These 14 Things Will Soon Be Obsolete (According to the Internet)

Written By Jack Bolton

In a world of constant innovation, some things simply don’t stand the test of time. And with the rapid advancement of AI, another major tech revolution is imminent. Reddit users have chimed in, sharing their thoughts on 14 things that are on the brink of becoming obsolete in the near future:

14. Magazines

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“I work for a magazine. A few years back we went from 12 issues a year to 10. Now we’re going down to 6. Most of my writing goes online (and we make most of our money through online ads), but it makes me really sad to watch the print world dying off. I always prefer reading on paper versus a screen.”

“In the same way it’s nicer to read a paperback than an e-book. I’m guessing it’s the logistics e.g. price, convenience of the digital stuff which is driving the trend.”

13. Cash

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“It’s really disturbing given the large number of Americans who don’t/can’t have a checking account.”

“I found $2 in my purse today. I have no idea where it came from.”

“We are still making pennies and nickels in this country.”

12. “Working In An Office And The 5-Day Working Week”

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“I wish it would accelerate a bit faster.”

“Imagine how better traffic would be; when I was working in ATL, my commute was 1 hour and 30 minutes– during the pandemic lockdown, I could get there in 45 minutes.”

“Haven’t you heard? Now that the pandemic is over, they’re trying to bring that back with a vengeance.”

11. Toll Booth Attendants

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“Not many Toll Booth attendants left.”

“I drove through one in Kansas with an actual human manning the booth.”

“I think there’s like one highway in Florida that still has them and still accepts cash (with change). The rest all use electronic passes or send you a bill by your license plate.”

10. Home Telephones

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“I used to be a 911 Telecommunicator, and let me tell you: home phones are the absolute best for households with kids, demented adults, and those with special needs.”

“That already went obsolete a long time ago. I don’t know anyone who has had a home phone in their home for almost 5 years now.”

“My parents do. And even a hard-wired one!”

9. “The Middle Class”

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“All that’s left is the rich and the poor.”

“I’m middle-poor.”

“I’m upper middle poor.”

“Everyone has a different opinion on what middle-class actually is.”

“Yep my dad has a master’s degree and a solid career but we’re definitely still poor. No big luxuries and no retirement like what my grandparents’ generation had.”

8. “The Fax Machine…”

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“I only use it 3-4 times a day now.”

“We use it in the hospital all the time to send consent forms etc from dept to dept and medical records to nursing homes etc.”

“Yeah, I know right? These electronic mails are really becoming a thing.”

7. Photo Centers

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“I used to go to the Costco one when it still existed to get prints. It’s hard to find any in my area now.”

“Walgreens still has a photo center. They can also do some cool things like printing onto wood.”

“Just got a reminder to transfer my photos on to Shutterfly before they shut down their servers in January.”

6. Hardcoded Subtitles

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“It’s hard finding movies or TV shows with originals. Watching an old Burn Notice episode and a Russian guy was speaking and the subtitles just said ‘speaking Russian.’”

“That’s my biggest annoyance! Especially when watching Bilingual stuff where a good portion of the show is in a different language.”

“Could be that whoever bought the rights for the show didn’t buy the rights for the subtitles.”

5. Retirees

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“I’m a 74 yo white guy. A 20-something asked me recently what I was doing now that I’m retired. I told him I’m learning to be irrelevant.”

“It’s dope that you’re commenting on Reddit at 74.”

“I internalized my irrelevance the day I turned 40. Movies aren’t made for me. Girls aren’t getting pretty for me. Products aren’t marketed to me.”

4. “Electronics Repair”

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“I joined the army in 08 as a radio repairman. I thought the experience would be useful. 15 years on, and tech progression has made the job as useful as wet cardboard.”

“There is a paradigm shift happening. People want things that last and to repair things they own. Give it a decade or so, and those skills will be invaluable.”

“You’re not wrong, I’m holding out hope that I get to be a handyman of the apocalypse someday.”

3. Bank Tellers

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“My bank recently switched from in-person tellers. There are still tellers, but you talk to them over a video display from a booth in the bank.”

“If there weren’t people who still want to bank like it’s 1904 my job wouldn’t exist.”

“My mom is a teller. She says a lot of the people who come in are the elderly looking for a conversation. Some people come in almost daily and withdraw $10.”

2. “DVDs And CDs”

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“So much is sold digitally now. I like the case, design, and photo booklets that come with CDs. I went to a very large mall last weekend intending to buy an album, and found no CDs available.”

“Miss the bonus content on DVDs and Blu-rays.”

“I’ve been buying movies and shows that I enjoy so I don’t have to hope they’re on one of the many streaming services available.”

1. Ownership

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“Everything is subscription.”

“We’re selling a video game for $60, but it’s actually us selling you access to the game located on our servers. We can shut it down at any time or deny you access for any reason.”

“I subscribe to my landlord because owning a home is near impossible.”

“My buddy has a printer (that he PURCHASED and has in his HOME) that will stop working if his credit card is declined. That’s just ******* wild to me…”


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