150 Useful Adjectives Starting with S [Best Adjectives for S]

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At the risk of sounding like a word nerd, I think S adjectives are fricking awesome.

Words like sumptuous and saccharine, sacrosanct and sagacious.

Seriously, the list of epic adjectives starting with S just goes on and on and on.

But, at the same time, there’s also a whole bunch of adjectives for S that, in my opinion, you don’t really need to know.

How often are you going to say words like salubrious and sedulous in every day conversation? Not a lot, right?

If ever.

So, I wanted to put together a list of useful adjectives beginning with S to help out anybody who, for one reason or another, is hunting for the perfect adjective that starts with S. Maybe you’re writing an essay, short story, or just trying to improve your vocabulary…

Whatever the case, this post should prove useful!

Read on for a list of 150 describing words starting with S.

Adjectives for SHere we go then, 150 adjectives for S!

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150 Useful Adjectives Starting with S

150 adjectives starting in S is a lot! So, to help you find what you’re looking for, I decided to break it up into sections.

The first set of “adjectives s” are my favourites, but from there we’ll get into s adjectives that describe someone, or that are common, positive, short, and so on!

My Favourite Adjectives Starting S

1. Serendipitous

2. Stupendous

3. Spacious

4. Stormy

5. Squeamish

6. Speechless

7. Soulful

8. Sketchy

9. Slanderous

10. Shamefaced

11. Sheepish

12. Seamless

13. Sacred

14. Scientific

15. Scraggly

Adjective starting with SNext up: 15 of the most common adjectives starting with S you’re likely to use!

Super Common S Adjectives

16. Super

17. Sudden

18. Straight

19. Straightforward

20. Subtle

21. Spicy

22. Scary

23. Serious

24. Specific

25. Stressful

26. Smooth

27. Sharp

28. Sweet

29. Silent

30. Simple

Looking for a short adjective that starts with S? Check out these ones…

Short Adjectives Beginning with S

31. Soft

32. Still

33. Sly

34. Sad

35. Snug

36. Sour

37. Sore

38. Sane

39. Sick

40. Shy

41. Shut

42. Sole

43. Slim

44. Safe

45. Spry

S adjectivesThere are some awesome double-barrelled S adjectives in the dictionary too. Here are 15 of them:

Double-Barrelled Descriptive Words Starting with S

46. Self-reliant

47. Self-indulgent

48. Star-crossed

49. Self-effacing

50. Short-lived

51. Semi-professional

52. Short-term

53. Side-splitting

54. Skin-deep

55. Sky-blue

56. Slow-moving

57. Small-scale

58. Sure-footed

59. Snow-white

60. Spine-chilling

Adjectives beginning with SNext up: 15 multi-syllabic adjectives beginning with S!

Long Describing Words Starting with S

61. Sophisticated

62. Spontaneous

63. Stereotypical

64. Substantiated

65. Surmountable

66. Sentimental

67. Sanctimonious

68. Satisfactory

69. Scintillating

70. Sensational

71. Spectacular

72. Stimulating

73. Sustainable

74. Systematic

75. Sociological

Descriptive words starting with SHunting for descriptive words starting with S for describing a person? Check out this section…

Descriptive Words That Start With S to Describe Someone

76. Stylish

77. Saintly

78. Shrewd

79. Silly

80. Sleepy

81. Stern

82. Sincere

83. Scholarly

84. Smart

85. Sensitive

86. Seductive

87. Special

88. Sociable

89. Soft-hearted

90. Successful

Describing words starting with SWant some positive adjectives starting with S? This next section should do the trick…

Positive Adjectives Starting with S

91. Striking

92. Stoic

93. Splendid

94. Sensible

95. Studious

96. Strong

97. Single-minded

98. Smashing

99. Self-disciplined

100. Satisfying

101. Selfless

102. Spirited

103. Self-confident

104. Secure

105. Scrumptious

Words that start with S to describe someoneThe next section contains 15 words that start with S to describe someone you don’t really like!

Negative Adjective That Starts with S Ideas

106. Spoiled

107. Stuck-up

108. Self-absorbed

109. Sarcastic

110. Spineless

111. Sneaky

112. Short-tempered

113. Senseless

114. Selfish

115. Sinful

116. Strange

117. Scathing

118. Scornful

119. Shabby

120. Shameful

Adjectives starting in SSome of the best adjectives starting in S sound exactly like what they’re describing!

Onomatopoeic Adjective Starting with S Ideas

121. Sticky

122. Sluggish

123. Succulent

124. Smudged

125. Snappy

126. Slippery

127. Serene

128. Stuttering

129. Snarling

130. Slick

131. Sizzling

132. Suave

133. Swift

134. Succinct

135. Squawking

Positive adjectives starting with STo finish, here are 15 describing words starting with S that you’re sure to love (but that don’t necessarily fit into any other category!)

Lovely Miscellaneous Adjectives for the Letter S

136. Scenic

137. Shimmering

138. Sisterly

139. Soaring

140. Spellbinding

141. Sublime

142. Scandalous

143. Swanky

144. Scorching

145. Scruffy

146. Secretive

147. Shadowy

148. Sheepish

149. Simplistic

150. Silky

Remember These First-Rate Adjectives for S

Adjectives starting with S are some of the most common in the English language.

The result?

There are some absolutely awesome S adjectives to use in your writing!

With any luck, this long list of useful adjectives starting with S will make it easier to pick out the perfect one for whatever you happen to need it for.

One final thing:

Consider bookmarking this article for later. Keeping it handy should mean you’re never short of an adjective that starts with S again!

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