrettable ‘90s style I participated in.”

7. “Perms and Sun-in.”

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“I put [it] in my red hair [and] made it a crazy orange color. Ugh.”

“As a male, I did sun-in, and then just peroxide on my short dark brown hair. Turned out way better than when I got professional highlights and everyone called me Patches for a semester.”

“I used to put this **** in my dark brown hair in high school before I mowed the lawns. I ended up being super tan with a hair color almost the same as my skin and oh god, the smell…”

6. “Wearing skirts over jeans.”

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“Omg I just had to shout that memory out of my head. After I stopped with the jeans, I did the leggings with the denim skirt combo.”

“Brings back memories of what used to be my “coolest” outfit: Hannah Montana shirt with a sharpie drawn beard and mustache, plaid skirt, skinny jeans, skater shoes. Probably arm warmers/fingerless gloves of some sort, too.”


5. “Having a mullet and wearing cut-off tank tops.”

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“If it was in the 80s, then you just had hair that was short on the front and long in the back. It didn’t have a name back then. (And I cut mine down to a rat tail, so don’t feel bad).”

“I had a mullet in the late 80s. So did Bono. It’s cool.”

“Business at the front, party in the back.”

4. “Putting crazy amounts of gel in your hair.”

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“In my day, we put as much gel in our hair as we could and angled it up like a ski slope. Hair was solid as a rock.”

“I didn’t really understand this at first so I just put a bunch of gel in my hair but didn’t do the ski slope or other styling. It was just a normal rounded haircut that I’m pretty sure would also count as a bicycle helmet.”

“I called that “The Doorstop” and it was VERY popular with high school boys in the late 90s.”

3. “Neon fishnet fingerless gloves.”

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“Mom told me I’d be embarrassed about in the future. Mom was right.”

“I had them too. And the Cupcake Cult shirts and zip up hoodies with cat ears and thumb holes. I looked hideous, you must’ve looked hideous, but we had a lot of fun while looking hideous so what’s the damage?”

“I still have a couple fishnet shirts! The orange one has thumb holes.”

2. “Wearing awful graphic shirts.”

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“You guys remember in the early-mid 2000s when we all had graphic tees with stick figures that said sarcastic things? Yeah. I was hoping you guys forgot.”

“90s kids have you beat with “No Rules” shirts with hardcore Rottweilers flexing their muscles and ghetto versions of Looney Toons character shirts.”

“I used to wear those black button down shirts with fire at the bottom, like the kind Guy Fieri wears. I don’t know if it was an actual trend or not but it still makes me cringe.”

1. “The emo/scene trend.”

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“I was in high school, I’m black (female), and wearing band t-shirts, going to tiny, packed concerts, jumping around in the “mosh pit” and meeting band members made me feel unique…I remember taking “emo” pictures of myself with my flip phone and putting them on Myspace. I even titled them ‘emo pics of me.’”

“In 8th grade to sophomore year the emo and scene queen phase was huge. I was that wannabe emo girl who had to shop at kohl’s.”


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